Missouri may have wins over Florida and vols vacated 2018 season and is placed on 3-year NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL for providing impermissible benefits to FOOTBALL student-athletes by a lady tutor who told the NCAA that she was informed 1 of the football players had to pass the course to graduate so she took the online course for him and did work for several other football players including a math placement test for another player. Dawn of the Dawg calls this a “tudor” uh no that is a style of house dipshit reminiscent of the English royal dynasty which held the throne long ago.




Kyle Funderburk aka dumbass states this morning :  “The punishments also include 10-year show-cause order for the tudor”




Dawn of the Dawg.com Fansided all total dumb shits Kyle Funderburk.




Who cares that Justin Fields is the # 1 player (and Angelo Gibbs # 37 player) in the TRANSFER PORTAL ? A player who left quit the team because he could NOT get on the field enough here. I don’t care about such a player. Not now. Not ever again. Get LOST Justin Fields.

Ok so you were criticized for coming here.  Guess what ?  I don’t give a shit about you.


You quit us.  Was I supposed to follow you at Ohio State without Urban Meyer  because they paid their coach six million who should not have been hired as Urban Meyer’s replacement ?


The Big Ten is a God Damn joke.


Stick it up your asshole Justin Fields.