Top 15 All-Nickname team UGA Georgia Bulldogs

“Champ” Bailey* “Meat Cleaver” Weaver “Boss” Bailey Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship “Buck” Belue “Spike” Jones Vernon “Catfish” Smith Andre “Pulpwood” Smith “Zippy” Morroco “Electron” Jackson  “Amp” Arnold Isaiah  “The Human Joystick” McKenzie “Cowboy” Parrish “Moonpie” Wilson.




LB: Roquan Smith Montezuma Machine


DL: Richard “Le Sack” Tardits


DL: Eddie “Meat Cleaver” Weaver


DL: Greg “Muddy” Waters


DL: Marion “Swamp Fox” Campbell


LB: Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III


LB: Nate “Tifton Termite” Taylor


LB: Rodney “Boss” Bailey


DB: Roland “Champ” Bailey


DB: Greg “Black And” Blue




P: John Amos “Spike” Jones


K: Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship Goggle boy




QB: Ben “Buck” Belue


RB: Herschel


RB: Vernon “Catfish” Smith


RB: Andre “Pulpwood” Smith


RB: Anthony “Zippy” Morroco


RB: Tron “The Electron” Jackson


WR: Lamar “Racehorse” Davis


WR: Anthony “Amp” Arnold


WR: Isaiah McKenzie “The Human Joystick”


C: David “Boss” Andrews


OL: Jimmy “Mount” Harper


OL: Joel “Cowboy” Parrish


OL: Mike “Moonpie” Wilson



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