18 years in a row The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have our players playing in the Super Bowl. No SEC team is better. 4 active players in this Super Bowl also finds no program with more. We also lead the NFL in starters in this Super Bowl. UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Super Bowl LIII Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium

UGA Georgia Bulldogs have 4 this Super Bowl LIII 3 on New England and 1 on Los Angeles. Rutgers has 4 too but their players are not as prominent as Georgia’s including the starting running back for both Rams and Patriots Todd Gurley II and Sony Michel.  David Andrews is the starting center on the Patriots and Ramik Wilson is linebacker and special teams for the Rams.  On injured reserve for the Patriots is offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn.


The Georgia Dome hosted two Super Bowls 1994 and 2000.


This is the 3rd Super Bowl for Atlanta.  Our lovely city of 7 million people.


Ludacris and Migos (night 1), Aerosmith (night 2), and Bruno Mars and Cardi B (night 3) are the 3-day entertainment at our NBA basketball arena beside the football stadium showcasing World Congress Center in the middle with live events there every day too.  We are showcasing Atlanta as World Class City as everyone is already aware.


One billion people will watch the Super Bowl game live in nations all over the world in every language with their own announcers.  It will be the most watched show in the United States of America this year.  M&M has gone all-out to win the commercials’ awards.  Planters has a good ad with A rod. Bud will have their Clydesdales and Virginia their firehouse Dalmatian. The commercials are sold-out at $10 million dollars per minute.


Gladys Knight sings Our national anthem because she is from Atlanta and because she stands for Our national anthem and is an active civil rights’ leader.  The Star-Spangled Banner.  She criticizes Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the singing of Our national anthem in 2016 and has NOT PLAYED SINCE. It’s an inappropriate response to racial injustice in police brutality which all of us have worked together so hard to make equal every day of our lives.  We should promote harmony not discord.  We had a President who was Black.  We should be proud of that.  We all voted.  This was our choice as a People. Clearly we are moving in the Right Direction.  Yes there is still prejudice.  It is not dominant.  Why act like it is ?  That is a slap in the face to all of us who work so hard for that to NOT be the case.

It will be one of the more disappointing half time shows which is sad for Atlanta.  Many artists have turned down offers to perform at the game and those who are performing have been loudly criticized for doing so.  The NFL is perceived the bad boy over protests during Our national anthem.  There might be more appropriate ways to make the same point but this will be center stage again.


Tom Brady (New England Patriots) will be playing in his 9th of New England’s total 11 Super Bowl appearances.  Georgia will be in our 18th in a row Super Bowl.  Bill Belichick (New England) head coach is 5-time Super Bowl Champion.  Next year is the NFL 100-year anniversary but officially it does not consider NFL Championship Games prior to the Super Bowl as NFL Championship Games.  I watched those. I do.


Julia Roberts is from Atlanta too.  Hank Aaron lives here.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Chris Tucker.  Gordon Beckham.  Walt Frazier.  Cam Newton.  Shaquille O’Neal .  Hines Ward.  Dominique Wilkins .  Ted Turner who now owns Montana. Elton John. Margaret Mitchell.  Lewis Grizzard . Me.  Home Depot.   Mercedes-Benz.  UPS.  Coca-Cola.


We are a green city.  We are decentralized with the world’s best transportation system.  We are the envy of the world to put on such an event.


We have beautiful mountains an hour and a half away and for most of us half of that.  We are significant in education with The University of Georgia Emory and Georgia Institute of Technology all 3 recognized as 3 of the very top universities of the world.  We are HOT LANTA.  We are in the top 20 in economic impact of the world.  We actually go from Macon to Charlotte and from Birmingham to Chattanooga.  Different definitions call Atlanta 21 counties.  It’s a LOT more.


We are Southern Culture.  We don’t care what you know or don’t about that.  Our home is a LOT better than your home.  If you want to see what our draw is go to Buford Highway or Peachtree.


Our restaurants are fabulous. I personally recommend The Colonnade Restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Road.  Mary Mac’s on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Atlanta Fish Market Pharr Road.  Johnny’s New York Style Pizza on Cheshire Bridge Road.  Monterrey Mexican.


35 million people who are NOT part of the 7 million of us who live here come here to visit each year.  This year will be more.  We are the college football capital of the world.  Our streets are clean.  Our people live in homes.  We live in neighborhoods.  We are affluent and well-educated.  We have top jobs.  We do well.  We get along.


Y’all come back now you hear ?