12 top 10 OL Mark Richt his 15 years here Kirby already 10 top 10 rated OL according to 247sports.com composite rankings. Sam Pittman in 4 years. Why was Mark Richt no good ? His OL sucked. Consistently Mark Richt trotted-out 3-star OL to compete against other OL all of whom were 25 lbs. bigger than Mark Richt’s OL. In fact Mark Richt famously BRAGGED repeatedly that at Georgia HE did NOT NEED top OL for his “scheme.” Yeah he did. Mark Richt’s offense was just plain awful and that included with Mike Bobo. They LOST to unranked cupcakes EVERY YEAR sometimes 2 such AND they LOST to every big-time opponent AS WELL losing 18 of Mark Richt’s last 24 games against top 15 opponents.

Kirby comparison to Mark Richt starts and ends on the OL.





The facts remain however that while Kirby has recruited all this OL talent Kirby steadfastly has sent-out his first 3 years now under-sized OL recruited here by Mark Richt while NOT PLAYING Kirby’s far superior and much larger OL.  This is Sam Pittman’s first OL which will feature in fact Sam Pittman’s recruits PLAYING.


Kirby sent-out to get a few snaps his recruits on the OL while giving the OL really to old smaller less recruited OL signed here by Mark Richt including last year yet again.


Why Kirby did this to recruit this talent YET revert to Mark Richt’s undersized OL instead is anyone’s guess.  But it clearly held back Kirby’s Offense.


It’s a shame really.  Kirby tried to out-man opponents with recruiting but did NOT play them but instead smaller OL recruited here by Mark Richt who were NOT as well thought-of as the OL Kirby signed here.  Signed but held back.  And the play calls were designed around the recruits Kirby signed but were NOT in there getting the snaps but the smaller ones instead.


It is what Kirby did his first 3 years here.  I fully expect the offense to take off this year because of Kirby’s stockpiled OL underutilized up until this point.


I told you about this EVERY YEAR with Kirby so far.


I remind you of this again that these are the facts.




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