Mike Griffith DawgNation (dipshit) wants to take the ball out of the hands of Jake Fromm and put it in the hands of Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Mathis on 3rd Down and short and 4th Downs and goal line situations. That is dumb as shit Mike Griffith.

Let me get this straight so I have it what you just said this morning Mike Griffith :


“James Coley could work in an RPO run pass option package with true freshman 17-year old Dwan Matthis who has NEVER played a play at all ever anywhere and Stetson Bennett IV who has played 4th string and junior college both of whom have relatively good speed which would then certainly add an element Georgia was oddly missing last season while also making the most use of the program’s talent.”






Stick this up your God Damn dumb shit asshole Mike Griffith.


Jesus Christ fool.


On every crucial 3rd and short and 4th and short and goal line situation take out Heisman Top 10 Jake Fromm and remove him from the field and put in instead totally unproven guys who came here knowing both of them that Jake Fromm beat out both Jacob Eason and Justin Fields who are ten times better than Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Matthis.


What a dumbass you are Mike Griffith.


They PAY YOU MONEY to talk shit like this Mike Griffith ?


Seriously boy ?


You sit there and figure this shit all out by yourself and this is why they PAY YOU all that money at AJ-C DawgNation Mike Griffith  ?



Notre Dame and Clemson signed-on to play at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium against Georgia Tech. What a God Damn JOKE this will be. Georgia Tech has won 6 and lost 5 every year since 1957 the # 47 won/loss record last 62 years ! And what is the bullshit about Georgia Tech is the HOME TOWN GOD DAMN TEAM for Atlanta ?

Nobody in Atlanta gives a shit about Georgia Tech.



Alliance of American Football AAF Atlanta Legends (stupid shit name) are 0-3 to start much like the Falcons. Birmingham and Orlando are both 3-0 undefeated to begin. The games are played at Georgia State stadium (Ted Turner Field) capacity 20 thousand.



Their official webpages does NOT work.



Todd Gurley II is ranked the # 1 running back in the NFL again while Nick Chubb is ranked # 8 and Sony Michel # 21. I think Sony Michel has something to say about that. Running Back U UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2019




Kirby gets off to an uncharacteristicly SLOW START in RECRUITING 2020 Signing Date

Kirby only has 3 commitments for Signing Date after this up-coming season.  The # 20 overall player in the nation Broderick Jones an undersized offensive tackle has committed and Kirby has Jamil Burroughs committed of McEachern a Defensive Tackle the # 60 overall player along with # 201 overall recruit DT Nazir Stackhouse.


Kirby has enjoyed 3 top-flight classes in a row garnering national press at # 3 then # 1 and this latest cycle now # 2.  This 2020 class is a defining moment in Georgia Bulldogs’ history.  I understand there are a lot of players considering us.    Right now we only have 3 commitments.


LSU and Alabama both have 11 commitments so Kirby is in unchartered territory at # 20 in recruiting rankings today.  It’s not time to panic yet but this is not where Kirby thought he would be in recruiting this year.




This is what Kirby does best.  Well he runs a fine defense too.




Do you know what makes an Alabama fan a fan of Alabama ?

Not a God Damn thing.


Alabama fans wanted to root for a winner so they chose to root for Alabama.  How pathetic are the ENTIRE group.  Compare The University of Georgia with the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.




What is the common thread here ? Everyone wants to see Georgia play Ohio State. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Oklahoma. Everyone wants to see Georgia play LSU. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Texas A&M. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Clemson. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Auburn. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Alabama. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Texas. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Notre Dame. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Florida. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Michigan. Those teams are NOT playing everyone. They don’t want to. They want us to. They are jealous of our talent since Kirby took over. Kirby out-recruits them all.

Well the common thread is that EVERYONE wants to see The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs play every other good team.


Almost half of them think we would lose or hope we would or want us to lose and the other slightly more than half the folks think The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs could or should win over every one of these teams based on the talent of recruiting rankings # 3 two years ago followed by # 1 last year followed by # 2 this year.


Go Georgia Bulldogs !



Georgia Lady Bulldogs Softball leads nation in run scoring and slugging percentage after being to Women’s College World Series 2 of the last 3 years now.

We are scoring ten and half runs per game in softball this season 9-1 so far.


Team batting average .362 which is # 13 best in the nation

Team ERA 1.93 which is # 35 best in the nation



So Gus Malzahn wants to reschedule The Georgia game Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry now that Kirby is here because well Alabama and Georgia are the 2 best SEC teams and Gus Malzahn doesn’t like facing us both on the road the same year and both so late in the season. Auburn liked it then when we weren’t any good when they got to play 2 home games in a row against Georgia. Now they don’t like it.

59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry


“Absolutely if we can get a chance to fix it us playing twice in a row at Auburn.  And Auburn returns the favor we paid to them to play now two in a row in Athens.  I am all for that.  I hear about that a lot.”



Look Mark Richt gave us the # 7 class in 2015. It is what he did. After the national championship game 2016 mid January Kirby finally showed-up HERE for February 3 recruiting signing date 2016. Since then Kirby has been # 3 # 1 and # 2 in recruiting. Because of this we are in the discussion.



Kirby is considered one of the top 3 teams with Clemson and Alabama for this up-coming season 2019-2020 season because of his 3 current years of recruiting # 3 # 1 and now # 2.  A college coach can be determined to be in fact a top coach by simply recruiting better talent than other college coaches and Kirby clearly is doing that.  His passing offense and his special teams are not up to those of other teams but his recruiting talent is.




Top Dozen UGA Georgia Bulldogs of All-Time : Herschel Walker Hines Ward Champ Bailey Charley Trippi David Pollack Fran Tarkenton Jake Scott Kevin Butler Frank Sinkwich ROQUAN DAEVON SMITH Larry Munson Theresa Edwards

Top 10 Football Players of All-Time :

  1. Herschel Walker
  2. Hines Ward
  3. Champ Bailey
  4. Charley Trippi
  5. David Pollack
  6. Fran Tarkenton
  7. Jake Scott
  8. Kevin Butler
  9. Frank Sinkwich



ESPN ranks UGA today # 3 based on the last 4 years in players coming back and recruiting which is where we have been ranked # 3 the last 3 years now in a row under Kirby. A far cry from where ousted Miami coach Mark Richt had us before Kirby. But we play too many top teams and Clemson # 1 and Alabama # 2 do NOT by STARK CONTRAST. So we are MORE worn down and them fresh. So # 3 for 3rd year in a row.


2019 NFL Draft # 29 Deandre Baker CB. # 43 Mecole Hardman Junior WR. # 49 Riley Ridley WR. # 89 D’Andre Walker Edge. # 107 Isaac Nauta TE. # 120 Elijah Holyfield RB. # 147 Lamont Gaillard OC. # 177 Jonathan Ledbetter DL. So they are predicting 8 Georgia Bulldogs drafted this year. 8.



