Mere hours away now no rain in sight 7:30 pm kick-off ESPN Channel 846 while 3 of every 4 at the game are Georgia Bulldogs. Vandy been running its mouth with graduate transfer QB trying to get the start for team with RB and targets.

Saturday night in Nashville – a truly beautiful city only 4 hours away.


I-75 to I-24 we have made the trip to Nashville hundreds of times.




52-14 Clemson kills Georgia Tech – not that anyone could watch it on FAILED ACC Network.

I looked forward to them beating the shit out of Georgia Tech but then I saw it was on the silly ACC Network which no one gets.  Comcast doesn’t carry it and neither does Dish Network.  Also Charter  doesn’t have it.





Jake Fromm scored more than 7 points in the first quarter all season last year only 3 times. That sucks.

Opponents stack the box.  Kirby runs first down. Kirby runs second down. Kirby runs some third downs too.  Kirby does NOT let Jake Fromm throw the football.  Kirby has NO KNOWLEDGE of offenses.  Our offense was # 72 in passing all of last season.  It is NOT changing 2019.  It’s Kirby’s offense.




Only 2 teams have more talent that Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Alabama and Ohio State so Georgia should go undefeated until we play in The SEC Championship Game then the playoffs.





Our stars for the up-coming 2019-2020 season will come from this list

  1. D’Andre Swift
  2. Nolan Smith
  3. Zamir White
  4. Jermaine Johnson
  5. DJ Daniel
  6. Clay Webb
  7. Travon Walker
  8. Nate McBride
  9. Nakobe Dean
  10. Dominick Blaylock
  11. Brian Herrien
  12. Richard LeCounte
  13. James Cook
  14. Jake Fromm
  15. Demetris Robertson
  16. Divaad Wilson
  17. JR Reed
  18. Quay Walker
  19. Eric Stokes
  20. Christopher Smith
  21. Monty Rice
  22. Robert Beal Jr.
  23. Azeez Ojulari
  24. Channing Tindall
  25. David Marshall
  26. Trezmen Marshall
  27. Mark Webb
  28. Stetson Bennett IV
  29. Tyler Clark
  30. Justin Shaffer
  31. Trey Hill
  32. Solomon Kindley
  33. Jamaree Salyer
  34. Andrew Thomas
  35. Netori Johnson
  36. Ben Cleveland
  37. Cade Mays
  38. D’Marcus Hayes
  39. Isaiah Wilson
  40. John Fitzpatrick
  41. Charlie Woerner
  42. Jordan Davis
  43. Marshall Long
  44. Rodrigo Blankenship
  45. WR Lawrence Cager
  46. TE Eli Wolf
  47. WR George Pickens
  48. DB Tyson Campbell
  49. RB Kenny McIntosh
  50. DB Tyrique Stevenson
  51. WR Kearis Jackson
  52. Tommy Bush
  53. Quay Walker



South Carolina # 35 then Missouri # 26 then Auburn # 16 then Texas A&M # 12 then Notre Dame # 9 then Florida # 8 then either LSU # 6 or Alabama # 2 SEC Championship. Get by all that then # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State in playoffs. Do that with # 72 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm 2018 now in 2019 ? Crazy shit.

Kirby is going to have to throw the football 2019.  He has 10 losses in his 3 years so far including 3 more losses last year including both the last two games in a row lost.  Good teams line up and stop the run.  Good teams know they have to pass the ball more than 241 passes in 15 game seasons for the top teams and this crap of running 567 running plays to 241 passing plays all of 2018 for Kirby tips his hand and makes it easy for the top teams against Kirby.


Intense hard-headed Kirby is going to have to pass the ball with Junior 3-year starter Jake Fromm 2019.


How in the HELL is


567 running plays in 2018

241 passing plays in 2018


any God Damn balanced attack ?


It’s not.  It’s unbalanced.


70.2 % of the plays Kirby lets Jake Fromm play are him handing the ball off for a running play 2018.

29.8 % of plays Kirby lets Jake Fromm play are him passing the ball 2018.


