If the offense is so complicated. If the offensive playbook is so hard to pick-up. That a 5-star receiver. That a freshman All-America can not join the team and even have a pass thrown to him. Then that is the fault of his new team and not the outrageous expectations of the fans Kirby. You can’t figure out how to put him in and throw him 1 completion in 14 ball games Kirby ? Damn boy that is not Demetris Robertson’s fault Kirby. That’s yours boy.


Demetris Robertson




In a 14-game season Kirby I do believe I could’ve figured out a way to throw a pass to him.




I can appreciate you don’t want him to quit the offense too Kirby.




But damn son.




It’s our fault as fans that you can’t throw the God Damn Football to him ?






Seriously Kirby.