The catch



Kirby Smart quote : “That’s on the entire offensive unit as a whole to come out and to execute. Wide receivers catching balls and quarterbacks doing things. We didn’t do that in the scrimmage Saturday. Not with the one offensive line as the first-team offense struggled against the second-team defense in Saturday’s scrimmage.” Of course Kirby did have the # 72 Passing Offense last season with Jake Fromm. That is wholly unacceptable.

You can NOT sugarcoat that nor September 21 facing # 9 Notre Dame.  Kirby is too predictable on offense running first and second down and sometimes running on 3rd down too a lot.  It’s not just boring.  It’s not just the # 72 passing offense all last season for Kirby.  We lost 3 games last year.  We lost both the last 2 games coming in to this game at Vanderbilt next.  And we don’t have our offensive coordinator I hated and do not have our top 5 receivers from last season either.  # 3 reception leader last season is running back D’Andre Swift with 32 receptions as our leading running back with 1068 yards rushing on 163 rushes used 5 times as much as a running back rushing than in the passing game and considerably shorter passes to D’Andre Swift out of the backfield than all the others catching passes in our lousy # 72 passing offense last year with Jake Fromm.  Even our opponents taunted us in the passing game.  We respond that Jake Fromm is number whatever in passing completion percentages but the facts are we are # 72 passing offense and THAT REMAINS THE GOD DAMN POINT.


LSU Alabama and Texas all 3 beat our non-passing # 72 passing offense just last year alone all with only Jake Fromm.  It’s a problem for Kirby.  This is a huge big problem for Jake Fromm losing these 3 games including both of the last 2 games because Kirby does NOT want to pass the football.  “Too many bad results can happen passing the football,” Kirby says repeatedly.



We ran the ball 567 times last year losing 3 games LSU Texas and Alabama to only 241 completions to receivers largely missing this year for Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm struggled Saturday in the scrimmage.  Did you have some bullshit off-topic reply to that ?


It’s also an issue that Jake Fromm called Kirby “intense.”


We have to pass the ball more 2019 than we have been if we don’t want to lose 3 games AGAIN this year.  In fact Kirby is AVERAGING MORE than 3 losses a year which is UNACCEPTABLE TO KIRBY however acceptable it is to YOU


You God Damn FOOL…