567/808 = 70.2 percent running plays all 2018 Kirby’s bullshit passing offense

241/808 = 29.8 percent passing plays all 2018 Kirby’s bullshit passing offense


If you run every first and second down then run most of the third downs that is 70.2 % running plays.


Kirby can NOT tip his hand again 2019.


Not and beat # 1 and # 4 or # 5 and # 6 or # 2 and # 35 and # 26 and # 16 and # 12 and # 9 and # 8.


# 8 Florida

# 9 Notre Dame

# 12 Texas A&M

# 16 Auburn

# 26 Missouri

# 35 South Carolina

then either # 6 LSU or # 2 Alabama SEC Championship Game

then either # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State


with 70.2 % running plays 2018 all running plays all Kirby allows.


Bullshit 29.2 % passing plays of 808 plays 2018 of Kirby.


Unsatisfactory results loom against such a schedule 2019 with only 29.2 % passes 2018 Kirby.


If Jake Fromm can pass the ball then Kirby is going to have to let him way more than 29 % pass 2018.


I think Kirby is going to run the ball 2019.


I think Kirby is NOT going to let Jake Fromm throw the ball 2019.


I wouldn’t exactly say that this is working.


Would you Kirby ?





72 we ranked number 72 in passing last year 2018 and # 16 rushing with 567 running plays and only 241 passing plays all of 2018-2019 season. It’s what Kirby does. He says it makes his defense better which it does. And Kirby says that fewer bad results happen. We LOST the last two (2) games in a row and now have LOST 10 games in Kirby’s 3 seasons as a result. Supposedly Jake Fromm can throw the ball. So it is all on Kirby.


ACC Network has NO AGREEMENT with Comcast or Charter or with Dish Network. MY GOD !

The ACC which consists of just only Clemson making it easy to go undefeated launches NOW and has no agreement and is NOT CARRIED by :


Xfinity Comcast

Charter –  Spectrum

Dish Network


It is a JOKE of a conference anyway. Who gives a shit about the ACC ?


Compare SEC to ACC


Comcast does $94 billion dollars revenue a year.  Charter does $ 43 billion dollars revenue a year.    Dish Network does $2 billion a year revenue.  And the ACC Network has NO AGREEMENT with ANY of the 3.







Arjei Henderson # 140 national prospect overall and # 23 receiver nationally 6th Florida Gator signee 2019 class alone who have LEFT DAN MULLEN’S SQUAD

  1. Jalon Jones
  2. Linebacker Dink Johnson
  3. Wide receiver Trevonte Rucker
  4. Defensive end Chris Langston
  5. Cornerback Chris Steele
  6. Arjei Henderson




Mark Richt comes out of retirement to announce football games for failing ACC Network which no one watches and which no one can watch with two-thirds of homes BLOCKED from ACC Network.

Fired by two Athletic Directors in a row at both Georgia and then Miami of Florida’s athletic director Mark Richt has gotten a job finally at age 59 when others are having their best years.  The ACC Network is a God Damn JOKE of a channel.


Big Games Mark Richt could NOT WIN.


He doesn’t have to worry about that now.  There aren’t any big games in the ACC.


There is suspense in the ACC however as Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time game or for the season his last 8 years here at Georgia.  So besides being wholly unable to win the big games Mark Richt also lost to CUPCAKES every year. The suspense mounts in the ACC for which CUPCAKE can win a game against a ANOTHER ACC CUPCAKE.


Mark Richt you recall ALSO lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here against top 15 teams time game – seemingly losing big games regularly.


Do you even remember why he was FIRED ?


Who gives a shit that the ACC Network hired Mark Richt to announce their games ?


No one.





I think the schedule is too tough this year # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame # 11 Texas A&M # 16 Auburn then either # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU SEC Championship then playoffs # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State. Plus both coordinators new this season too. # 72 Passing Offense last year of Jake Fromm. Lost top 5 receivers. DL. No this is NOT Kirby’s best season averaging 3.3 losses his first 3 years. And 3 losses last year. National Championship 2019 this season ? No damn way. All Kirby wants to do is run the ball.

