StubHub Athens Georgia home games 2019 average $ 487 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA – average price for home games – the HIGHEST in the nation. Ohio State second highest average ticket price 2019 StubHub home games $352. Michigan 3rd $ 285. Notre Dame 4th highest average home game ticket prices 2019 StubHub $276. Alabama $249.

Clemson beat Notre Dame and Kirby’s own football players launched an attack on Notre Dame that 30-3 thumping of Notre Dame in the College Football Playoffs meant that Georgia should have been in the playoffs and NOT NOTRE DAME who was undeserving because “Georgia is the second best football team in the nation” UGA Georgia Bulldogs said on social media.


The only problem with that game 30-3 Clemson over Notre Dame last year is we got BEAT by Texas.  Running our mouths.  And Notre Dame is mad as HELL about it.  We certainly made Texas’ season.  Texas lost to some lousy teams last year but they beat us.


Texas A&M comes to Athens 2019 too along with South Carolina.  But there is NO FLORIDA 2019 in Athens.


The University of Georgia Bulldogs are number 6th in revenue at $157.8 million dollars a year according to the USA Today newspaper article.