NFL Draft # 14 All-Time UGA with 316  UGA Georgia Bulldogs Football 2019



Mark Richt is NOT going to go coach somewhere else. Good Lord fools.

Happy Valentine’s Day !


Preacher man not steal from Miami but no compunctions not to here. His athletics’ directior told him to quit Miami so he did the next day “unacceptable performance all season long” his AD said day before he quit. Putting in Faton Bauta and never taking him out even after 4 interceptions yet no running plays for a running QB. Not firing Willie Martinez instantly. Not firing Todd Grantham instantly. All his projects he brought here to minister to and watched them embarrass him and have to be kicked off the team here. Being totally stupid. Losing 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 starting after 2007. Not bring the talent in here like Kirby is doing. Schottenheimer disaster. Jeremy Pruitt hated Mark Richt so why did Mark Richt hire him either ? His hires sucked from the beginning. Mark Richt only coached at 2 schools and he was RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL FROM BOTH. One faster than the other and both for the same reason LOSING. Losing to CUPCAKES in addition to losing the BIG GAMES. He did both every year. And he did not care and made no bones about saying he didn’t. Mark Richt stated that he would not be judged on his wins and losses. Yeah he was and his AD at Miami and EVERYONE in Miami and EVERYONE here all wanted his sorry ass gone. So he is gone from both. Good riddance. Who in the hell cares what kind of a nice guy he was ? He got run out of town on a rail from the only 2 places who ever did hire him as coach and for CAUSE. We paid him $ 50 million dollars at UGA.   Swimming Pool for the team photo bullshit. And how about “Don’t spike it” he told little Aaron Murray 3 times so that we could have one shot instead of 3 from point-blank range against Alabama ? Oh there is the # 1 in the nation pre-season CONSENSUS both AP and Coaches’ then first big game we played Alabama # 6 in the nation and fell behind 31 to nothing at the half on national TV. No there are too many moments of frustration for this Georgia boy to EVER FORGET. I hated Mark Richt with all my heart. God Damn Mark Richt and his bullshit roster management. God Damn his bullshit losing to CUPCAKES every year. I am so frustrated with Mark Richt that the Mark Richt Apologists will NEVER have their way with me. Maybe you. They are and were so full of shit. My number one gripe is that in 15-game seasons for the top teams DISNEYDAWGS.COM Mark Richt Apologists told me that he “NEARLY” won more than 9 games a year. He was here 15 years. He won 145 games. That is 9.6 wins a year not 10. Don’t lie and stretch that to 10. It is in fact 9.6 wins in 15-game seasons for the top teams. Kirby IS averaging more than 10 wins a season. Mark Richt did NOT. Mark Richt was incompetent here and at Miami. Why is he not coaching here or there now this year ? Because no one here or there wants him to. Got that ? Manny Diaz got hired by Temple. THEN and ONLY THEN did Mark Richt wait a little over 2 Sunday Church meetings and then he quit. His AD at Miami had criticized him widely for the ENTIRE season this year. Once Mark Richt waffled on all this all he did was cost Miami of Florida nearly $ 5 million dollars they had to pay-out to Temple to hire Manny Diaz from Temple. You can thank Mark Richt for that. He hasn’t coached after 2007 season. He is just stealing money. That Mark Richt’s last dealings with Miami of Florida were to rip them off too for another $ 5 million buyout of Manny Diaz from Temple seems right on target the continuing saga of a guy who NEVER GAVE A SHIT ABOUT WINNING and never will. 0 for 13 at 1st Down Conversions vs. Florida 2002.  His record vs Florida.  Such as losing to Vanderbilt when Vandie did not beat ANY SEC team except for Mark Richt. Mark Richt was hired by UGA and by Miami of Florida to WIN in FOOTBALL. He was NOT GOOD at that and LOST HIS JOB at BOTH PLACES because of his (1) losses to CUPCAKES and because of (2) his inability to win the big games and (3) because Mark Richt felt that he was NOT judged by his wins and losses when he DAMN SURE was. Wasn’t he ? At BOTH Georgia and at Miami. Athletics’ Director ?  Are you out of your God Damn mind fool ?  Neither school will look back at Mark Richt eras and consider them anything but a FAILURE compared to their goals. Mark Richt ? He doesn’t care. It is NOT how Mark Richt judges himself.





I am not rooting for Jacob Eason nor Justin Fields. Why the hell would I ? Jesus Christ what kind of a idiot would think we want these 2 to do well at competitors of our program who quit our program here thereby speaking poorly of us because neither one could beat out Jake Fromm. They left because they could not beat out Jake Fromm both of them. They think they can take their team to the national championship. I hope with all my ability that they do NOT. And that we do by direct stark contradiction to them wanting to do that well there. Look they both NEITHER have the job here because Jake Fromm does have THEIR JOB here. Got it ? They quit. They could not handle the heat. They left. Do I want them to do well ? Hell no. How stupid can you be ?

Excuse me.  I am a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan in case that surprises you in some God Damn fashion.



Donald Trump whom democrats want impeached got one and a half BILLION DOLLARS for the rest of 2019 alone to build the wall to keep illegal Mexicans out of our Southern border. DEMOCRATS give DONALD TRUMP one and half BILLION for MEXICAN WALL. Did you get that ?

We are NOT the police for the world but we are the police for our Southern Border which is being overrun by illegal Mexicans.


Thank you DEMOCRATS for all this money for just the remainder of 2019 over one and a half billion dollars for the fence.  We should be able to build a pretty good fence for that.


Buy the supplies and put them at the border and I will go help build it for free for you.


No labor cost.


No shipping cost.


I will bring the fence to the border from wherever it is in the U.S. free.


I will bring a load of metal posts cement the metal fence and the ties free.


I will do the labor myself.


All of us of a like mind.


That’s MILLIONS of us.


Thanks to the democrats giving us one and a half billion dollars just for the remainder of 2019.


The border is 1954 miles long.


We can buy 300 feet of metal fence with all the materials to install it for $ 1772 dollars.


That is only $ 60 million in cost for the fence.  So one and a half billion dollars could all be given back to the government.


Or hire labor from Mexico and have them build it with the remaining one and a half billion dollars.


30 thousand times 300 feet is the 1954 miles Mexico U.S. border.


Each 300 feet of fence materials in total are $ 1772 per 300 feet.


30 thousand times $1772 is only $ 60 million material cost for the metal fence and metal poles and metal ties for the metal fence.  You turn the sharp points UP.







So $60 million is my proposed cost of the fence. Not counting cement or labor.


They keep their yards like trash.


They do NOT have valid driver’s licenses.  They have their kids here.  We have to make them obey our laws like get an education in English.


Way to go democrats.


Thanks for the $1 and a half BILLION DOLLLARS just until the end of 2019.