Hard-headed Kirby called intense by Jake Fromm is not fixing to have his best season this up-coming 2019 season. We get a mulligan for a 1-loss regular season.  This 2019 season is NOT any 1-loss looking at 7 opponents in the top 16 by the time playoffs are over for us.


Anyone who thinks Kirby can navigate that only running the damn ball is so full of shit.  All this talent and if we are # 72 Passing Offense 2019 with Jake Fromm his Junior Year then expect Kirby’s average 3-loss season.  I mean Kirby has lost 2 SEC games EVERY YEAR so far.


  1. # 8 Florida
  2. # 9 Notre Dame
  3. # 11 Texas A&M
  4. # 16 Auburn
  5. # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU SEC Championship before making play-offs
  6. # 1 Clemson and/or
  7. # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State



Kirby is going to win all these 7 games except 1 loss running the ball every first and second down and some of the third downs too ?







10th practice completed means kick-off at Vanderbilt is 2 weeks from Saturday while indications show losing BOTH COORDINATORS 5 top receivers and facing # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame # 11 Texas A&M and # 16 Auburn will be a challenge for Kirby to only run the football as he has done his 1st three years here to face-off then against # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU before making play-offs to play # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State. Who else faces this schedule ? No one.

  1. # 8 Florida
  2. # 9 Notre Dame
  3. # 11 Texas A&M
  4. # 16 Auburn
  5. # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU before making play-offs
  6. # 1 Clemson and/or
  7. # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State


Is Kirby going to win these 7 games just lining-up and running every 1st and 2nd down and some of the 3rd downs too like Kirby has done all 3 years here as our coach ?





Wake up.  THAT is NOT going to work against these 7 top-16 opponents this season for Kirby.  We’re not going to be able to be # 72 passing offense and win these 7 games I can assure you of that.


Bullshit to try.






AP Poll comes out next Monday. That is August 19 for 2019. We’re expected to be # 3 facing-off against # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame and # 11 Texas A&M and # 16 Auburn during the regular season.

Then you face # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU.


Then if you get by that then 2 more top 4 teams like # 1 Clemson # 4 Oklahoma or Ohio State currently # 5 all facing schedules NOTHING LIKE THIS.  And Kirby is going to have to throw the damn football.



Kirby Smart quote : “That’s on the entire offensive unit as a whole to come out and to execute. Wide receivers catching balls and quarterbacks doing things. We didn’t do that in the scrimmage Saturday. Not with the one offensive line as the first-team offense struggled against the second-team defense in Saturday’s scrimmage.” Of course Kirby did have the # 72 Passing Offense last season with Jake Fromm. That is wholly unacceptable.

You can NOT sugarcoat that nor September 21 facing # 9 Notre Dame.  Kirby is too predictable on offense running first and second down and sometimes running on 3rd down too a lot.  It’s not just boring.  It’s not just the # 72 passing offense all last season for Kirby.  We lost 3 games last year.  We lost both the last 2 games coming in to this game at Vanderbilt next.  And we don’t have our offensive coordinator I hated and do not have our top 5 receivers from last season either.  # 3 reception leader last season is running back D’Andre Swift with 32 receptions as our leading running back with 1068 yards rushing on 163 rushes used 5 times as much as a running back rushing than in the passing game and considerably shorter passes to D’Andre Swift out of the backfield than all the others catching passes in our lousy # 72 passing offense last year with Jake Fromm.  Even our opponents taunted us in the passing game.  We respond that Jake Fromm is number whatever in passing completion percentages but the facts are we are # 72 passing offense and THAT REMAINS THE GOD DAMN POINT.


LSU Alabama and Texas all 3 beat our non-passing # 72 passing offense just last year alone all with only Jake Fromm.  It’s a problem for Kirby.  This is a huge big problem for Jake Fromm losing these 3 games including both of the last 2 games because Kirby does NOT want to pass the football.  “Too many bad results can happen passing the football,” Kirby says repeatedly.



