UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ Quarterback Jake Fromm “My performance during the annual spring game 2019 G-Day was not up to my standards as rain and wet balls contributed to my lack of success.”


Knowshon Moreno for 2 years Now Mecole Hardman Jr for all intents and purposes 2 years too in case you FORGOT. 2016 Kirby held back Mecole Hardman Jr. He was NEVER going to come here with Mark Richt here. Kirby got him to come here then Kirby well HELD MECOLE HARDMAN JR. BACK.

2016 Kirby wanted to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Jr. THIS BLOG rallied to the support of Mecole Hardman Jr. and MADE Kirby put him in. Sparingly.


The first SEVERAL games of 2016 Mecole did not play at all despite them being CUPCAKES where a freshman could play.


Kirby LOST 5 games 2016 holding back players such as Mecole Hardman Jr.


For the entire season of 2016 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. not one run and not one pass.


Kirby WASTED Mecole Hardman Jr. all of 2016.


Mecole had one solo tackle all of 2016. five-star prospect

# 13 player nationally

# 1 ATHLETE nationally


And Kirby wasted him his freshman year didn’t he ?


Now Mecole Hardman Jr. is the 2nd round NFL Draft Pick with a GREAT FUTURE.


Just as he came here with.


2017 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. ONE START all season long.

2018 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. FIVE STARTS all season long.


Thank you Kirby.



Academic Honor Roll student Mecole Hardman Jr. college days were WASTED by Kirby and now he is a star player for Kansas City.


Chiefs get a great wide receiver not that Kirby could throw him 3 passes a game because Kirby DID NOT.


950 yards receiving for the # 1 athlete and # 13 overall best football player in America his entire Kirby Smart Georgia Bulldog career.


At least Knowshon Moreno got the ball 2 years here…



Great for Terry Godwin. Totally embarrassing for Elijah Holyfield who dropped-out of college to be drafted and can’t come back now. Elijah Holyfield expected to be drafted # 120 and Jonathan Ledbetter expected to be drafted # 177 and well NEITHER WERE. Character issues did in 177 Jonathan Ledbetter. Elijah Holyfield was devalued despite his thousand yards rushing because well it was FOR KIRBY SMART who insists on rushing every down.

Elijah Holyfield came to the line of scrimmage with a purpose and while they will sign free-agent contracts frankly 4-time World Champion Boxer Evander has this stunning development.  Elijah Holyfield’s NFL Combine was not good.  Still I love Elijah Holyfield’s effort.


Jonathan Ledbetter would have been kicked-off by Mark Richt but Kirby chose to look the other way.  The NFL ?  Not so much.  And let’s face it Jonathan Ledbetter did not do much despite what Kirby did to keep him on the team.  I would not have.


NFL Draft # 14 All-Time UGA with 323.  Just not the 7 expected.






1 Terry Godwin Carolina 2 Isaac Nauta Detroit 3 Lamont Gaillard Arizona 4 D’Andre Walker Tennessee 5 Riley Ridley Chicago Bears 6 Mecole Hardman Jr Kansas City Chiefs and 7 Deandre Baker. So of the 8 seven drafted. Pretty cool.

NFL Draft # 14 All-Time UGA with 324




“We’re the University of Florida. When we play in the state it’s a home game. Last year we played a home game in Tallahassee. This year we have a home game in Orlando.” Dan Mullen with his losing record all-time vs SEC.

This has been my contention from the beginning.





College Football Playoff began 2014 and is wildly successful with SEC 7 wins and ACC 5 wins. The other conferences ? Not so much. The Big Ten is a DISTANT 3rd with 2 College Football Playoff Wins. Big XII has NOT won a single game yet and neither have ANY independents. Pac-12 in 5 years and 10 games has won 1 College Football Playoff Game and then LOST the championship. The SEC is 6-3 against the other conferences – by far the BEST RECORD of ANY CONFERENCE.

Georgia has the one appearance but we did not repeat that feat of 2 years ago now.


Oklahoma has LOST all 3 of its games undeserving.


Florida State Michigan State Notre Dame and Washington have all 4 LOST their ONLY game.


Georgia is 1-1 according to the GOD DAMN OFFICIALS.


I was told College Football Playoff had to have 8 teams and NOT +1 as I said ALL ALONG.


They were WRONG on THAT too and I was right on THAT TOO.





