Charlie Weis former Notre Dame HEAD COACH sucked as head coach 41-49 record overall. Despite years away from retirement Charlie Weis has not even coached in ANY capacity in over half a decade now. When Charlie Weis was coaching he had a LOSING RECORD to Michigan State despite braggadocio to the contrary by Charlie Weis. Charlie Weis is but one of a long group of horrible Notre Dame coaches culminating today in just 33 players in the NFL (none any good whatsoever) and a LOSING BOWL RECORD for Notre Shame. They SOLD all their seats to US UGA Georgia Bulldogs. Now they come here and can not stop the run. Oh boy.

Notre Dame is a GOD DAMN JOKE and has been for 42 years now since 1978.


There is NO PRECEDENT for a team not even in the top 20 teams in America starting 1978 to have its own conference and special considerations while it REFUSES to compete with the top teams in any conference.


Notre Dame has NEVER beat UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


Notre Dame has a LOSING RECORD all-time in Bowl Games. In fact Notre Dame has won only 7 bowl games while losing 13 after 1994.


7-13 bowl game record Notre Dame last entire 25 years.


It has been a particularly brutal 25 years for Notre Dame football.


Once considered one of the top college football programs now Notre Dame is embarrassed annually.


The coaching turnover during this long stretch of miserable Notre Dame history in college football these last entire 42 years has transcended the sorry-assed coaches they have hired believing themselves some kind of God Damn saints of college football and it is sure to continue for a 50-year period of sorry Notre Dame football.


Dan Devine

Gerry Faust

Lou Holtz

Bob Davie

George O’Leary

Tyrone Willingham

Kent Baer

Charlie Weis

Brian Kelly



How bad have these jerks been over this last entire 25-year period ?


Not in the top 20 teams while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been and are in the top 10.


Forget Notre Dame.


You NEVER have beaten us.


Don’t expect us to sell you our tickets.


They are NOT for sale.


Unlike your rinky-dink 77 thousand seat stadium.


Touchdown Jesus ?


I don’t think so.


Dan Devine Gerry Faust Lou Holtz Bob Davie George O’Leary Tyrone Willingham Kent Baer Charlie Weis Brian Kelly


You have not done a God Damn thing in so long no one alive can remember when you were relevant.


Notre Shame you are old-fashioned, amateurish, and shoddy and you have been and will continue to be so.


Notre Dame against top 10 teams in bowl games after 1994 :


  1. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995.
  2. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996.
  3. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001.
  4. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006.
  5. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007.
  6. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013.
  7. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016.
  8. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018.


Who the HELL has Notre Dame beat ?



Now Brian Kelly :

“The NCAA has ordered Notre Dame to vacate its football wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons after denying the school’s appeal of sanctions tied to academic misconduct.

The Irish won 12 games in 2012 before losing to Alabama in the BCS championship game and went 9–4 in 2013.

A student-trainer was found to have completed coursework for two Notre Dame players and provided impermissible academic benefits to another six.

Five players—DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, Eilar Hardy, KeiVarae Russell and Ishaq Williams—were suspended before the 2014 season for academic improprieties, bringing the case to the public eye. Everett Golson, the starting quarterback for the 2012 team, missed the 2013 season because he was suspended from the university due to academics.

The NCAA initially ordered the wins vacated in 2016 but the school filed an appeal, which was denied.  Other sanctions included a year of probation, a $5,000 fine and a show-cause order against the trainer accused of facilitating the academic fraud. ” –  Sports Illustrated


There is no end to the special treatment Notre Dame thinks it should get other than on the football field where they can’t beat shit and haven’t really in nearly 50 years now.







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