We ran the ball 567 times last year losing 3 games LSU Texas and Alabama to only 241 completions to receivers largely missing this year for Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm struggled Saturday in the scrimmage.  Did you have some bullshit off-topic reply to that ?


It’s also an issue that Jake Fromm called Kirby “intense.”


We have to pass the ball more 2019 than we have been if we don’t want to lose 3 games AGAIN this year.  In fact Kirby is AVERAGING MORE than 3 losses a year which is UNACCEPTABLE TO KIRBY however acceptable it is to YOU


You God Damn FOOL…





5 of the top 11 and 6 of the top 16 are SEC teams according to Coaches’ Poll 2019. We have a LOT of work to do after our first scrimmage today for such a schedule including also # 9 Notre Dame # 8 Florida # 11 Texas A&M # 16 Auburn then either # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU. Then 2 more just like this.

# 2 Alabama

# 3 Georgia

# 6 LSU

# 8 Florida

# 9 Notre Dame

# 11 Texas A&M

# 16 Auburn


If you beat Alabama you face 2 more just like these in playoffs.  5 of the top 16 and could be 7 of the top 16.   Then if you get by that then 2 more top 4 teams like # 1 Clemson # 4 Oklahoma or Ohio State currently # 5 all facing schedules NOTHING LIKE THIS.





Hutson Mason “The receiver position at least right now as it stands is going to cost Georgia. I could see it costing Georgia one game if not two. Because when you get into the SEC and you know this the gauntlet of a schedule – Florida comes to mind with their elite DBs. You got to have some alpha males at the receiver position to go up against some of these elite DBs and get off press-man. And right now just based on what I see in preseason camp and looking at the lack of production that’s coming back for Jake Fromm I don’t see that right now on George’s offense.”

I never liked Hutson Mason.  Now this.



Women’s Football U.S. Women’s National Team Victory Tour 4-Star – next Portugal – following Rose Bowl Victory Tour win over Ireland 3-0. Next game Portugal on FS1 August 29 at 7 p.m.

Tobin Heath 31 years old dominant 157 Caps 31 goals Cap is International Game

Rose Lavelle cute 24 years young 34 Caps 10 goals

Alex Morgan 169 Caps 107 goals 30 years young

Julie Ertz 89 Caps 19 goals

Carli Lloyd 282 Caps career ends now 114 goals 37 years old

Megan Rapinoe 158 Caps I think over for her as well 34 years old 158 Caps 50 goals

So many more kids watching them who will join the ranks of great U.S. players next.



Jill Ellis coach stepping down after this Victory Tour during our college football season up-coming.  Our coach since 2014 born in England and moved to The United States in 1981 when she first played competitive soccer as a player since England had no organized soccer for girls while she was growing up.  All-American in college as Forward and state championship high school and national championship under 19.  FIFA World Cup Women’s  Champion 2015 and 2019 now.


4 Women’s World Cup Championship Titles for The United States Women so far and the inspiration to generation after generation of little girls.  Inspiring to all of us this means so much to America and means to so much to U.S. soccer and means so much to men and women of all ages the world over.


Every game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup was in France 2019 and these gals were the darlings again of the top 25 teams in the world.  Jill Ellis has now won BOTH the last two (2) FIFA Women’s World Cups 2015 and 2019.  Adroitly Jill Ellis repeatedly has to jockey all this talent sitting players down who would be captain of other teams in the world.


Women’s Football.


This win of our 4th FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 qualifies us for 2020 Summer Olympics Women’s Football Tournament in Japan next year.  Kelley O’Hara is from Fayetteville Georgia and has 125 Caps.



Is Mark Richt a better coach than Wally Butts ? Hell no.

