“So we built this rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. And it became that everything I said must have been some attack on Ole Miss. And everything they said was an attack on Mississippi State.” Dan Mullen thinks HE BUILT RIVALRY between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That that was NEVER there before Dan Mullen. All I see is that Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD against SEC teams all-time. And that he runs his God Damn Mouth.

Full of shit Dan Mullen with your LOSING RECORD in The SEC.



Georgia Men’s Basketball Number 8 nationally recruiting AND add grad transfer Donnell Gresham Jr. marking then our BEST RECRUITING class 2019 EVER of Rodney Howard the 3-star Center over offers from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss along with 5-star shooting guard Anthony Edwards and 4-star point guard Sahvir Wheeler and 4-star small forward Toumani Camara and 4-star guard Jaykwon Walton and 4-star small forward Christian Brown.

This is VERY encouraging that consistently Tom Crean out-recruited our Rivals for top players nationally.  There is no reason except for our antiquated gym for us to not do this every year.  Tom Crean is married to the sister of Jim Harbaugh Michigan head football coach.  But the facts are that he DID recruit this class.




“Yeah absolutely it costs you a recruiting weekend. You don’t get to have anybody. So our game is held in Jacksonville and we don’t have prospects. That’s not conducive to recruiting – absolutely it’s not. It certainly helps to have more home games.” Kirby Smart on UGA Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville Florida every year. 2019.

There is NOTHING cryptic about ANY of that.  Dumb Shit.


“Kirby Smart gives cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville. ”


“I can see Kirby Smart’s point of every other year you do lose an opportunity for recruiting.  I can see there is one less home recruiting game every other year.”  Dan Mullen Florida’s head coach.


EVERYONE sees it except a dumb shit AJ-C poor sportswriter.


So again…what is cryptic about ANY of this ?




So why have an article AJ-C where some dumbass “sportswriter” says that Kirby Smart gave a cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville.   No he did not.  EVERYONE except the AJ-C “sportswriter” understood Kirby precisely that he is COMPLAINING about the recruiting in JAX not being allowed AND COMPLAINING about losing a HOME GAME every other year too.


THIS BLOG has made this EXACT position completely clear repeatedly from the beginning of time.  It’s WRONG to play in JAX so a fan can go get DRUNK.



D’Andre Swift Nolan Smith Kearis Jackson Zamir White Jermaine Johnson DJ Daniel Clay Webb Travon Walker Nakobe Dean Dominick Blaylock Brian Herrien Richard LeCounte Brenton Cox James Cook Jeremiah Holloman Jake Fromm Demetris Robertson Divaad Wilson JR Reed Quay Walker Eric Stokes Christopher Smith Monty Rice Robert Beal Jr. Azeez Ojulari Channing Tindall David Marshall Tyler Clark Justin Shaffer Trey Hill Solomon Kindley Jamaree Salyer Andrew Thomas Netori Johnson Ben Cleveland Cade Mays D’Marcus Hayes Isaiah Wilson John Fitzpatrick Charlie Woerner Jordan Davis Marshall Long Rodrigo Blankenship

Break Out Stars 2019-2020 season The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs


Our top players for 2019-2020 season.


  1. D’Andre Swift
  2. Nolan Smith
  3. Kearis Jackson
  4. Zamir White
  5. Jermaine Johnson
  6. Channing Tindall
  7. DJ Daniel
  8. Clay Webb
  9. Travon Walker
  10. Nakobe Dean
  11. Dominick Blaylock
  12. Brian Herrien
  13. Richard LeCounte
  14. Brenton Cox
  15. James Cook
  16. Jeremiah Holloman
  17. Jake Fromm
  18. Demetris Robertson
  19. Divaad Wilson
  20. JR Reed
  21. Quay Walker
  22. Eric Stokes
  23. Christopher Smith
  24. Monty Rice
  25. Robert Beal Jr.
  26. Azeez Ojulari
  27. Channing Tindall
  28. David Marshall
  29. Tyler Clark
  30. Justin Shaffer
  31. Trey Hill
  32. Solomon Kindley
  33. Jamaree Salyer
  34. Andrew Thomas
  35. Netori Johnson
  36. Ben Cleveland
  37. Cade Mays
  38. D’Marcus Hayes
  39. Isaiah Wilson
  40. John Fitzpatrick
  41. Charlie Woerner
  42. Jordan Davis
  43. Marshall Long
  44. Rodrigo Blankenship


The best of the best.



Kirby is up to # 5 with just only 10 commitments so far for 2020 while Clemson has 16 and Alabama 17 commitments already so we have a LOT of potential with this great start.

Kirby does so well recruiting.  We’ve NEVER seen this type of recruiting.  And Kirby maintains it every year.

