“It would be nice to have Georgia on our campus and go to theirs.” Scott Stricklan University of Florida Athletics’ Director

We give-up a home game every other year AND Florida has HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE over us EVERY YEAR.  Not only that but we even have negotiated away that we are NOT ALLOWED to even have recruits at the God Damn game.  It’s so much bullshit to act like this is fair so that some of our fans can go get drunk.  I have been to the game dozens and dozens of times at the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game and I do not even like that hellhole Jacksonville or the stadium or the playing surface or the distance between here and there while Gainesville FU’s home city is an hour away.  It is exactly like having the game in Atlanta every year between UGA Georgia Bulldogs and Florida gators.  I am SURE FU does NOT want to agree to playing in Atlanta every year do they dumb shits ?


There has been no major event at this dilapidated site of this game in more than a dozen years now.  They need a new stadium like we have here in Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  Jacksonville is NOT Atlanta.  No one would want to go to Jacksonville for a vacation let alone in the first week of November.   The economic benefit to Athens of having this game in Athens every other year is $100 million dollars each event.  Look what the Super Bowl means to Atlanta.  Don’t tell me sports’ events don’t have a huge impact on the host city.  Why do you think Jacksonville wants the game played there every year because there is no $ 100 million dollar impact on Jacksonville every year ?  Sure there is.


Every UGA Coach ever has stated that he is at a huge disadvantage taking-on Florida down there.


Mark Richt complained that he could not acclimate his team before the game to the temperature.  Kirby has stated he is at a huge disadvantage in recruiting because this game is only there in JAX and that we are as a football program are trying to compete with our hands tied behind our backs.


Their players say the game should be home-and-home.

Their AD says the game should be home-and-home.

I say the game should be home-and-home.

Kirby says the game should be home-and-home.

A few drunks would rather go get drunk than to have our program have a chance to be equal to FU.


Sony Michel offers-up this about this Georgia Florida Game : “That would be pretty cool us going to Gainesville and them coming to Athens would be extremely over the top.”


In the last 25 games there in Jacksonville Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl until we won the last 2 games UGA had won only 6 times often not only ruining our season but often as well when our # 1 Rival was clearly the inferior team yet somehow beat the snot out of us again ANYWAY.  Our 2 wins in a row makes us 8 wins last 27 games at JAX.  Who has the advantage ?  Come on now.  You can say it.




  1. Losing $ 25 million in Revenue having the game at Sanford every other year in the WLOCP.
  2. Losing economic impact to # 1 College Football Town of $93.7 million* every 2 years no Florida.
  3. Having sad home schedules for which we all pony-up so much money to watch 6 cupcakes.
  4. Some schools get-in 9 “home” games for their team vols for example do so frequently.
  5. Never play our # 1 Rival at home.
  6. Our coaches have ALL STATED that playing there is a DISADVANTAGE for our players.
  7. The humidity is such that it is a huge difference compared to Athens causing us to show-up not acclimated to their climate


TIAA Bank Field JAX is ranked only 5 worse stadium in America by Athlon Sports :



“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage advantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players. Every four years they’re in high school there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity at a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.”  Kirby about advantages/disadvantages of playing in JAX EVERY freaking year.  B.S.  We made an agreement NOT to bring ANY prospects EVER to Georgia-Florida game.  Game in JAX.  NEVER bring ANY prospect to the damn game.  Jesus Christ it is in FLORIDA the # 1 hotbed of recruits and recruiting.  Really dumb to agree to THAT.




Georgia Florida Bulldogs Gators Jacksonville Florida JAX disadvantage


Cece Jefferson 6’1” 261 lbs. Florida gator 2018 sacks 9.5 solo 53 assisted tackles 52 : “I kind of wish we went to Georgia and played at Georgia.  I wouldn’t mind it.  I ain’t going to lie; it gets lit between the hedges at night I’ve seen where they light the cell phones up. It gets loud in there.   I wouldn’t mind going from our stadium to their stadium every year. We don’t have to go to Jacksonville every year.”





The Gator Bowl was opened with the name Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and now nearly a quarter of a century later it is one of the very WORST FOOTBALL STADIUMS in the nation.



There are only 4 worse football fields in all of the United States :