Up 21 to 6 at halftime Kirby goes conservative and gets only 3 field goals in the second half as the defense shut them out in the 2nd half with particularly poor play from their quarterbacks against us. Special Teams were excellent and our OL dominated the game but Justin Fields had 5 TD which Kirby just would not let happen here. SEC East took it on the chin with vols especially pitiful losing to Georgia STATE a 2-10 team and South Carolina blew the lead against North Carolina. Our fans owned downtown Nashville but we will face better quarterback play than Vandy. We’re too conservative. Again.

We’ll never beat all the teams we have to beat to get to the playoffs with that stinking approach in the 2nd half again by Jake Fromm.  What ?  Vanderbilt got stronger in the 2nd half ?  Or Kirby SAT on it ?  30-6 is pretty good against a team who ran their mouths they would beat us all offseason they bragged.


We’re going to have to throw the ball to beat the better teams.


I don’t like this offense.