Number 2 in the 247Sports Composite Rankings Anthony Edwards gives Tom Crean the Number 12 overall men’s basketball signing class in recruiting because of 2 really good players joining Anthony Edwards – Jaykwon Walton and Toumani Camara. Anthony Edwards will play in the NBA for the next 2 decades and could easily put up double-doubles as a two a shooting guard who excels at rebounding. 6′ 4″ he’s long and quick and at 205 lbs. he is a presence underneath. Routinely putting up over 25 points he is willing to dish it off to his other talented players joining us for a year. Next year. Perhaps we can use THIS to get us a new gym.

The University of Georgia beat out Kentucky Duke Kansas UCLA and North Carolina for the one-year services of Anthony Edwards and instantly became the greatest and highest-rated talent The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had on our court.


This is the biggest news at The University of Georgia.  The NBA drafts the star player from the 7 million residents of the city of Atlanta a suburb called Sandy Springs at Georgia 400 at I-285.


17 born 2001 Anthony Edwards is a McDonald’s All-American (2019).  I’m giddy that we could land the number 2 best player in the nation.  They always sign with these other schools leaving here to play there.  Basketball is a weird game I excelled at.  You only need really a single player or two.  We don’t get these guys or gals here because our gym has not hosted an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years.


At 6′ 4″ he has no issue getting his shot off and at 205 lbs. he muscles players out underneath.  His actual claim to fame is his speed to separate.


Congratulations to Tom Crean for bringing this man here to play for us next year.  That one year.  Next year.


They’re called one and dones.




I told you we would recruit better with OUT Mark Richt and I told you that Mark Richt would not do SHIT at Miami of Florida and would be forced-out there just as he was here. He isn’t a coach. He DOESN’T CARE about winning. It’s not what is his measure he thinks – he has told EVERYONE forever. His Athletics’ Director said Mark Richt’s job was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and the next day Mark Richt announced he was RETIRING. Hell he hasn’t coached after 2007. What has happened to all those fans who told ME that now they are Miami of Florida fans ? Are they fans of retirement now ?

God Damn Mark Richt Apologists.


Wrong AGAIN.



With Anthony Edwards about to announce that he is staying home to play for Tom Crean our coach told the press that it is his fault that he did not go out and get his own players here to play this season instead of keeping players who are 1-9 in The SEC games this season a wholly and completely UNACCEPTABLE coaching job. Last season THESE SAME PLAYERS thrown under the bus by Tom Crean were 7-11 in SEC play causing Mark Fox to be FIRED after his 9 seasons here.

Look Mark Fox was a good coach.

Tom Crean I have no opinion on yet but we’re told that he signs Anthony Edwards here this morning despite the 50-year old Stegasaurus gym while all these other programs have taken their SEC revenue sharing and overall $176 million dollars handed to Greg McGarity annually now and instead of banking it invest it in a competitive gym for our men’s and women’s program.


Tom Crean coached at Indiana and Marquette and frankly his fast break attack has always caused too many turnovers and it is also true that Tom Crean FAILED to sign players such as Anthony Edwards.


One would surmise this is a marketing quote by Tom Crean that he does NOT have the players required to compete and that that is HIS FAULT he did not do something about the 7-11 SEC players from last year who this year with him as their coach fast breaking and turning the ball over are 1-9 in The SEC.  To position himself for Anthony Edwards.


Instead of Greg McGarity defending his choice of Tom Crean Greg McGarity should have announced that he is investing this $50 billion profit we just made into a new gym and give us at least a shot at signing top talent like this all the time guys and gals FROM HERE who stay here in basketball for our men’s and women’s programs.


As it is we have no GOD DAMN HOPE.


1-9 in The SEC.  You had better figure out a way to make us competitive in men’s college basketball Greg McGarity.  I understand EXACTLY what Tom Crean meant by throwing our players under the bus for HIS 1-9 SEC record to-date.


He wants some talent here.  He’s not going to get it without making Greg McGarity INVEST his $176 million dollars annual athletics’ department revenue in a new gym as all The other SEC teams have done.  Our gym is NOT competitive.  We’re not consistently getting these guys and they’re not going to be as long as they aren’t enamored to come play in a place which has NOT hosted an NCAA post-season men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years now.


50 years.







“I have no regrets about my time at UGA and have no hard feelings for the school or football program. My overall experience at UGA was fully consistent with UGA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.” You are a dumbass for coming to UGA when you knew we had already found our QB in Jake Fromm and that Jake Fromm held that position forcing Jacob Eason to transfer himself prior to your dumbass showing-up here. You thought you could beat-out our incumbent quarterback who took us to the national championship game beat Notre Dame on the road won The SEC Championship and won the Rose Bowl over Oklahoma. So I have no GOD DAMN IDEA what you mean Justin Fields that you “HAVE NO REGRETS.” Sure you do dumb shit. You regret coming here in the first place. It was a mistake. You wanted to start given Jake Fromm’s fantastic season last year and so you joined us anyway AFTER he had done that. You are a dumb shit and a LIAR Justin Fields. Have fun at Ohio State with a head coach who has NEVER COACHED SHIT prior. Have fun playing ALL THOSE CUPCAKES Ohio State plays EVERY STINKING YEAR. If we had those cupcakes on our schedule here you would have gotten plenty of snaps here this year and next year.

But Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this year and you could NOT beat him out.  That’s on you Justin Fields although I would have played you MORE here this year.


And Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this up-coming 2019 season either and you knew that too.  In fact you knew that this time last year when you came here despite the fact that you would NEVER beat out Jake Fromm when our head coach would NOT EVEN let Jacob Eason come back from his injury and replace Jake Fromm after Jake Fromm went on the road and beat Notre Dame.


These are the facts.


(1) You would NEVER beat-out Jake Fromm 2018.

(2) Jake Fromm would NEVER go to the NFL 2019 this up-coming NFL Draft because he is NOT eligible.

(3) Jake Fromm would NEVER go the NFL 2020 because he isn’t that good.  Not yet he isn’t.

(4) It would be 2021 before Jake Fromm is gone to the NFL in whatever status that would be then.


2017 season took over for injured Jacob Eason or Jacob Eason doesn’t give up the job.

2017 beat Notre Dame on the road thus preventing Kirby Smart from returning to Jacob Eason who had NOT DONE THAT.

2017 beat Auburn in the SEC Championship Game beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl Game.

2017 took us to the national championship game where ONLY bad ref beat Jake Fromm NOT AL.

2018 you could not unseat this guy with this history whom the fans of THIS STATE wanted as QB.

2019 season coming-up Jake Fromm has to play is incumbent and you didn’t get the job. Not yet.

2019 season Jake Fromm is eligible for NFL afterwards but not good enough yet to be drafted high enough to go early after this up-coming season.  You know this too Justin Fields.

2020 season after THAT then Jake Fromm would have been gone and you would have been eligible for the NFL draft and already drafted and higher than Jake Fromm.

So what do we have ?

