I think the schedule is too tough this year # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame # 11 Texas A&M # 16 Auburn then either # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU SEC Championship then playoffs # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State. Plus both coordinators new this season too. # 72 Passing Offense last year of Jake Fromm. Lost top 5 receivers. DL. No this is NOT Kirby’s best season averaging 3.3 losses his first 3 years. And 3 losses last year. National Championship 2019 this season ? No damn way. All Kirby wants to do is run the ball.

Hard-headed Kirby called intense by Jake Fromm is not fixing to have his best season this up-coming 2019 season. We get a mulligan for a 1-loss regular season.  This 2019 season is NOT any 1-loss looking at 7 opponents in the top 16 by the time playoffs are over for us.


Anyone who thinks Kirby can navigate that only running the damn ball is so full of shit.  All this talent and if we are # 72 Passing Offense 2019 with Jake Fromm his Junior Year then expect Kirby’s average 3-loss season.  I mean Kirby has lost 2 SEC games EVERY YEAR so far.


  1. # 8 Florida
  2. # 9 Notre Dame
  3. # 11 Texas A&M
  4. # 16 Auburn
  5. # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU SEC Championship before making play-offs
  6. # 1 Clemson and/or
  7. # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State



Kirby is going to win all these 7 games except 1 loss running the ball every first and second down and some of the third downs too ?







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