vols have 8 home games 4 games not at home 2019. The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs with a far prettier stadium on far better campus near 7 million Atlanta residents have 5 games not at home and only 7 home games 2019.

It’s bullshit.  The City of Athens loses OUT EVERY YEAR.  Every year crappy football teams play MORE home games.  Sure Kirby says he LOSES a recruiting visit and note if you will just whom it is we LOSE a recruiting visit against ?  That’s right.  We can NEVER have ANY recruit at ANY game EVER against our # 1 Rival the Florida gators – a team which BRAGS of their record against us.


We have played Florida 30 times now this year since 1990 and have won a grand total of 8 freaking times.




30 games starting 1990 now this season with only 8 wins and 2 of those 8 the last 2 seasons.


Get us the HELL out of that hellhole Jacksonville.


A few fans wanting to get DRUNK is NOT a reason why we should give them a competitive advantage of being about an hour from their Swamp Stadium.  JAX ?  Go to JAX to a stadium which annually hosts the Gator Bowl EVERY YEAR to play our # 1 Rival ?  You are a total dumbass to contradict Kirby on this.


It’s a horrible stadium not in the same ballpark as our Vince Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.


Who gives a shit since the Great Depression if the game was held there.  We used to play Auburn not at our home EVERY YEAR.  We used to play Georgia Tech every year not at our home either.  The time for THIS BULLSHIT TO END has come and gone.


The best time to get us OUT of JAX is when we are on a roll there.  Like NOW God Damn it.


If we lose to Florida this year down there in Florida an hour away from their campus we will have lost 22 times to our # 1 Rival Florida in the last 30 games 3 decades.  An hour away from our campus is Atlanta.  Let them come up here and play us here for the next 100 years.


Stupid shits saying keep the game there.


Two-thirds of us want us OUT of JAX.


I could give a shit what the other one-third want.


Our coach and our players want us out.


THAT should be ENOUGH for all concerned if you do not have a vested interest such as hospitality industry


It’s 5 and one-half hours away for us.