Mark Richt comes out of retirement to announce football games for failing ACC Network which no one watches and which no one can watch with two-thirds of homes BLOCKED from ACC Network.

Fired by two Athletic Directors in a row at both Georgia and then Miami of Florida’s athletic director Mark Richt has gotten a job finally at age 59 when others are having their best years.  The ACC Network is a God Damn JOKE of a channel.


Big Games Mark Richt could NOT WIN.


He doesn’t have to worry about that now.  There aren’t any big games in the ACC.


There is suspense in the ACC however as Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time game or for the season his last 8 years here at Georgia.  So besides being wholly unable to win the big games Mark Richt also lost to CUPCAKES every year. The suspense mounts in the ACC for which CUPCAKE can win a game against a ANOTHER ACC CUPCAKE.


Mark Richt you recall ALSO lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here against top 15 teams time game – seemingly losing big games regularly.


Do you even remember why he was FIRED ?


Who gives a shit that the ACC Network hired Mark Richt to announce their games ?


No one.