“I have no regrets about my time at UGA and have no hard feelings for the school or football program. My overall experience at UGA was fully consistent with UGA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.” You are a dumbass for coming to UGA when you knew we had already found our QB in Jake Fromm and that Jake Fromm held that position forcing Jacob Eason to transfer himself prior to your dumbass showing-up here. You thought you could beat-out our incumbent quarterback who took us to the national championship game beat Notre Dame on the road won The SEC Championship and won the Rose Bowl over Oklahoma. So I have no GOD DAMN IDEA what you mean Justin Fields that you “HAVE NO REGRETS.” Sure you do dumb shit. You regret coming here in the first place. It was a mistake. You wanted to start given Jake Fromm’s fantastic season last year and so you joined us anyway AFTER he had done that. You are a dumb shit and a LIAR Justin Fields. Have fun at Ohio State with a head coach who has NEVER COACHED SHIT prior. Have fun playing ALL THOSE CUPCAKES Ohio State plays EVERY STINKING YEAR. If we had those cupcakes on our schedule here you would have gotten plenty of snaps here this year and next year.

But Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this year and you could NOT beat him out.  That’s on you Justin Fields although I would have played you MORE here this year.


And Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this up-coming 2019 season either and you knew that too.  In fact you knew that this time last year when you came here despite the fact that you would NEVER beat out Jake Fromm when our head coach would NOT EVEN let Jacob Eason come back from his injury and replace Jake Fromm after Jake Fromm went on the road and beat Notre Dame.


These are the facts.


(1) You would NEVER beat-out Jake Fromm 2018.

(2) Jake Fromm would NEVER go to the NFL 2019 this up-coming NFL Draft because he is NOT eligible.

(3) Jake Fromm would NEVER go the NFL 2020 because he isn’t that good.  Not yet he isn’t.

(4) It would be 2021 before Jake Fromm is gone to the NFL in whatever status that would be then.


2017 season took over for injured Jacob Eason or Jacob Eason doesn’t give up the job.

2017 beat Notre Dame on the road thus preventing Kirby Smart from returning to Jacob Eason who had NOT DONE THAT.

2017 beat Auburn in the SEC Championship Game beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl Game.

2017 took us to the national championship game where ONLY bad ref beat Jake Fromm NOT AL.

2018 you could not unseat this guy with this history whom the fans of THIS STATE wanted as QB.

2019 season coming-up Jake Fromm has to play is incumbent and you didn’t get the job. Not yet.

2019 season Jake Fromm is eligible for NFL afterwards but not good enough yet to be drafted high enough to go early after this up-coming season.  You know this too Justin Fields.

2020 season after THAT then Jake Fromm would have been gone and you would have been eligible for the NFL draft and already drafted and higher than Jake Fromm.

So what do we have ?

We have one dumbass QB at Ohio State playing NOTHING BUT GOD DAMN CUPCAKES all 2019.  Have fun up there in the cold where you can play cupcakes.  Tell yourself how well you are doing against said cupcakes Justin Fields.  Get drafted into the NFL.  But don’t tell ME you went to Georgia.  You QUIT Georgia.  You could NOT beat-out our incumbent QB who was ALREADY ENTRENCHED here when you got here you total dumb shit.


And THAT is on YOU Justin Fields.


Got it ?


Did you notice no big-time QB came here this year Justin Fields ?


Should NOT have last year either once Jake Fromm beat Notre Dame.


You’ve known for 2 years now nearly Justin Fields that you SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE.


Dumb shit.  Piss Off.  Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.



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