Florida gators are # 37 in won loss record starting 2010 nine long years of futility and it is NOT getting any better with their NEW COACH a LOSING RECORD in The SEC all-time Dan Mullen 38-42 all-time in The SEC Dan Mullen SEC lousy record. # 37 FU for 9 years and COUNTING starting 2010…



# 37 won/loss record Florida gators starting 2010 for these latest 9 years.


This is a decade this year 2019 and it is NOT a pretty sight for FU fans.


Dan Mullen 38-42 vs. The SEC all-time.  This is whom it is FU thinks can fix all this shit.  I don’t think so.  I said I was sure that Jim McElwain was not any good before he started too.  I am right about BOTH.  In fact it goes all the way back to Will Muschamp after the 2010 season whom I said would not be any good for Florida as well.  And the year before that.  It’s been a LONG RUN of poor choices for head coach at FU.  # 37 won/loss record with these musical chairs of jerks for head coach NONE of whom were qualified after 2010 season.


When will it end ?


No time soon.  We get better players in Florida than they do.  What does THAT tell you ?