We have one dumbass QB at Ohio State playing NOTHING BUT GOD DAMN CUPCAKES all 2019.  Have fun up there in the cold where you can play cupcakes.  Tell yourself how well you are doing against said cupcakes Justin Fields.  Get drafted into the NFL.  But don’t tell ME you went to Georgia.  You QUIT Georgia.  You could NOT beat-out our incumbent QB who was ALREADY ENTRENCHED here when you got here you total dumb shit.


And THAT is on YOU Justin Fields.


Got it ?


Did you notice no big-time QB came here this year Justin Fields ?


Should NOT have last year either once Jake Fromm beat Notre Dame.


You’ve known for 2 years now nearly Justin Fields that you SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE.


Dumb shit.  Piss Off.  Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.



Coleman Rudolph LOST both his Junior and Senior Games against Georgia making him one bitter son of a bitch toward The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now is a high school coach in Roswell for Tim McFarlin where they have NEVER SENT A SINGLE PLAYER to Georgia Institute of Technology – not one – not EVER. His SENIOR YEAR it was 31-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech. Georgia has BEAT THE SHIT out of Georgia Tech 22-8 over the last 30 years yet Coleman Rudolph thinks Georgia Tech has had the BETTER COACHING ? Really ? Hey dumbass dipshit you judge who has the BETTER COACHING over the last 30 years by the RECORD including ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN RECORD against Georgia dumb shit. Jesus Christ what a GOD DAMN LIAR you are Coleman Rudolph. In fact it is 45-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech starting 1957 last 62 years because well GEORGIA TECH COACHES HAVE BEEN OUT-COACHED. Part of coaching is RECRUITING. # 51 Georgia Tech Coleman Rudolph BRAGS about this morning while UGA is # 2. TRUTH-0-METER Morgan Stanley high school coach telling LIES about Georgia Tech. 45-21 we OWN this state GOD DAMN bitter boy Coleman Rudolph. Get over it boy. 1957 is when Jack Rudolph began at Georgia Tech and gave his son 2 last names Coleman Rudolph. His dad is 80 today and all he has KNOWN is that Georgia Tech got the SHIT BEAT OUT OF IT by UGA. # 51 Tech # 2 UGA and YOU THINK that is “getting it” Coleman Rudolph you dumb bastard




In fact it was 45-7 Georgia over Georgia Tech in the last game when we put in our 3RD STRING between the two # 35 Georgia Tech # 46 Georgia U.S. News and World Report Rankings Best Colleges for 2019.


But don’t tell Coleman Rudolph this for he will go ballistic.


45-17 won/lost record Georgia over Georgia Tech last 62 years starting 1957 :


Read it and cry Coleman Rudolph.


hours ago  

“It’s no secret that, as a whole, GT has had better coaching over the last 30 years vs . The future battles of vs Smart will be no different. The question is talent and talent depth.”



We have had seasons’ tickets since 1957 to UGA Georgia Bulldogs Football 2019 now so I have watched EVERY GAME.  I think I would know if Jack Rudolph and Coleman Rudolph are bitter about 17-45 record against us at Georgia Tech his dad’s entire time since beginning at Georgia Tech.


By the way UGA Georgia Bulldogs were 4-0 undefeated against Coleman Rudolph’s dad Jack at Georgia Tech 1957 1958 1959 and 1960.  I was at ALL of those games too.


If one team gets BETTER TALENT because they have WORSE coaches why hasn’t Georgia Tech beaten Georgia in your and your dad’s time at Georgia Tech through today better than only 27 percent of the time ?


One could surmise that the players think that the coaching is BETTER at UGA Coleman Rudolph.  Since we have won from the time your dear old dad used to be at Georgia Tech.  Georgia has BEAT Georgia Tech 3 and half times as many times as Georgia Tech has beat The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs from the very day Jack Rudolph began at Georgia Tech through this day today when he is now 80.  How sad is that ?  So Jack’s son Coleman runs to the press on social media to surmise Georgia Tech therefore has had the better coaching.


My God !


But what do I know ?  I’ve only watched every God Damn Game we are discussing this morning twit.


You are so full of shit Coleman Rudolph.  Wake up.  Telling lies is no way to go through life.


How again are the # 51 recruiting rankings this morning for Georgia Tech better for Talent and Talent Depth than Georgia Tech has EVER enjoyed 1957 through today ?  Tell me that Coleman Rudolph ?


You must really be bitter for your logic is flawed son.  Oh was I not invited to COMPARE Georgia to Georgia Tech ?  Excuse me.  You just posted a $9 million dollar LOSS while we just put up a $43 million dollar profit.  Georgia Tech starting 1957 is # 51 in won/loss averaging 6.2 wins and 5.1 losses.   Paul Johnson fish fry ends his career everyone at Georgia Tech unhappy with his results 5 bowl wins 8 bowl losses for his entire coaching career. And Paul Johnson never could recruit averaging # 51 recruiting class. In 11 games against UGA he had 3 wins at Georgia Tech a “winning percentage” of 0.27 and you are a FOOL saying he is a better coach than UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  Bullshit.  What a dumb shit.  Paul Johnson put Georgia Tech on back-to-back repeat offender NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL. Oh yeah that is better than UGA.  Keep telling yourself that for NO ONE ELSE EVER will believe a God Damn WORD out of your mouth Liar.  Geoff Collins was 7-6 and 8-4 as his only two previous years coaching.  His recruiting class is particularly lousy and he has to replace 8 of his starters on defense.  Geoff Collins has no previous experience on offense at all anywhere and now has FIRED all of Paul Johnson’s entire coaching staff to the glee of EVERYONE at Tech but YOU SAY THOSE COACHES were BETTER than UGA losing and being out-recruited as you are against us.  I mean.  You are being taken to task boy.  I hope that you can realize this.  If the coaches were BETTER why did Georgia Tech FIRE ALL OF THEM ?  Tell me that ?  Never mind.  I know you do NOT have the balls to answer ANY of these direct questions.

Georgia Tech is NOT in the top 50 football programs starting 1957 :




God awful.




But you say they have had better coaching than our coaching which is # 11 all-time in 1-A FBS wins.


67-39-5 UGA against Georgia Tech Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia Bulldogs is he ?


Paul Johnson’s last 4 years at Georgia Tech he won 1 bowl game lost 1 bowl game and was not qualified to play as one of the top 80 football teams half of his last 4 years but he is a better coach than at Georgia with Kirby Smart.  Oh yeah I get that logic.  Stick this up your God Damn stupid shit asshole Coleman Rudolph boy.


The future promises more of the same with Tech’s # 51 ranked recruiting just now this morning to UGA # 2.


