Donald Trump whom democrats want impeached got one and a half BILLION DOLLARS for the rest of 2019 alone to build the wall to keep illegal Mexicans out of our Southern border. DEMOCRATS give DONALD TRUMP one and half BILLION for MEXICAN WALL. Did you get that ?

We are NOT the police for the world but we are the police for our Southern Border which is being overrun by illegal Mexicans.


Thank you DEMOCRATS for all this money for just the remainder of 2019 over one and a half billion dollars for the fence.  We should be able to build a pretty good fence for that.


Buy the supplies and put them at the border and I will go help build it for free for you.


No labor cost.


No shipping cost.


I will bring the fence to the border from wherever it is in the U.S. free.


I will bring a load of metal posts cement the metal fence and the ties free.


I will do the labor myself.


All of us of a like mind.


That’s MILLIONS of us.


Thanks to the democrats giving us one and a half billion dollars just for the remainder of 2019.


The border is 1954 miles long.


We can buy 300 feet of metal fence with all the materials to install it for $ 1772 dollars.


That is only $ 60 million in cost for the fence.  So one and a half billion dollars could all be given back to the government.


Or hire labor from Mexico and have them build it with the remaining one and a half billion dollars.


30 thousand times 300 feet is the 1954 miles Mexico U.S. border.


Each 300 feet of fence materials in total are $ 1772 per 300 feet.


30 thousand times $1772 is only $ 60 million material cost for the metal fence and metal poles and metal ties for the metal fence.  You turn the sharp points UP.



So $60 million is my proposed cost of the fence. Not counting cement or labor.


They keep their yards like trash.


They do NOT have valid driver’s licenses.  They have their kids here.  We have to make them obey our laws like get an education in English.


Way to go democrats.


Thanks for the $1 and a half BILLION DOLLLARS just until the end of 2019.







Number 2 in the 247Sports Composite Rankings Anthony Edwards gives Tom Crean the Number 12 overall men’s basketball signing class in recruiting because of 2 really good players joining Anthony Edwards – Jaykwon Walton and Toumani Camara. Anthony Edwards will play in the NBA for the next 2 decades and could easily put up double-doubles as a two a shooting guard who excels at rebounding. 6′ 4″ he’s long and quick and at 205 lbs. he is a presence underneath. Routinely putting up over 25 points he is willing to dish it off to his other talented players joining us for a year. Next year. Perhaps we can use THIS to get us a new gym.

The University of Georgia beat out Kentucky Duke Kansas UCLA and North Carolina for the one-year services of Anthony Edwards and instantly became the greatest and highest-rated talent The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had on our court.


This is the biggest news at The University of Georgia.  The NBA drafts the star player from the 7 million residents of the city of Atlanta a suburb called Sandy Springs at Georgia 400 at I-285.


17 born 2001 Anthony Edwards is a McDonald’s All-American (2019).  I’m giddy that we could land the number 2 best player in the nation.  They always sign with these other schools leaving here to play there.  Basketball is a weird game I excelled at.  You only need really a single player or two.  We don’t get these guys or gals here because our gym has not hosted an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years.


At 6′ 4″ he has no issue getting his shot off and at 205 lbs. he muscles players out underneath.  His actual claim to fame is his speed to separate.


Congratulations to Tom Crean for bringing this man here to play for us next year.  That one year.  Next year.


They’re called one and dones.