Is Kirby going to have a lackluster year 2019 ? It’s certainly consistent with his inconsistent offense Saturday which is NOT ready for Prime Time.

There are some great teams Georgia Bulldogs play 2019-2020 season and this offense does NOT look the part to me.


Kirby has not passed the ball well ANY of his first 3 years averaging as he has the # 100 Passing Offense but Saturday was a NEW LOW for Kirby.


There were complaints that Jim Chaney was calling bad plays but I told you that Kirby called those plays.


Now we see I was right.


We’re not competitive on offense with Kirby.


Kirby tips his hand running too much.


It makes defense easy against Kirby.


So why did Kirby then not get beans and franks ?



Greg McGarity refuses comments firing one recruiter and suspending another without pay for a month after G-Day Game Saturday where something obviously happened other than Kirby’s worst G-Day turnout. Recruiting is # 10 today and hosted 5-star recruits after Kirby finished # 6 # 3 # 1 and # 2 before this with these PUNISHED RECRUITERS.

It seems to me that it is significant what they DID Saturday.


This is a VIOLATION rather than lack of performance.



“Zamir White is fine. He’s doing well. We’re expecting him to come back. Zamir White is right where he needs to be on course of the schedule for a knee injury. He does individual drills. He goes out and does blitz pickup and walk throughs. He catches balls. But Zamir White does not do competitive contact.” Kirby Smart tells us. What is wrong with this picture ?

The offense was lackluster Saturday.  Wasn’t it ?




Brandi Carlile and Dierks Bentley 54th Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 got on big stage kicking-up her heels for all to see glittering sequence matching boots time of her life. Not at all what we saw yesterday from Jake Fromm who could see his future is baseball.

Brandi Carlile







His wife is Cassidy Black|900:auto&output-quality=90




Tomorrow G-Day Game for # 3 Georgia Bulldogs who face # 7 # 8 # 9 Notre Dame Florida Auburn. Ohio State NOT in Top 10






Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa both are ALWAYS listed ahead of Jake Fromm and now Justin Fields and Jacob Eason figure to both get some love too unless Kirby lets Jake Fromm throw the ball some on first and second downs. You have to do that just to keep them honest.

But Kirby doesn’t like it.



Tiger Woods wins $2.07 million winning his 5th Masters and Nevada resident bet $85 thousand at 14:1 odds netting him $1.19 million which is $331 thousand MORE than the 3 tied for second behind Tiger Woods won of $788 thousand.

It’s a first for the Masters that it paid-out over $2 million to the winner and his first Masters win since 2005 fourteen years ago.  The crowd was all-in rooting for Tiger Woods to win.  Tiger Woods trailed yesterday going into today.  Several had a chance to beat Tiger Woods and it was great for golf that our hero could return after all his surgeries.


Tiger Woods lives in Florida and went to Stanford.


Tiger Woods has earned over one billion dollars.


Tiger Woods is in my opinion the single-most liked golfer in the history of the sport.


EVERYONE rooted for Tiger Woods even when he fell behind late Sunday.


Tiger Woods has had extramarital sex and his wife left him over it.  Shortly after he said she helped him from the car which hit a fire hydrant not beat him with a golf club.  He never golfed well after that until today.


Tiger Woods net worth is $600 million dollars and The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs football program is worth $102 million approximately one-sixth of Tiger Woods’ net worth by himself.




“I hate talking about the offensive line. Somebody played well up there. I don’t know which one was mashing people out of there. Out of Trey Hill Solly Cade Andrew. I don’t know where it was coming from but they played well. The backs carried the ball well and the quarterbacks made good decisions. Nobody really stood out that was like a game-breaker. It’s hard to do that because we go in with a script that we’re going to get this guy this many carries. This guy this many carries.”

What a load of HOGWASH Kirby.  I will be the judge of your offense not you.  You’re not going to control what I think of your offense.  So far you don’t pass the ball enough to my liking Kirby.


Nothing you say or do will alter my opinion of that.


I will judge myself next Saturday.


I know you don’t want to pass the football Kirby.


I got that about you 4 years ago.





“A lot of exotic stuff on offense that the world will have to look out for this season from the Georgia Bulldogs.” D’Andre Swift on James Coley Offense.

That sounds completely opposite from the Kirby bullshit quotes that Kirby isn’t changing anything from his run first down run second down and maybe even run some on 3rd down too.

G-Day is next Saturday 20 April 2019.