6.2 wins per year last 62 years since 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 62 years since 1957 Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech has RELAXED its academic standards and yet why is it that Georgia Tech still has signed only 1 of the top 50 best football players in the state of Georgia each of the last 4 years ? Why is that ? I mean Georgia Tech is NOT Princeton or Harvard but # 35 while UGA is UP to # 46.   Georgia just signed with Kirby Smart 10 of the top 102 best ESPN ranked players in the country – 10 top 102 the entire nation – not 1 top 50 in state every year for Georgia Tech – Coleman Rudolph and today you want to BRAG about Talent and Talent Depth ?  Oh Jesus Christ Almighty boy.


Georgia Tech did not get ANY of the top 300 ESPN top recruits nationally.





What in the HELL are you talking about Coleman Rudolph ?  Are you used to telling lies to high school Christians ?



# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology :  https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities


2016 Georgia Tech was UNRANKED.  2017 Georgia Tech had a LOSING RECORD.  2018 Georgia Tech is UNRANKED. This is what Georgia Tech has done in our coach’s career here at UGA.  Presumably our coach’s career at UGA of 32-10 is worse than the coach at Tech according to YOU Coleman Rudolph.  Uh…  No.  Real SMART point you make Coleman Rudolph.  NOT !  Paul Johnson was 12-12 at Georgia Tech the last 2 seasons before EVERYONE wanted Paul Johnson OUT at Tech because his coaching is WORSE than Kirby Smart at Georgia who the last 2 years is 24-5.


Let me see now Paul Johnson is the BETTER COACH at 12-12 his last 2 years before being run out of town on a rail for that record “coaching.”  This compared to Kirby Smart at UGA 24-5 his last 2 years by direct stark comparison.  24-5 is the WORSE coaching and 12-12 is the BETTER coaching.  Oh dear Lord help us all for we have a fool in charge of explaining which is better and which worse this morning.

Georgia Tech is and remains a CUPCAKE.


Starting 1957 Georgia Tech is 6-5 for 62 years now of futility.


45-17 starting 1957 Georgia has won nearly 3 of out of every 4 for 62 years against Georgia Tech.  Now what was it you said about 70 percent Coleman Rudolph ?  We have won 72 percent of the games against Tech since your dear old dad began at Tech through today.


Paul Johnson also could NOT recruit with average # 51 recruiting classes for 11 years of a miserable 7-5 average record.


Geoff Collins is NO DIFFERENT at # 51 recruiting class for his signing class this morning Coleman Rudolph so why all the presumed greatness glee on your part when he was average at Temple against cupcakes they play at Temple.


We are up from our average # 7 recruiting ranking to # 2 today and you are really no different from your all-time recruiting rankings averaging # 51 for 62 years now and counting and today # 51.  So if anything it is GETTING WORSE for Georgia Tech.  My God boy.  You really invite this comparison ?  Hardly.  You want anything BUT.


You want to discuss that Georgia Tech compared to Georgia is BETTER for Georgia Tech with UGA way up to # 2 recruiting talent and talent depth and Georgia Tech still # 51 just like you always are.  Open mouth and switch feet much Coleman Rudolph or no one has the balls to take you on ?  I do boy.


The God Damn CHEATERS Georgia Tech.  The series started in 1893 when Georgia Tech hired players off our UGA winning team 1892 to compete against us 1893 because in 1892 Georgia Tech had a losing team.  They wrecked their train back from Athens hitting a freight train they ran-up on in Lawrenceville. The headlines read 1893 Rambling Wreck limps back in to Atlanta.  It’s NOT a Model T from 1914 which is the namesake of the Ramblin’ Wreck now is it ? I laugh when I see a car from 1914 paraded around like IT is the train from 1893.  No dumb shits.  Ramblin’ Wreck refers to this train not a car from 21 years later.  You are living a LIE.  Like everything else at Georgia Tech, you are living a LIE Coleman Rudolph.


STFU.  You prove that you don’t care that we beat the ever-living shit out of you as long as 1 every 4 games since 1957 you beat us.  We have nothing to gain playing you.  I’d rather not play another cupcake frankly.


If Tech has had such great coaching then Tech must have had some sorry-assed players and dumb shit game plans in fact to have in-fact LOST 72 percent of the games since Jack Rudolph Coleman’s dear old dad began at Tech against Georgia in 1957 the last 62 years of pure futility by Tech against UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  We own this state Coleman Rudolph and you and your dad of all people now know this best.  Don’t you ?


Quit talking shit Coleman Rudolph.  You’re not up to it clearly according to EVERYONE in this tweet “It’s no secret that, as a whole, GT has had better coaching over the last 30 years vs . The future battles of vs Smart will be no different. The question is talent and talent depth.”


We’re going to CONTINUE to kick your asses like our Daddies always have against Tech – not that you care – so quit acting like you do care.





2019 Signing Class UGA 10 of the top 102 ESPN recruits nationwide joined The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs of Kirby Smart today because THEY feel that Kirby is always going to be right there playing for the national championship. And by nationwide we mean that of those top 10 ESPN recruits in the top 102 nationwide are 1 from Rhode Island 2 from Alabama 2 from Florida 1 from Texas 1 from Louisiana 1 from Mississippi and 3 from Georgia. Also it is not just that Kirby did so well it’s ALSO that Southern California SUCKED Florida State SUCKED Nebraska SUCKED South Carolina SUCKED and Ohio State SUCKED Notre Dame SUCKED Auburn SUCKED compared to Kirby. 16 out-of-state







It’s really quite the haul for Kirby 4 years in a row now

# 6 for Kirby 2016

# 3 for Kirby 2017

# 1 for Kirby 2018

# 2 for Kirby 2019


Mark Richt NEVER did that.


Oh Mark Richt got told by his Athletics’ Director that it was totally unacceptable what happened ALL YEAR LONG at Miami whose recruiting SUCKED compared to Kirby.


Kirby recruited Florida better than Miami of Florida did.



Rivals has Kirby # 1 in the nation 2019 recruiting :







# 2 Composite 247sports.com https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/




Nolan Smith 5-Star new goggle boy LB 6′ 3″ 227 lbs. Savannah # 1 overall

Nakobe Dean 5-Star top LB 6′ 220 lbs. # 1 Mississippi # 19 overall

Travon Walker 5-Star fills big need on DL 6′ 5″ 285 lbs. Upson-Lee # 22 overall

Clay Webb 5-Star on OL comes Spring # 1 Alabama 6′ 3″ 295 lbs. # 26 overall early