# 6 for 2016

# 3 for 2017

# 1 for 2018

# 2 for 2019

# 5 for 2020 and clearly moving up when we catch up on quantity of recruits



Apopka Florida 4-Star Defensive Tackle Jalen Carter 315 lbs. picked UGA over Alabama Auburn Clemson Florida and Florida State making Kirby Georgia Bulldogs # 5 recruiting class passing BOTH Florida and Florida State 2020 recruiting rankings. Only Clemson has a higher average recruit with all UGA recruit commitments either 4 or 5-Star. Top 100 overall player in the nation we have needed Jalen Carter for several years in a row now.


Minnesota beat Georgia 2-1 in extra inning 8 so now Drake Monday or Georgia will play Minnesota to go on to the NCAA Women’s College World Series May 30 Oklahoma City

Minnesota is # 7 seed and Georgia is NOT one of the 16 national seeds thus the games are in Minnesota this morning Monday at 11 am.



Top 25 college football coaches entering the 2019 season according to Tom Fornelli of CBSsports.com has 4 SEC in his top 10 and only Florida Dan Mullen is WORSE than Kirby.

Jimbo Fisher is # 2 SEC coach he says Texas A&M recruiting has been strong.




Tom Fornelli has always been FULL OF SHIT.  Why should 2019 be any different ?



Hey Tom Fornelli Jimbo Fisher plays Kirby 2019.




Georgia Bulldogs consensus Top 5 Football Team 2019 season 8-1 third best odds win it all. And like UGA football top 5 so too is Anthony “Ant Man” Edwards top 5 NBA draft pick too a 6-4 shooting guard ranked No. 5 in the nation by ESPN who has committed Top 5 NBA Draft Pick like Scottie Pippen # 5 in 1987 and Michael Jordan # 3 in 1984 Chicago Bulls (1987-1993; 1994-1998) together they Won 6 NBA Championships in these 10 years together averaging 18 points per game 6.8 rebounds per game 2.1 steals per game 5.2 assists per game .8 blocks per game




Scottie Pippen stats alongside Michael Jordan


Anthony Edwards Under Armour Association averaged 21.4 points and 5.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists and 1.8 blocks per game at 53.5 percent from the field and 37.5 percent from three-point range.





Dean Ratledge graduate of Tennessee Tech removed T vols sticker from his truck put G on front bumper instead Rome Georgia. Dean’s son Tate Ratledge born Chattanooga Tennessee. 6 feet 6 and a half inches 311 pounds # 39 composite 247sports.com best overall player in the nation OT chooses UGA and Kirby Sam Pittman over Alabama Auburn Florida vols LSU Michigan Oklahoma offers. ESPN has Tate ranked the # 75 best overall player in the nation.



# 75 ESPN or # 39 247sports.com composite overall best player in the nation any position – either way you figure it this is an NFL OT.



Dan Mullen 20 Kirby Smart 67 score the last two meetings Kirby is more than 3 times better over the most recent seasons between the 2

38-42 Dan Mullen All-Time vs SEC.


31-3 Kirby beat the shit out of Dan Mullen 2017 against Mississippi State when Dan Mullen was their coach.


36-17 Kirby beat the crap out of Dan Mullen AGAIN 2018 against Florida when Dan Mullen was their coach.


67-20 Kirby has  beat the ever-loving dodo out of Dan Mullen.


Meanwhile Kirby has out-distanced Dan Mullen at Mississippi State AND Florida in recruiting.


Kirby is AHEAD of Dan Mullen AGAIN in recruiting next year while Dan Mullen’s 2018 recruiting class dropped off the face of the earth LOSING recruits who are dropping like flies down there in Gainesville.


It could not have happened to a MORE deserving asshole than Dan Mullen.


Congratulations dumb shit Dan Mullen.


You had THIS ONE coming.


In case you did not notice.







“# 1. Georgia : The sleeping giant is awake. Perhaps no job in the country offers the best of every world like Georgia — great recruiting base, great place to live, great fan base … you get the point. The one knock: The administration hasn’t necessarily been as “all in” as some of the Bulldogs’ rivals in the league.” Athlon Sports.com



So of the 130 college football coaching jobs in all of America Georgia Bulldogs job is THE number one job.





“We are not going to move up in the rankings by what I say. We are going to do it by how we play. We want to talk with our helmets. That is what we always talk about – we want to play a physical brand of football and not do it with our mouthpiece.” Kirby message to DAN MULLEN with his LOSING RECORD in SEC and his LOSING RECORD to Georgia running his God Damn Mouth about Bulldogs whom he hasn’t beat picking on us about what he then does WRONG he criticized us about. Dan Mullen is FULL OF SHIT.

Here Dan Mullen stick THIS up your God Damn asshole.  Shove it up there real good.





Dan Mullen has lost 5 football recruits 2019 in a week in the scandal of QB sexual abuse case of Jalon Jones April 6 yet he the one picking on UGA not us him. Linebacker Dink Johnson. Wide receiver Trevonte Rucker. Defensive end Chris Langston. Cornerback Chris Steele

Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD all-time in The SEC.


