Clemson only beat Syracuse 27-23 and only beat Texas A&M 28-26 so it is not like Clemson couldn’t be beat. Nick Saban said his assistants Mike Locksley AL Offensive Coordinator who took Maryland head coach job and Tosh Lupoi AL Defensive Coordinator who took the defensive line coach job with Cleveland Browns NFL were distracted in the 44-16 BLOWOUT of Biblical Proportions in the NC game LOSS to Clemson. The LSU game was the 7th game from the end of the season for Nick Saban’s Alabama squad 2018 and they SUCKED after that LSU game the entire rest of the year.

When you snooze you lose.  Alabama was snoozing after the LSU game which was the 7th game before the end of the season last year.  Did Clemson deserve to win ?  You bet they did.  I mean it was 44-16.

Oklahoma could not beat Alabama 2018 just like it couldn’t beat Georgia 2017.


And Georgia could not beat Alabama either year.


So for that Clemson is the national champion 2018.


But Alabama did NOT play well down the stretch starting after the LSU game which was the 7th game before the season was over for Alabama.


That is a LONG STRETCH of badly played games by Alabama.


Kirby should have beat them too.