George Pickens 5-Star WR Hoover AL # 1 in state AL 6′ 4″ 190 lbs. # 24 overall

Dominick Blaylock 4-Star 6′ 1″ 195 lbs.  WR Walton  # 36 overall

Tyrique Stevenson 6′ 0.5″ 205 lbs. DB Miami # 3 in Florida # 37 overall

Lewis Cine 6′ 2″ 180 lbs. Texas defensive back # 45 overall

Rian Davis linebacker 6′ 1.5″ 240 lbs. out of Florida # 89 overall

Trezmen Marshall Linebacker 6′ 236 lbs. Clinch County # 77 ESPN  # 122 overall

Bill Norton 6’6″ 225 lbs. # 2 Tennessee DL # 121 ESPN # 161 overall

Kenny McIntosh Top 10 RB 6′ 0.5″ 218 lbs. # 24 in Florida # 187 overall

Makiya Tongue Baton Rouge WR 6′ 2″ 210 lbs. # 12 state # 96 ESPN # 196 overall

Xavier Truss 6′ 6″ 316 lbs. OL # 1 Rhode Island # 214 overall

Warren McClendon 6′ 4″ 318 lbs. OL Brunswick # 227 overall

Ryland Goede TE 6′ 6″ 240 lbs. from Tennessee # 151 ESPN # 236 overall

Jermaine Johnson Linebacker 6′ 6″ 250 lbs. Minnesota # 1 JUCO early

D.J. Daniel a defensive back 6′ 180 lbs. Griffin top-rated JUCO early

Tramel Walthour DL 6′ 4″ 277 lbs. Liberty County JUCO early

Dwan Mathis 6′ 4″ 197 lbs. QB from #9 overall in state of Michigan # 311 overall

Zion Logue # 11 overall in state of Tennessee 6′ 5″ 295 lbs. DL # 342 overall

Tymon Mitchell # 14 overall in state of Tennessee 6′ 3″ 315 lbs. DL # 422 overall

Brett Seither from Clearwater FL 6′ 5″ 228 lbs. TE # 738 overall

Stetson Bennett IV  6″ 185 lbs. JUCO 3-Star back-up QB



And we get Zamir White this year too from North Carolina ranked as 1 of the very top players ever at UGA.




$659.9 million SEC Revenue-sharing money 2018. UGA $176 million athletics Revenue 2018. UGA $133 million athletic expenses including donations to The University of Georgia. $43 million UGA profit 2018 from athletics alone. Plenty enough to buy a new gym and be able to recruit top talent. 50-year old gym not competitive no matter how much lipstick.

So why can’t we have a new gym ?



falcons have purposely and systematically NOT selected 56 UGA Georgia Bulldogs for their rosters because they are AFRAID of the comparison and don’t want to feed Bulldog Nation with MORE PRIDE. And falcons have suffered greatly from this. Here are the cold hard facts on this right here every player falcons shunned for WORSE PLAYERS instead the falcons chose. Dumb shit falcons

  1. Bill Stanfill falcons passed on Bill Stanfill 1969 draft no falcon any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Cairo
  2. Jake Scott falcons passed on to choose 6 picks instead none any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Super Bowl MVP 3 Super Bowl appearances
  3. Terrell Davis falcons passed on to choose 6 picks 1995 before Terrell Davis was drafted none any good Hall Fame rb 2 Super bowl champs Super Bowl MVP
  4. Champ Bailey falcons picked 9 nobodies 1999 draft none any good Hall Fame db 12-time Pro Bowl Folkston
  5. Andy Johnson falcons picked 5 absolute nobodies instead good running back Athens
  6. Horace King of 5 falcons picks prior to 6th round Steve Bartkowski only good 1 good rb Athens
  7. Matt Robinson great QB NY Jets & others falcons passed on 5 times 1977 North Springs
  8. Mike Moon pie Wilson great OL falcons passed on 3 times before 4th round 1977 none any good
  9. Willie McClendon falcons passed on twice 1979 draft great rb none falcons amounted to shit Brunswick
  10. Ray Donaldson falcons picked Nebraska player instead who never did shit 1980 draft great center Cowboys Super Bowl champ Rome
  11. Scott Woerner falcons picked him but falcons were awful 1981 losing 9 games
  12. Terry Hoage 1984 falcons whiffed on him too picking 4 zeroes who never did shit great db
  13. Guy McIntyre 1984 falcons selected 4 nobodies 3 times Super Bowl champs 5 times Pro Bowl great OG Thomasville
  14. Herschel Walker 1985 falcons refused to take him either taking 3 others instead only 1 of which ever accomplished anything 2-time Pro Bowl 8225 yards rushing NFL 512 Receptions 4859 yards 82 TD Wrightsville
  15. Kevin Butler 1985 falcons passed on made 265 of 361 NFL field goals Super Bowl champ Redan
  16. Rodney Hampton 2-time NFL Pro Bowl Super Bowl Champ 1990 falcons chose Steve Broussard instead who did jack shit
  17. Garrison Hearst Lincolnton 1993 draft Pro Bowl rb but falcons wanted Lincoln Kennedy instead who did not make falcon’s team but did go to Super Bowl later when falcons traded him falcons so suck I gave up my season’s tickets to falcon’s games tired of watching all this shit I know only oh too well.
  18. John Kasay Pro Bowl made 461 of 563 field goals 1970 NFL points in 1995 falcons chose Brett Favre but traded him for Tony Smith a rb who ran for 2 TD total while Brett Favre who was Super Bowl champ 11-time Pro Bowl who threw 10 thousand NFL passes for over 500 TD Pro Football Hall of Fame falcons suck
  19. Hines Ward 3rd round NFL Draft Super Bowl MVP Super Bowl champ 3-time Super Bowl appearances 4-time Pro Bowl 1000 NFL catches for 12 thousand yards 85 TD surefire NFL Hall of Fame falcons chose Jammi German and Bob Hallen before Hines Ward drafted. German caught 20 passes for 294 yards total and 3 TD in his lifetime out of Miami. Hallen never did dog shit out of Kent State so much better than Georgia Bulldogs obviously.
  20. 2000 Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl
  21. Richard Seymour 3-time Super Bowl champ one-time Super Bowl loser All-Pro 5 times
  22. Guy McIntyre appeared 3 Super Bowls OL 5-time All- Pro
  23. Clarence Kay appeared 3 Super Bowls
  24. Patrick Pass appeared 3 Super Bowls 3-time Super Bowl champ Tucker Georgia
  25. Thomas Davis 1 Super Bowl appearance
  26. Mo Lewis Pro Bowl
  27. Todd Gurley II Pro Bowl 3 times Super Bowl appearance
  28. Sony Michel Super Bowl champ
  29. Nick Chubb
  30. A.J. Green
  31. Geno Atkins
  32. Matthew Stafford
  33. Justin Houston
  34. Jordan Jenkins
  35. Leonard Floyd
  36. Malcolm Mitchell Super Bowl champ
  37. Matt Stinchcomb Parkview
  38. Verron Haynes North Springs Super Bowl champ
  39. Randy McMichael TE 4539 yards receiving NFL
  40. Will Witherspoon 951 tackles NFL
  41. Jon Stinchcomb Parkview Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ
  42. Boss Bailey 305 tackles NFL
  43. Sean Jones 513 tackles NFL Safety
  44. Ben Watson 5885 NFL yards receiving Super Bowl champ
  45. Tim Jennings 2-time Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ led NFL interceptions
  46. Charles Johnson All-Pro de Super Bowl appearance
  47. Knowshon Moreno over 5000 NFL yards
  48. Matthew Stafford Pro Bowl 38526 NFL passing yards
  49. Reshad Jones 2-time Pro Bowl 759 NFL tackles
  50. Geno Atkins 7-time All-Pro DT 71 NFL sacks
  51. Justin Houston 4-time Pro Bowl NFL sacks leader 78 NFL sacks Statesboro
  52. A.J. Green 8907 receiving yards NFL 7-time Pro Bowl 63 TD
  53. Alec Ogletree 2nd team All-Pro 594 tackles NFL inside linebacker Newnan
  54. Ramik Wilson
  55. Roquan Smith Montezuma Rookie All-Pro
  56. So falcons despite Charley Trippi NFL Championship Game MVP and Fran Tarkenton 3-time Super Bowl loser Len Hauss 5-time Pro-Bowl and Jimmy Orr wr career receptions for 7,914 receiving yards and 66 touchdowns Super Bowl champ falcons have purposely and with riposte not chosen Georgia Bulldogs so as to NOT compare falcons to The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. To have them separate. To NOT have the 2 tied together. And so falcons have inexplicably purposely not selected UGA Georgia Bulldogs for falcons’ rosters so as to alienate Georgia Bulldogs from falcons. And so all over this state of Georgia we watch all these Georgia Bulldogs do so well in the NFL but not on falcons’ teams but on every other team instead.  So all these others listed above here on this blog post by me were SKIPPED OVER by falcons in favor of players from places like Kent State from places like Nebraska who collectively have been far worse for falcons than these UGA Georgia Bulldogs they could have taken in the draft for their roster instead.  Dumbass falcons. Did you notice how many of these UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Super Bowl champ ?  Well did you Rankin Smith and Arthur Blank ?  Because the falcons NEVER have been.  And NEVER will be as long as you on purpose choose non-Bulldogs so that you do not make the comparison WORSE for falcons.