FU 2019 class has already lost 5 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond and now Arjei Henderson.


Dan Mullen’s recruiting classes have been a joke.  No one can keep up with all these who aren’t there anymore for Dan Mullen.



FU 2019 class has already lost 5 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond




Mekhail Sherman signed by Kirby’s Dan Lanning # 11 best player in the nation overall Washington D.C. beating out Alabama and Ohio State. 33 offers. 5-Star. # 2 outside linebacker in nation. 3-year player then NFL early. 6′ 3″ at 234 lbs. Clemson Auburn LSU Michigan Oklahoma Notre Dame Texas Texas A&M Florida all had him as their highest-rated prospect too. Huge get. Committed 2020. Jumps us 3 spots in rankings to top 10. Also running back 4.53 in 40-yard dash Nike time.

Of course if you do not follow recruiting then well you are a complete FOOL.






Feleipe Franks ranked # 20 QB 2019. Jacob Eason # 19. Joe Burrow LSU # 14. Kellen Mond Texas A&M # 13. Justin Fields # 11 and on Heisman Shortlist. Ian Book Notre Dame # 7. Jalen Hurts # 5 Oklahoma. Tua Tagovailoa # 2. Trevor Lawrence # 1. Jake Fromm # 3 according to Sporting News.




24-5 Jake Fromm as Starting QB 3-4 vs SEC West Auburn 2-1 LSU 0-1 Alabama 0-2 Miss St 1-0. David Greene was 21-5 at this point. Eric Zeier 19-5. Matthew Stafford 18-4. Quincy Carter 17-7. Aaron Murray 16-11. Jake Fromm has had a LOT of talent around him.




El Cinco de Mayo

( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Cinco_de_Mayo%2C_1901_poster.jpg )



( https://d3ui957tjb5bqd.cloudfront.net/images/screenshots/products/118/1180/1180826/14_cinco-o.jpg?1460665494 )



( http://www.oldelpaso.com/~/media/Images/OldElPaso/Blog/happy-cinco-de-mayo/happy-cinco-de-mayo-hero.ashx )









( https://www.cabq.gov/south-broadway-cultural-center/events/cinco-de-mayo-celebration/@@images/d6c6a44e-fa6d-44f0-b80f-53a1c131460d.jpeg )




( http://www.pantanoseatery.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Cinco-de-Mayo.jpg )



( https://img.discogs.com/5a8nGP5rrwS6a-_Pz2oMVhqo7Dw=/fit-in/600×600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-5933431-1406687049-5296.jpeg.jpg )



Feleipe Franks # 54 quarterback in the nation is the quarterback left standing at Florida therefore ranked # 8 to Kirby having us ranked # 3. So I thought where you are ranked is supposed to be what’s important ?

Or is there a different set of rules such as we beat the ever-loving shit out of Florida.


The score was 36-17


Jesus Christ what a stomping of Biblical proportions.


Feleipe Franks the # 54 QB nationally according to 247sports.com threw 1 TD and threw 1 Interception against us while Jake Fromm threw 3 TD against Dan Mullen with no interceptions for 275 yards compared to Felipe Franks with just 105 yards.


Why did Georgia kick Florida’s ass ?


Well we had 3 fewer turnovers than Florida and had 429 yards to only 275 yards for Florida.


In short we kicked Dan Mullen’s ass again because Felipe Franks was outclassed by Jake Fromm.


Do you really think there is SOME OTHER MEASURE for what transpired last year ?


Uh no you do NOT.



Nick Saban Bear Bryant and Steve Spurrier are better coaches in The SEC than Vince Dooley but no one else. Vince Dooley Field is LONG OVERDUE for his 3 national championships in football and for his A.D. from 1979 to 2004 when Mike Adam$ FIRED Vince Dooley who played and coached for Shug Jordan. Auburn grad 1954 Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps. College Football Hall of Fame 1994 who is 86 years old and was undefeated against Bobby Dodd who was by stark contrast a college drop-out.

Vince Dooley Field an honor bestowed on Vince Dooley because of his D.C. Erk Russell.


201-77-10 record from 1964 to 1988 and 3 national championships in football by the same very polls who ranked Georgia Tech national championship and yes only 1 of those is the AP Poll which Georgia Tech NEVER has won one of.


Best SEC Coaches of All-Time :

  1. Nick Saban
  2. Bear Bryant
  3. Steve Spurrier
  4. Vince Dooley




“I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting. Or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true.” Dan Mullen with his LOSING RECORD All-Time in The SEC.

Jalon Jones had 3 rushes for 63 yards and touchdown but was only allowed to throw the ball 3 times in Florida’s spring game so he quit the team lied to during recruiting by Dan Mullen who did a POOR JOB recruiting Jalon Jones coming in and immediately walking out the door.