Bo Nix 6′ 2″ and 204 lbs. has Gus Malzahn’s future in question following his lackluster 8-5 last season. It has always been the case that you win and lose in college football at QB and Auburn does NOT HAVE ONE 2019 if it is not Bo Nix with a good arm but does he have the size necessary ?

I wish Auburn nothing but bad results on all fronts.  8-5 has Auburn fans ready for big 2019 or trust me they will run Gus Malzahn out of town on a rail new contract in hand or not.



“Is the playbook going to be different? No. It’s just probably going to be more added on to it. So I am super excited. What we’ve got going in. I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring. And man just really see what’s going to happen.” Junior QB Jake Fromm about James Coley’s pass-happy offense he brings with him to Georgia now finally this up-coming season.

It’s a LOT more passing than Jim Chaney who ran every first down and ran every second down and who even on 3rd down ran some of those too.


It’s a boring offense that frankly doesn’t work against the good teams.


This is 2019.


You have to throw the football and do it more often than sometimes on 3rd and long after two somewhat unsuccessful running plays.


10 losses in 3 seasons 3.3 losses a year. That’s too many.  Two SEC losses EVERY year.  It’s got to get better than THAT.


Junior QB.




Cut James Coley free Kirby.



Georgia Bulldogs Baseball is ranked # 2 in the nation and we slaughtered # 17 Georgia Tech 12 to 2. This marks the 7th win of the last 8 baseball games for Georgia over Georgia Tech

Diamond Dawgs Georgia Bulldogs Baseball win over Georgia Tech at Foley Field.


The toxicology report in the death of Georgia Tech senior football player Brandon Adams on Georgia Tech’s campus last month still has not been released but no foul play is expected in his sad loss.  He was dancing at the time of his death on his Spring Break for a week.



4-10-2019 long time ago now quit updating his site like he used to do.

It’s all too much and he can’t control what folks think anyway.


What is the matter mr. Blue ?


It’s really pretty sad what passes for updates when you look at the list.


He wants to control us and what we think.



So let me get this straight ok ? I am supposed to be “WRONG” and an “OUTSIDER” because I hold two 5-star linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr responsible for LIVING in room 420 bragging about it and running to the social media AFTER their arrest that we just don’t understand how much they NEED it and have to have it and how we ALL owe them that pot shit they do REGULARLY. Then WHY DID KIRBY PUNISH THEM AND HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE AS I TOLD YOU HE HAD TO ?

Go ahead you GOD DAMN MORONS tell me that ?


Well PUNKS ?


Kirby thinks enough of what I said to prevent these players from competing in the scrimmage and sent them to the far reaches of Sanford Stadium for all to see them there.


THAT is YOU Senator of NOTHING Bluto whom I am calling OUT on this because it seems to ME that it is YOU who is on the OUTSIDE.


What you think GOD DAMN fool senator of NOTHING Bluto with your 0.00 grade point average.


Some well-intentioned — albeit, misguided — UGA fans have played the blame game on social media. Rather than hold players accountable, some suggested laws are outdated, police are at fault, and messengers are wrong for reporting the news.”




UGA Georgia Bulldogs held scrimmage after media availability ended so all we have are LIES by Kirby about what actually occurred in the scrimmage at Sanford Stadium Saturday 6 April 2019.

Kirby tells us what he wants to tell us.  QB Mathis who is widely reported as NOT DOING WELL for example Kirby lies and tells us did great in the scrimmage.  I’ll be the judge of that Kirby.  It will have little to do with your words trying to control what I think.



Auburn Arkansas and even Miami of Florida are looking to find a QB for this up-coming season. Here there are no questions.

Kirby settled on his QB after just a game the year before last and now Jake Fromm is interested in the NFL Combine and NFL Draft after this season he tells us his Junior year.


Kirby does not have a competition at QB.  There just is not one.



Two 19-year old 5-Star Freshmen linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr. chose to live in room 420 of a known narc dorm on campus hall monitor. In case you did not know 420 is the time pm pot smokers smoke pot a code for pot smokers 420. So it became April 20 four-20 to legalize pot but not for 19-year old children. Not adults for years yet. Kirby says EVERYONE KNOWS the law. Here in room 420 tagged and labeled 420 these children in our care both each kept open bags of pot and flushed plastic bags of it clogging their toilet so they called the narc hall monitor and had HIM of all people smell and see the bags and have to fix their toilet. 1 of the 2 then runs to the Internet to BRAG we don’t understand his need. And the beat goes on.

