Mike Griffith DawgNation (dipshit) wants to take the ball out of the hands of Jake Fromm and put it in the hands of Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Mathis on 3rd Down and short and 4th Downs and goal line situations. That is dumb as shit Mike Griffith.

Let me get this straight so I have it what you just said this morning Mike Griffith :


“James Coley could work in an RPO run pass option package with true freshman 17-year old Dwan Matthis who has NEVER played a play at all ever anywhere and Stetson Bennett IV who has played 4th string and junior college both of whom have relatively good speed which would then certainly add an element Georgia was oddly missing last season while also making the most use of the program’s talent.”






Stick this up your God Damn dumb shit asshole Mike Griffith.


Jesus Christ fool.


On every crucial 3rd and short and 4th and short and goal line situation take out Heisman Top 10 Jake Fromm and remove him from the field and put in instead totally unproven guys who came here knowing both of them that Jake Fromm beat out both Jacob Eason and Justin Fields who are ten times better than Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Matthis.


What a dumbass you are Mike Griffith.


They PAY YOU MONEY to talk shit like this Mike Griffith ?


Seriously boy ?


You sit there and figure this shit all out by yourself and this is why they PAY YOU all that money at AJ-C DawgNation Mike Griffith  ?