Kirby also CALLED THE PLAYS on defense at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time of which he was National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years yet Mark Richt was not even ranked half of those last 8 years here in the Final AP Poll Top 25.  Kirby called the plays on defense for us as a player and was 1st team All-SEC Kirby.  Mark Richt was never anything but a God Damn BACK-UP.  Wally Butts also was a great player. Then he was championship high school coach everywhere he went then he came here and the legend grew as with Kirby. Not so much Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt because he could not win the big games and lost to a cupcake or 2 every year too.  Mark Richt’s last 8 years here he averaged 4 losses per season 32 losses his last 8 years.  Do NOT begin to tell me Mark Richt is or was a great football coach.


After our Athletic Director here fired Mark Richt Mark Richt was then run out of town on a rail by the athletic director at Miami of Florida back-to-back.


Mark Richt did not care about winning.  Vince Dooley wanted to keep Jim Donnan as coach.  Mike Adam$ insisted Vince Dooley replace Jim Donnan.  This is widespread knowledge.


Mark Richt was NOT groomed to be head coach by Bobby Bowden who himself was FIRED with CAUSE from Florida State.  He was NOT prepared to be a head coach by disgraced Bobby Bowden.


2002 The SEC was down.  A 5-loss Arkansas was Mark Richt’s opponent in The SEC Championship Game then Mark Richt played 5-loss Bobby Bowden in the bowl game 2002-2003 season.  I am sorry that is NOT great.  Mark Richt 2002 was zero for thirteen on 3rd down conversions against our # 1 Rival Florida 2002 and LOST to a Florida team he should NOT have lost to.  He did that a lot losing to Florida teams he should not have lost to.


2005 Mark Richt was ranked third of just SEC teams IN EVERY SINGLE solitary poll for the 2005-2006 season.  Mark Richt LOST to Florida Auburn and West Virginia.  That’s great ?  God damn fool.


2011 Mark Richt LOST 4 games.  He averaged 4 losses his entire last 8 years here. THIS is NOT ONLY NOT GREAT but what the dip shit did here.


And at Miami.


2012 Mark Richt LOST to South Carolina 7-35.  This too is what Mark Richt did embarrassing us in big games.  Not just the cupcakes he lost to every year and he did that too.  But losing the big games and getting blown-out.  2012 Mark Richt 3 times told little Aaron Murray to NOT SPIKE THE BALL so we would have 3 plays at the end toward the end zone instead of one.  Dumbass.


Despite all the talent we handed Mark Richt that he could NOT win the big games is well-documented.  His losses to CUPCAKES every year too –  sometimes more than one is inarguable as well.  Kirby has BETTER TALENT than Mark Richt.  I said that would happen too that great football players want to play on winning teams.  Mark Richt lost those games and therefore lost out on those players.  Look at Kirby’s top end talent.


145 wins in 15 seasons clearly is NOT averaging 10-win season.  Moreover these have been 15-game seasons for the top teams.  10-wins is shitty.  Kirby averages 12-wins the last several years.  I said this too  before I fired Mark Richt right here.  You tried to shut me up.   You failed at that didn’t you Joe Vitale ?

2015 Mark Richt did NOT win 10 games but was FIRED summarily by AD Greg McGarity with 9 wins.  He LOST 4 games 4 games on the average for his final 8 seasons here and was FIRED for it.  There were 28 teams ranked ahead of Mark Richt 2015.  With all that talent.  Blown-out by Alabama 10-38.  LOST to the vols who should have had 5 losses themselves.   And LOST to Florida 3-27 in yet ANOTHER BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions when Mark Richt inserted a back-up QB who had not thrown one pass all season and threw 4 interceptions never to be removed by Mark Richt.  The dumb shit.


Mark Richt is currently RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL by BOTH his only athletic directors whom he reported to as head football coach a profession which he does NOT excel at and doesn’t give a shit about Joe Vitale.  Do NOT tell me how great he was.  Rank him ahead of multiple national championship Wally Butts who is in the College Football Hall of Fame.  Mark Richt NEVER will be.


Stick it up your dumbass asshole Joe Vitale.


G.O.A.T Georgia Bulldogs football coaches


You misrepresented that TOTALLY Joe Vitale like you always do.