And so Falcons have alienated the entire state of Georgia. And sucked as a direct result thereof.



48 former UGA Georgia Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Game trophy. Here they all are listed in order.




  1. 1967 Zeke Bratkowski QB Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City.  1969 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts  New York Jets beat the Colts 16-7. Orr had  three catches for 42 yards in the gamet is known for being wide-open in the end zone on a flea-flicker only to have Earl Morrall throw to fullback Jerry Hill resulting in an interception by Jets’ safety Jim Hudson.
  2. 1971 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13.  1972 Jake Scott Safety and 1972 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins both Miami Dolphins.  Dallas Cowboys beat the Dolphins 24-3.  Scott played with a broken left hand and broke his right wrist in the game.
  3. 1973 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl and was named MVP and
  4. 1973 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Len Hauss Center Washington Redskins.  Dolphins beat the Redskins 14-7.  Jake Scott Super Bowl MVP had two interceptions he returned for 63 return yards one a 55-yard return from the end zone in the 4th quarter to win the Super Bowl.  Jake Scott is my friend and should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Jake Scott is QUITE the nice guy.  I know.
  5. 1974 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins and
  6. 1974 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Dolphins beat the Vikings 24-7.  Jake Scott recovered two fumbles in the game and had 45 punt return yards.
  7. 1975 Dick Conn who led The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in Interceptions 1972 with five (5) Defensive Back Pittsburgh Steelers and
  8. 1975 Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Pittsburg Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 6.  http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/082203aai.html
  9. 1976 Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 16.1977 Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings. Oakland Raiders 32 Minnesota Vikings 14. Then 1978 Bucky Dilts Punter Denver Broncos.  Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10.
  10. 1982 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 26-21 over Cincinnati Bengals.  1982 Mike Moonpie Wilson Offensive Tackle Cincinnati Bengals.
  11. 1985 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 38-16 over Miami Dolphins.
  12. 1986 Kevin Butler Place Kicker Chicago Bears who won 46-10 over New England Patriots who were like the Falcons back then.  1987 Freddie Gilbert Defensive End Denver Broncos and Winford Hood Offensive Lineman Denver Broncos and Clarence Kay Tight End Denver Broncos.  Remember all these guys ?  I sure do.  I was a huge fan of the NFL BEFORE the Super Bowls. But 1987 Denver did not win.
  13. NFC NFL 27 Super Bowl Wins AFC AFL 24 Super Bowl Wins.  Before that the NFL won EVERY YEAR.  It was called the NFL Championship Game.  Charley Trippi Won the MVP on the NFL Championship Game.  In fact the first several were NOT even called the Super Bowl.  The 2 leagues merged in 1970 when I had been attending Georgia Bulldogs’ Football games at Sanford for 14 years that season already on my Dad’s Seasons’ Tickets and then later-on on my own Seasons’ Tickets along with my Dad having his too.  Now the NFL turns its collective backs on the NFL prior to the Super Bowl like it didn’t even exist.  Sure it did.  It was huge.  It still is but College Football has lots more following and more attendance.  1988 Winford Hood Offensive Lineman and Daryll Jones Defensive Back and Clarence Kay Tight End ALL 3 of the Denver Broncos.  Washington Redskins won 42-10 over Denver Broncos.
  14. 1989 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl.
  15. 1991 Rodney Hampton Running Back New York Giants won Super Bowl.
  16. 1992 Terry Hoage Safety Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl.  1995 Shannon Mitchell (UGA 1990-1993 with Eric Zeier Garrison Hearst Mack Strong Terrell Davis) Tight End San Diego Chargers lost to San Francisco 49ers.
  17. 1996 Ray Donaldson Starting OL 58 East Rome High 1980 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick National Champion Georgia Bulldogs Consensus UGA All-America 17 years NFL 6 Pro Bowls won the Super Bowl Championship as the Center on the Dallas Cowboys and won while Andre Hastings Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers lost.   1997 Hason Graham Wide Receiver New England Patriots lost to Green Bay.
  18. 1998 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl and was named MVP over  Jermaine Smith Defensive Tackle Green Bay Packers.
  19. 1999 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl again.
  20. 2000 Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl over 2000 Larry Brown Tight End Tennessee Titans.   2001 I looked at the rosters Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants and I don’t remember one.
  21. 2002 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots and
  22. 2002 Jermaine Wiggins Tight End New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.
  23. 2003 Jermaine Phillips Safety Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl and
  24. 2003 Tim Wansley Cornerback Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl too over Matt Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle Oakland Raiders
  25. 2004 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and
  26. 2004 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots won Super Bowl over 2004 John Kasay Place Kicker Carolina Panther and Jermaine Wiggins Tight End Carolina Panthers and Will Witherspoon Linebacker Carolina Panthers
  27. 2005 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and
  28. 2005 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and
  29. 2005 Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots won the Super Bowl
  30. 2006 Arnold Harrison Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers won and
  31. 2006 Verron Haynes Running Back Pittsburgh Steelers won and
  32. 2006 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl and was named MVP over 2006 David Greene Quarterback who never threw a pass in the NFL Seattle Seahawks.
  33. 2007 Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl
  34. 2008 Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants won the Super Bowl over 2008 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots
  35. 2009 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl over 2009 Leonard Pope Tight End Arizona Cardinals
  36. 2010 Charles Grant Defensive End New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and
  37. 2010 Jon Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl over Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts
  38. 2011 Jarius Wynn Defensive End Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl over 2011 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers
  39. 2012 Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants won the Super Bowl over Tom Brady
  40. 2013 Dannell Ellerbe Linebacker Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and tonight he won another Super Bowl representing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs for Philadelphia
  41. 2013 DeAngelo Tyson Defensive Tackle Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl over 2013 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End San Francisco 49ers
  42. 2014 Chris Clemons Defensive End Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl over 2014 Champ Bailey Defensive Back Denver Broncos and Knowshon Moreno Running Back Denver Broncos .  2015 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End Seattle Seahawks lost to New England.  2016 Thomas Davis Linebacker Carolina Panthers and Charles Johnson Defensive End Carolina Panthers lost to Denver.
  43. 2017 David Andrews Started and won the Super Bowl and played every play for the New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays. And he started 11 of 14 games his rookie season last season for New England.  David Andrews won 2017 Super Bowl vs Falcons who were ahead 27-3 and lost.  David Andrews Started and played every play for the New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays.  And he started 11 of 14 games his rookie season last season for New England
  44. 2017 Malcolm Mitchell who had Started 6 of 14 games as WR won the Super Bowl coming off the bench for his big game against the Atlanta Falcons for the New England Patriots this his rookie season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches and had a catch in the win over the Steelers to send the New England Patriots to play Atlanta in Houston today 6:30 p.m. Eastern. Malcolm Mitchell injured his knee but will try to play.   Malcolm Mitchell won the Super Bowl 2017. He had Started 6 of 14 games as WR for the New England Patriots this his rookie season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches and had a catch in the win over the Steelers to send the New England Patriots to play Atlanta in Houston .  Malcolm Mitchell injured his knee but tried to play and put-away the Falcons with his great 2nd half 2017 Super Bowl.
  45. 2018 Dannell Ellerbe Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl over David Andrews and over Malcolm Mitchell New England Patriots.
  46. David Andrews 2019 Center New England Patriots
  47. Sony Michel 2019 running back New England Patriots
  48. Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) 2019 OL New England Patriots and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots (Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019 losing team.)


