Notre Dame and Texas A&M highlight home games 2019 while Florida is certain to be tough as well and of course vols will be a challenge South Carolina Auburn Kentucky and Missouri before Georgia Tech concludes a hard slate of 11 hard to beat opponents. Vanderbilt went to a bowl game last year as our 12 opponent and they’re in Nashville to start the season so they will be ready for us. We better quit feeling sorry for ourselves in a hurry because Kirby is NOT running this gauntlet NOT. Don’t forget Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet either while Kirby continues to drop at least 2 games to SEC teams EVERY season so far. So which 2 of these will it be this year for Kirby’s losses to 2 SEC teams every year ?

I can’t see any way that Kirby can have a great year with all these opponents lined-up one after another to expose our offense running the ball every play up the middle by Kirby now in his 4th year of doing just only that on offense.


There will be great gnashing of teeth about Kirby’s offensive strategies again 2019.


This time without fat ass Jim Chaney.




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