I am not rooting for Jacob Eason nor Justin Fields. Why the hell would I ? Jesus Christ what kind of a idiot would think we want these 2 to do well at competitors of our program who quit our program here thereby speaking poorly of us because neither one could beat out Jake Fromm. They left because they could not beat out Jake Fromm both of them. They think they can take their team to the national championship. I hope with all my ability that they do NOT. And that we do by direct stark contradiction to them wanting to do that well there. Look they both NEITHER have the job here because Jake Fromm does have THEIR JOB here. Got it ? They quit. They could not handle the heat. They left. Do I want them to do well ? Hell no. How stupid can you be ?

Excuse me.  I am a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan in case that surprises you in some God Damn fashion.