48 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy including David Andrews twice.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.







Pro Football Hall of Fame 4. Champ Bailey (Redskins Broncos) joins 3. Charley Trippi and 2. Terrell Davis and 1.Fran Tarkenton as 4th former Georgia Bulldogs’ star to go on to NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame on eve Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta Georgia a world class city

52 NFL interceptions Champ Bailey is the best player from his elite family of 4 football players at The University of Georgia.


Drafted in the 1st Round 7th selection.


12-time NFL Pro Bowls


4th Bulldog in NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame


1st contract NFL $ 12 million dollars coming out of The Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby.

Later signed a 7-year $ 63 million dollar NFL Contract

Worth over $ 30 million dollars


Final UGA season 52 tackles 3 interceptions 47 catches for 744 yards 84 yds rushing on 16 carries 12 kick-off returns for 261 yards 4 punt returns for 49 yards for 103.5 all-purpose yards per game on 957 plays from scrimmage 547 defense 301 offense and 109 special teams’ plays 1998 alone.  Led UGA in Special Teams’ Tackles.  Led UGA in pass break-ups.  Started at CB on Defense AND Started at WR on Offense Started on all Special Teams.  Team Captain. School record in Track and Field he lettered in as well.  SEC Record Track.


Psychology degree UGA  Champ Bailey is one very smart man.


1996 1997 and 1998 Kirby and Champ Bailey played together in our defensive backfield both 1st Team All-SEC.  Kirby also played the year before Champ in 1995.  Kirby as I explained his play for us is the 1 who called the defense for us on the field.  You watched him every down every game call our defense on the field.  He also CALLED THE PLAYS at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years not even ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


Roland Champ Bailey


Bronko Nagurski Trophy for Top Defensive Player in the Nation 1998

All-America American Football Coaches’ Association

All-America AP Poll

All-America Football Writer’s Association of America

All-America Walter Camp 1 of 16 for Georgia Bulldogs Walter Camp All-America

All-America Walter Camp Football Foundation

All-America The Sporting News and The Football News

All-America AFCA, AP, FWAA, Walter Camp, FN – all recognized by NCAA Official All-America



Consensus 1st Team All-America – required to be in College Football Hall of Fame

shoe-in College and Pro Football Hall of Fames

4.28 seconds 40-yard dash

45 ” vertical leap



Champ Bailey

Boss Bailey younger brother of Champ

Ronald Bailey eldest brother

Kenny Bailey cousin

-all 4 played for The Georgia Bulldogs


Folkston Charlton County


6 feet 3/4 inch 198 lbs.


Fun to watch here and in the NFL






David Andrews Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots and Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019.


18 years in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have had a representative in Super Bowls.




45 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy going into today Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.







Georgia Institute of Technology reports a $ 9 million dollar LOSS in football for the year. Georgia Tech starting 1957 is # 51 in won/loss averaging 6.2 wins and 5.2 losses. Can you imagine the “facilities” New England Patriots have been practicing in for the Super Bowl ? Yes we’ll get over practicing down there in the slums but how embarrassing is all this for Georgia Tech ?





Missouri may have wins over Florida and vols vacated 2018 season and is placed on 3-year NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL for providing impermissible benefits to FOOTBALL student-athletes by a lady tutor who told the NCAA that she was informed 1 of the football players had to pass the course to graduate so she took the online course for him and did work for several other football players including a math placement test for another player. Dawn of the Dawg calls this a “tudor” uh no that is a style of house dipshit reminiscent of the English royal dynasty which held the throne long ago.




Kyle Funderburk aka dumbass states this morning :  “The punishments also include 10-year show-cause order for the tudor”




Dawn of the Dawg.com Fansided all total dumb shits Kyle Funderburk.




Who cares that Justin Fields is the # 1 player (and Angelo Gibbs # 37 player) in the TRANSFER PORTAL ? A player who left quit the team because he could NOT get on the field enough here. I don’t care about such a player. Not now. Not ever again. Get LOST Justin Fields.

Ok so you were criticized for coming here.  Guess what ?  I don’t give a shit about you.


You quit us.  Was I supposed to follow you at Ohio State without Urban Meyer  because they paid their coach six million who should not have been hired as Urban Meyer’s replacement ?


The Big Ten is a God Damn joke.


Stick it up your asshole Justin Fields.