Only 37 percent of fans who took part in AJ-C’s poll want the Georgia-Florida game to remain in Jacksonville Florida on an annual basis any longer. 37 %




35% Athens-Gainesville home and home

18% Athens-Gainesville-Atlanta-JAX home and home with Atlanta JAX too
10% Athens-JAX-Gainesville-JAX home then JAX and home then JAX
37% JAX every year leave it as it is even with 8 wins last 30 yrs if we lose 2019
Clearly the fans are listening to their coach and to the players on BOTH TEAMS.
Oh let’s go get drunk in JAX.
That has been a lot of fun.  8 wins in 3 decades and 2 of the 8 wins the last 2 seasons.
Think about it.
Why don’t Florida fans want to play the game in Atlanta the next 100 years an hour away from our campus ?