Fall Camp starts Friday 8-2-2019


# 5 Kirby ranking recruiting 2020 class with 16 recruits including Kendall Milton Running Back California and TEXAS player Chad Lindberg the # 14 Offensive Tackle in the nation # 133 overall player. Texas can NOT let us steal him from them nor Texas A&M. And Southern Cal can NOT give up # 22 overall Kendall Milton to us either.

4 of the top 22 Offensive Tackles in the nation have now committed to Kirby 2020.  Why would the # 4 best RB nation who is # 22 overall best player in America choose UGA from California when others thought Southern California or even Oklahoma ?  Duh because of our Offensive Line he wants to run behind.  Can we get to the # 1 or # 2 class ?  Sure we can with only 16 commitments right now with this impressive haul this past weekend.




1 thousand members of the Magill Society have donated an average of $106 thousand dollars each. That is a hell of a commitment to UGA sports by a LARGE NUMBER of fans donating BIG MONEY. For example Fran Tarkenton







Josh Pastner 48-53 Georgia Tech men’s basketball coach since 2016 sucks. Josh Pastner has NEVER made the NCAA postseason tournament. 20-34 in the ACC Josh Pastner has never finished higher than 10th in the conference. He averaged less than a point playing basketball and was NOT even a scholarship recruit but a walk-on. Joke of a coach.

Lied to the NCAA.


Georgia Tech with its history of lies to the NCAA can ill-afford this yet AGAIN.


What the hell is Georgia Tech doing about ANY of this ?


Not a God damn thing.




How does Josh Pastner keep his job at Georgia Tech ?


What am I missing here ?





Jordan Burch # 1 overall # 1 DE and Zachary Evans # 6 overall # 1 RB and Kelee Ringo # 8 overall # 1 CB and Darnell Washington # 10 overall # 1 Athlete and Mekhail Sherman committed # 13 overall # 2 DE and Broderick Jones committed # 21 overall # 2 OT are all 5-stars 2020 visiting University of Georgia THIS WEEKEND

2020 visiting University of Georgia UGA Georgia Bulldogs recruiting THIS WEEKEND

Jordan Burch # 1 overall # 1 DE

Zachary Evans # 6 overall # 1 RB

Kelee Ringo # 8 overall # 1 CB

Darnell Washington # 10 overall # 1 Athlete

Mekhail Sherman committed # 13 overall # 2 DE

Broderick Jones committed # 21 overall # 2 OT

Tate Ratledge # 35 overall # 4 OT committed

Marcus Rosemy # 45 overall # 7 WR committed

Jalen Carter # 77 overcall # 8 DL committed

Jalen Kimber # 80 overall # 5 CB committed

Sedrick Van Pran # 98 overcall # 3 Center

Carson Beck # 125 overcall # 3 QB Jacksonville Florida committed

Arian Smith # 134 overcall # 27 WR

Nazir Stackhouse # 280 overcall # 24 DT committed




Clemson only beat Syracuse 27-23 and only beat Texas A&M 28-26 so it is not like Clemson couldn’t be beat. Nick Saban said his assistants Mike Locksley AL Offensive Coordinator who took Maryland head coach job and Tosh Lupoi AL Defensive Coordinator who took the defensive line coach job with Cleveland Browns NFL were distracted in the 44-16 BLOWOUT of Biblical Proportions in the NC game LOSS to Clemson. The LSU game was the 7th game from the end of the season for Nick Saban’s Alabama squad 2018 and they SUCKED after that LSU game the entire rest of the year.

When you snooze you lose.  Alabama was snoozing after the LSU game which was the 7th game before the end of the season last year.  Did Clemson deserve to win ?  You bet they did.  I mean it was 44-16.

Oklahoma could not beat Alabama 2018 just like it couldn’t beat Georgia 2017.


And Georgia could not beat Alabama either year.


So for that Clemson is the national champion 2018.


But Alabama did NOT play well down the stretch starting after the LSU game which was the 7th game before the season was over for Alabama.


That is a LONG STRETCH of badly played games by Alabama.


Kirby should have beat them too.





UGA Georgia Bulldogs recruiting classes by Kirby Smart have ranked No. 2 in 2019 and No. 1 in 2018 and No. 3 in 2017. Kirby wants us OUT of Jacksonville because we lose out on 12 percent of our recruiting dates every year AND Athens loses out on EVER having a home game with 100 million economic impact.


2017 FU class has lost 3 of its 4-star players James Robinson Daquon Green Kadeem Telfort. 2018 Florida class has lost 2 of its 4-star players Justin Watkins Malik Langham. FU 2019 class has already lost 4 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond. For a team with no better talent to begin with than Alabama LSU Georgia Miami of Florida vols nor Auburn. This is devastating to the expectations that Florida can beat teams with more talent than Florida in fact has. Nowhere is that more evident than the BAD OFFENSIVE LINE 2019 for Florida’s big mouth Dan Mullen.


“I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am 🙏🏾 I love you ma x1000000000❤️ It’s my turn to take care of you now 🙏” Mecole Hardman Junior to his mom whom he bought home for with swimming pool 1 half million views – same as his signing bonus NFL over 1000 yards here despite being HELD BACK by Kirby.

Mecole Hardman Jr. # 1 athlete nation # 13 football player nation 6 starts for Kirby 6









StubHub Athens Georgia home games 2019 average $ 487 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA – average price for home games – the HIGHEST in the nation. Ohio State second highest average ticket price 2019 StubHub home games $352. Michigan 3rd $ 285. Notre Dame 4th highest average home game ticket prices 2019 StubHub $276. Alabama $249.

Clemson beat Notre Dame and Kirby’s own football players launched an attack on Notre Dame that 30-3 thumping of Notre Dame in the College Football Playoffs meant that Georgia should have been in the playoffs and NOT NOTRE DAME who was undeserving because “Georgia is the second best football team in the nation” UGA Georgia Bulldogs said on social media.


The only problem with that game 30-3 Clemson over Notre Dame last year is we got BEAT by Texas.  Running our mouths.  And Notre Dame is mad as HELL about it.  We certainly made Texas’ season.  Texas lost to some lousy teams last year but they beat us.


Texas A&M comes to Athens 2019 too along with South Carolina.  But there is NO FLORIDA 2019 in Athens.


The University of Georgia Bulldogs are number 6th in revenue at $157.8 million dollars a year according to the USA Today newspaper article.



Placekicker Kevin Butler and basketball great Jarvis Hayes in the Class of 2019 The University of Georgia’s Circle of Honor.

Kevin Butler :

Consensus All-America 1983 and 1984

SEC All-Time Leading Scorer

Chicago Bears NFL All-Time Leading Scorer

1208 NFL points 6th most ever in NFL history

Super Bowl Champ

Only Kicker in College Football Hall of Fame

353 points UGA record for points also SEC # 2 best record-holder in points

Son Drew Butler Punter



Jarvis Hayes

18.6 points per game lead SEC 2002

SEC Player of the Year 2002

55 games reach 1000 points better than  Litterial Green who could not shoot like Jarvis Hayes




ACC Network only has DIRECTV yuk Google Fiber whatever that is Hulu Live TV ha ha ha Layer3 TV what a joke Optimum yeah right PlayStation Vue laughing still Suddenlink. Just whom does ACC really have ? Verizon Fios no one gives a shit about and that’s it of who will carry the ACC Network. What is the bottom line ? You can NOT WATCH ACC football teams play football. That’s fine. There’s only 1 team in ACC anyway – unlike SEC on TV nationwide and us with several of the top football teams.

ACC TV of ACC football games is a complete and utter joke.


You can NOT watch the games.


They had better get their shit together.


The SEC has blown the ACC out of the water on coverage of ALL of all of our football programs.


Not just one program either.



“We like it because we understand how close we’ve been to taking the next step. And although 24 and 5 the last two seasons is good. It’s not good enough. It’s not where we expect to be at the University of Georgia. We want to do more at the University of Georgia. We’re not complacent in what we’ve done. And we know we need to take that next step.” Kirby Smart SEC Media Days

That pretty much sums it up for ME TOO.  I am not satisfied.  I want more.  I want the men to want more.  I want you to want more.  I do.  They do.  Criticize ME because I do ?  That’s BULLSHIT.



Nick Saban Bear Bryant and Steve Spurrier are better coaches in The SEC than Vince Dooley but no one else. Vince Dooley Field is LONG OVERDUE for his 3 national championships in football and for his A.D. from 1979 to 2004 when Mike Adam$ FIRED Vince Dooley who played and coached for Shug Jordan. College Football Hall of Fame 1994 who is 86 years old and was undefeated against Bobby Dodd who was by stark contrast a college drop-out.

A HOME GAME for Florida players who have not beat Georgia either of the last 2 years.


Site JAX
10/27/2018 vs. *Florida (10-3) W 36 17 @ Jacksonville, FL
10/28/2017 vs. *Florida (4-7) W 42 7 @ Jacksonville, FL


Get the game at our house.





James Coley and Dan Lanning are BOTH new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. No team has EVER done well with both coordinators having to be replaced together in the same first season.

To be sure it has been frustrating how we TRY to run the ball every down but that is KIRBY and that will NOT CHANGE 2019 with James Coley.


To be sure it has been frustrating as well how we try to CONTAIN on defense with Kirby and not press forward but that too is Kirby and that too is not either going to change 2019 with Dan Lanning.


SEC Media days year 4 is going to be a joke with Kirby giving his “answers” for how he is going to finally pass the ball at Georgia 2019 and how he finally going to wreak havoc on defense.  No he is not.  He is not going to pass the football.  And he is not going to wreak havoc on defense.


We have 10 losses in 3 years’ time Kirby era and that is averaging 3.3 losses a year.  I expect the same 2019.




I expect Kirby to make a mockery of the press asking Kirby questions at SEC Media Days.  That too is what Kirby does.





“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage advantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players. Every four years they’re in high school there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity at a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.” Kirby about advantages/disadvantages of playing in JAX EVERY freaking year.


Jarvis Jones of Carver Columbus was injured at Southern California who turned their backs on him 2009. A proud Jarvis Jones joins Kirby’s staff 2019 his promising NFL career now over but not before SEC Defensive Player of the year for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2012 and two-time Consensus All-America and possible College Football Hall of Fame

4.88 speed in the 40-yard dash

30 and 1/2 inch vertical leap

Darcell Kitchens his older brother was murdered outside of a bar in Richland Georgia, on January 9 2005.


Jarvis Jones was diagnosed with spinal stenosis by Southern California football medical staff who would not clear him to play for the team.


So he transferred to Georgia where he was an all-time star breaking David Pollack’s sack record here.


2011 he had 19.5 tackles for a loss for us with 13.5 sacks leading the SEC and 2 forced fumbles and 26 quarterback hurries here for UGA.


2012 he had 24 tackles-for-loss with 14.5 sacks one interception seven forced fumbles and two fumbles recovered.


How great is that ?


Joining our staff 2019 Jarvis Jones is expected to increase our pressure in the backfield a particular WEAKNESS of the team under Kirby whose defense CONTAINS not presses forward.







UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 7 for latest 7 years



Thank you Kirby.  We certainly were NOT going to do this with Mark Richt.  Boy am I glad Mark Richt was FIRED who was forced-out run out of town on a rail by his athletic directors at BOTH UGA and Miami.





Do you want a 50 percent assurance of getting drafted into the NFL here at Alabama or only a 20 percent chance NFL draft at Georgia ? U.S. Women Win. Men drop to Mexico again.

4-star Georgia DT commit shares Nick Saban’s pitch to flip him to Alabama






But listen to the Clemson pitch.  If you come to Clemson 90 miles away you can wait to play any good teams until the play-offs while at Georgia well they haven’t gotten over the hump with Alabama yet in their own conference.  The officials stole our NC game win between Georgia and Alabama.  Clemson was not invited.


The U.S. women beat the Dutch of Holland to win back-to-back FIFA World Cup titles scoring the most goals ever more than Germany and more than U.S. who scored 25 goals prior to this year’s 26 total in France.  France had to hate to see us celebrate in Paris in Women’s football.  Meanwhile the men lost again 1-0 to Mexico.  Kirby to the NFL ?  Oh no don’t say that.  Atlanta United lost their coach to Mexico Gerardo Daniel “Tata” Martino while Jill Ellis is a fine coach who lets her gals get out there and play.




Georgia Tech recruiting has only one 4-star commitment with 16 who are 3-star rating. THAT is not very good at ALL. I thought Geoff Collins was supposed to be out-recruiting Kirby he bragged. That’s BULLSHIT.

Georgia is # 4 in the nation in recruiting and is the ONLY school to finish in the top 3 all 3 of the latest years in recruiting.  With only 14 commitments Kirby has double-digits he can still sign for this year.


A lot of BRAGGING by Geoff Collins to be so far behind Kirby who might end up with 6 who are 5-star recruits again this year.


Good luck on that Georgia Tech with Geoff Collins.


What a joke by Coke.  As for your tweet July 4th Georgia Tech well…


Happy 4th of July





CBS sports.com says Jimbo Fisher is a better coach than Kirby. He has not done as well as Kirby since Kirby became coach and he hasn’t recruited as well either. He also jumped ship changing jobs. 24-13 FSU and Texas A&M during Kirby Era at UGA while Kirby is 32-10. Kirby ALSO out-recruits Jimbo Fisher. CBS Sports still says Jimbo Fisher is the better coach of the 2.




This is WAY TOO MUCH to play Florida in JAX odd numbered years 2023 2025 2027 AND have to go on the road TOO those years and play AT Auburn AT vols AT Georgia Tech. TOO MANY GAMES away from Athens 2023 2025 2027 to play AT Jax too. Incredibly harder with game at JAX 2023 2025 and 2027.

Odd numbered years after 2021 must be played IN ATHENS GEORGIA between Georgia and our # 1 Rival Florida gators.