# 2 average recruiting class Kirby 4-year period now while Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting class 4-year period now. So how is Notre Dame going to stop Kirby from running the ball ? Short answer – well they’re not.

Kirby # 1 recruiting ranking this 2019 year Notre Dame # 14 :




Next year 2020 Kirby is # 5 and Notre Dame again # 12 :




2018 year Kirby # 1 and again Notre Dame # 11 :




2017 Kirby was # 3 and Notre Dame again # 13 :




So all 4 years right now for 2020 also last class 2019 and the one before that 2018 and the one before that 2017 making up teams Saturday night national TV # 3 welcoming # 7 who does NOT want to play in The SEC because they would be the # 8 SEC team in recruiting rankings otherwise known as TALENT making their team up.


I did not include 2016 class because Kirby did not get here until mid-January 2016 winning the national championship for Alabama with Signing Date first of February 2016.  (He did ok at # 6 but he was NOT here and I criticized him all during that time for NOT being here.)


I do not know how Notre Dame figures they can come in here and beat us. We’d have to think that we have them beat and not be up for them. They absolutely are up for us. We beat them at their house and embarrassed them on national TV with the VAST MAJORITY of the crowd UGA Georgia Bulldogs at touchdown Jesus.


Notre Dame is out for blood against us.


We are # 2 in recruiting rankings over this current 4-year period including the one we are recruiting right now with Kirby and Brian Kelly is WAY DOWN at # 13. And it is nowhere more evident than Notre Dame’s inability to stop us running the ball with them # 120 in the nation at stopping the run. It is flashy that they have their QB run the ball and pass the ball dual-threat but like Oklahoma if they can’t stop the run then they are doomed to failure because our defense is going to be talented enough to stop their offense.


# 120 Notre Dame stopping the run…


BEFORE they play us.


After they play us Saturday it will be significantly worse for Notre Dame at stopping the run.  It will be AT LEAST # 121 and maybe dead last at # 130.


That is ALL Kirby wants to do. Run the football. Especially run the football on Notre Dame.


# 2 average recruiting ranking Kirby 4-year period now including the current class # 5 already

# 13 average recruiting ranking Brian Kelly Notre Dame 4-year period now


We’re going to kick their ass. Or we should anyway.


Notre Dame has not done a God Damn thing in college football for 25 years…for 42 years really.


They are living on the past of what they once were.


Notre Dame thinks this will be good for Brian Kelly’s recruiting.


Notre Dame wants to recruit here in Atlanta.   How in the hell is it going to help Notre Dame to recruit in Atlanta when Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting to us # 2 and Notre Dame is # 120 in stopping the run with Kirby wanting to do NOTHING BUT run the God Damn Football up Notre Dame’s butthole ?


I understand that Notre Dame has a LARGE contingency of alumni here in Atlanta.  Who doesn’t ?  There are 7 million people here in my hometown now.


We’re going to kick Notre Dame’s ass.