  1. Aaron Murray says : “People say these kids are 18-19 years old.  If they want to be treated like men they have to act like men.”
  2. Texas lost to a 7-loss and lost to a 6-loss team but in our last game beat us trying to run when Texas can not run the ball.
  3. Kirby now has lost 10 games in 3 years’ time here to-date averaging 3.33 losses per season an unacceptable number.
  4. Kirby now has 6 arrested in a month and a half.
  5. Kirby has a draconian offensive strategy he learned well nowhere since he never has run an offense or special teams anywhere.  In fact he hasn’t been in charge of kids anywhere either.  Nor has he ever been in charge of meeting and discussing the team he is supposed to be promoting with any media anywhere either.
  6. Two 5-Stars just transferred out.
  7. Now 2 more 5-Stars are rumored to be just 2-game suspensions which Kirby seems to be quite lenient about.
  8. Kirby allowed one 5-Star to stand on the sidelines at the bowl game he just lost to an inferior team who was in the transfer portal at the time of the game leaving to what is now Ohio State.
  9. Kirby allowed another who is rumored to be our top NFL Draft Pick to also stand the sidelines and not play against Texas either.  Waah… I don’t want to get hurt.
  10. 5-Star players took to the Internet again tonight to decry that we are being unfair to them that we owe them.
  11. 5-Star players took to Twitter pre-bowl game to whine UGA did not deserve to be playing Sugar Bowl Texas as # 2 best team in the nation.
  12. Kirby’s Passing Offense is all the way up to averaging # 90 Passing Offense in the NCAA for this said # 2 best team.
  13. I was told during the Mark Richt era here that I could not sound-off railing against this very same crap from Mark Richt.
  14. Yeah I could.
  15. I proved you WRONG then too.  I am an “outsider” dumbass Bluto senator nothing says.
  16. This is what you’ll want to talk about right ?  Guess what ?  Stick THIS up your asshole Bluto.



There is NO QUESTION that Mark Richt LOST CONTROL here and Miami and that Kirby has TOO with 10 losses 3 years two 5-stars transfer-out not played enough iron-fisted dogged run 1st and 2nd down and some 3rd down too best player sideline watching team who lost to 7-loss and lost to 6-loss team beat us in the last bowl game and NOW 6 arrested. I mean our passing offense averages # 90 with Kirby and Kirby THINKS he can CONTROL what WE ALL SAY ABOUT his crappy passing game and poor special teams by limiting us watching them. Spinning out of control Kirby. 6 arrested in last month and 2 weeks Kirby ? THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT KIRBY.

I am an outsider am I you son of God Damn BITCH Senator of NOTHING BLUTO ?


“Well it ain’t off the field that the team has improved.   I can promise you that.”  Kirby Smart just said about the substantive issues facing Kirby Smart.


Thought I would let you know this is ALL unacceptable Kirby.




I do not think you are properly punishing them Kirby and I don’t think they are respecting your heavy-handed approach of them EITHER Kirby.




Despite all the talent you’re not getting the job done in practice or the games Kirby.


On or off the field unacceptable is the operative word Kirby.


So your approach is to HIDE FROM THE MEDIA.


Your contract requires you get us and get your players prepared and to keep them us and the media informed Kirby.


Bar fights Drugs quitting the team no-show at bowl game social media spouting their mouths off and all you can do is to deny press to see them or ask your staff about ANY of all of this.


Bullshit Kirby.  You’ve LOST CONTROL same as Mark Richt whom we FIRED for all this.  And Mark Richt was forced-out at Miami for more of the same down there according to his now former AD at Miami.  “This is unacceptable and not just the bowl game but all season long as well” Miami AD to Mark Richt the day before Mark Richt resulted in “quitting.”  Quit before he is FIRED again.


Kirby is headed down the same road himself.


How are you any different Kirby ?



Pac-12 who last won the national championship in football 1972 who has been left-out of the college football play-offs is once again left-out of the Final 4 of college basketball too.

The SEC is represented in the Final 4 as it was in the national championship game but the Pac-12 has been left-out of both again this year.


The nightmare continues for the Pac-12.


4 games Pac-12 won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

7 games Big-12 won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

12 games SEC won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

13 games ACC won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

13 games Big Ten won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament