Georgia Tech recruiting has only one 4-star commitment with 16 who are 3-star rating. THAT is not very good at ALL. I thought Geoff Collins was supposed to be out-recruiting Kirby he bragged. That’s BULLSHIT.

Georgia is # 4 in the nation in recruiting and is the ONLY school to finish in the top 3 all 3 of the latest years in recruiting.  With only 14 commitments Kirby has double-digits he can still sign for this year.


A lot of BRAGGING by Geoff Collins to be so far behind Kirby who might end up with 6 who are 5-star recruits again this year.


Good luck on that Georgia Tech with Geoff Collins.


What a joke by Coke.  As for your tweet July 4th Georgia Tech well…


Happy 4th of July