6 National Championships UGA in Football Mark Richt none.  Ever anywhere.


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over his last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


Senator Bluto said at the time : “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


Yes this blog said that he would be fired and needed to be.  Every post I wrote after 2008 blowout by Alabama over us after 22 of our players celebrated being ranked # 1 preseason said FIRE MARK RICHT.  Didn’t it Joe Vitale ?


Don’t get me started Joe Vitale you dumb shit.



You are a LIAR Joe Vitale.





Wally Butts has 4 SEC Championships when The SEC was good and multiple National Championships including 1942 and 1946 National Championships.   Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall is dedicated to these major achievements by this man.


One is a  College Football Hall of Fame coach Wally Butts who won big games with national championships and the other Mark Richt never did a damn thing anywhere and you think he’s great.




Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15. Also 2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost to twelve (12) unranked teams time game or season.  You think you can tell us now that’s great Joe Vitale.  You want your son to play for that coach ?




Saturday Pro Football Hall of Fame for Champ Bailey who was in defensive backfield with Kirby together BOTH 1st Team All-SEC. 12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.

12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.


52 NFL interceptions Champ Bailey is the best player from his elite family of 4 football players at The University of Georgia.


Drafted in the 1st Round 7th selection.



4th Bulldog in NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame


1st contract NFL $ 12 million dollars coming out of The Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby.

Later signed a 7-year $ 63 million dollar NFL Contract

Worth over $ 30 million dollars


Final UGA season 52 tackles 3 interceptions 47 catches for 744 yards 84 yds rushing on 16 carries 12 kick-off returns for 261 yards 4 punt returns for 49 yards for 103.5 all-purpose yards per game on 957 plays from scrimmage 547 defense 301 offense and 109 special teams’ plays 1998 alone.  Led UGA in Special Teams’ Tackles.  Led UGA in pass break-ups.  Started at CB on Defense AND Started at WR on Offense Started on all Special Teams.  Team Captain. School record in Track and Field he lettered in as well.  SEC Record Track.


Psychology degree UGA  Champ Bailey is one very smart man.


1996 1997 and 1998 Kirby and Champ Bailey played together in our defensive backfield both 1st Team All-SEC.  Kirby also played the year before Champ in 1995.  Kirby as I explained his play for us is the 1 who called the defense for us on the field.  You watched him every down every game call our defense on the field.  He also CALLED THE PLAYS at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years not even ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


Roland Champ Bailey


Bronko Nagurski Trophy for Top Defensive Player in the Nation 1998

All-America American Football Coaches’ Association

All-America AP Poll

All-America Football Writer’s Association of America

All-America Walter Camp 1 of 16 for Georgia Bulldogs Walter Camp All-America

All-America Walter Camp Football Foundation

All-America The Sporting News and The Football News

All-America AFCA, AP, FWAA, Walter Camp, FN – all recognized by NCAA Official All-America



Consensus 1st Team All-America – required to be in College Football Hall of Fame

shoe-in College and Pro Football Hall of Fames

4.28 seconds 40-yard dash

45 ” vertical leap



Champ Bailey

Boss Bailey younger brother of Champ

Ronald Bailey eldest brother

Kenny Bailey cousin

-all 4 played for The Georgia Bulldogs


Folkston Charlton County


6 feet 3/4 inch 198 lbs.


Fun to watch here and in the NFL






David Andrews Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots and Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019.


18 years in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have had a representative in Super Bowls.




47 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy through Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.





“Nowadays, people get lost in who is getting the most hype. And we like it. Because we want people to sleep on us. You are going to sleep on us. And we are going to run the score up on you. We will wake you up on game day.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


“If I can run the ball they are going to stack the box. Now that’s tight end Jared Pinkney and receiver Kalija Lipscomb getting open. If we can throw the ball now they aren’t stacking the box anymore. So we balance each other out basically.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


“I think playing Georgia the first week is a good thing. Both teams are coming in trying to warm up. We will be able to capitalize on this game with them tying to warm up and get a feel for the season.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


# 7 uniform according to UGA Georgia Bulldogs and we’ve worn black jerseys 4 times since 2007