I told you we would recruit better with OUT Mark Richt and I told you that Mark Richt would not do SHIT at Miami of Florida and would be forced-out there just as he was here. He isn’t a coach. He DOESN’T CARE about winning. It’s not what is his measure he thinks – he has told EVERYONE forever. His Athletics’ Director said Mark Richt’s job was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and the next day Mark Richt announced he was RETIRING. Hell he hasn’t coached after 2007. What has happened to all those fans who told ME that now they are Miami of Florida fans ? Are they fans of retirement now ?

God Damn Mark Richt Apologists.


Wrong AGAIN.



With Anthony Edwards about to announce that he is staying home to play for Tom Crean our coach told the press that it is his fault that he did not go out and get his own players here to play this season instead of keeping players who are 1-9 in The SEC games this season a wholly and completely UNACCEPTABLE coaching job. Last season THESE SAME PLAYERS thrown under the bus by Tom Crean were 7-11 in SEC play causing Mark Fox to be FIRED after his 9 seasons here.

Look Mark Fox was a good coach.

Tom Crean I have no opinion on yet but we’re told that he signs Anthony Edwards here this morning despite the 50-year old Stegasaurus gym while all these other programs have taken their SEC revenue sharing and overall $176 million dollars handed to Greg McGarity annually now and instead of banking it invest it in a competitive gym for our men’s and women’s program.


Tom Crean coached at Indiana and Marquette and frankly his fast break attack has always caused too many turnovers and it is also true that Tom Crean FAILED to sign players such as Anthony Edwards.


One would surmise this is a marketing quote by Tom Crean that he does NOT have the players required to compete and that that is HIS FAULT he did not do something about the 7-11 SEC players from last year who this year with him as their coach fast breaking and turning the ball over are 1-9 in The SEC.  To position himself for Anthony Edwards.


Instead of Greg McGarity defending his choice of Tom Crean Greg McGarity should have announced that he is investing this $50 billion profit we just made into a new gym and give us at least a shot at signing top talent like this all the time guys and gals FROM HERE who stay here in basketball for our men’s and women’s programs.


As it is we have no GOD DAMN HOPE.


1-9 in The SEC.  You had better figure out a way to make us competitive in men’s college basketball Greg McGarity.  I understand EXACTLY what Tom Crean meant by throwing our players under the bus for HIS 1-9 SEC record to-date.


He wants some talent here.  He’s not going to get it without making Greg McGarity INVEST his $176 million dollars annual athletics’ department revenue in a new gym as all The other SEC teams have done.  Our gym is NOT competitive.  We’re not consistently getting these guys and they’re not going to be as long as they aren’t enamored to come play in a place which has NOT hosted an NCAA post-season men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years now.


50 years.