Tommy Tremble is fast 4.67 speed but Notre Dame has not used him. He was the # 475 recruit nationally and frankly Kirby doesn’t give scholarships to ANYONE at that level. Notre Dame has him out of position because he is so big but he would be a lot to handle spread out wide instead where he would be a mismatch in size and leaping ability. This type player DEFINES Brian Kelly’s recruiting. Good family. If you don’t jump on offer Kirby fills up his 85-man roster with top 120 players. Tommy Tremble did not play a down for Notre Dame all last year. Why all the crap about Tommy Tremble ? He has 2 catches per game for 39 yards per game with half a touchdown average. That is his whole entire career playing cupcakes.

Why didn’t Brian Kelly use him last year ?  Because Brian Kelly wasn’t playing Georgia last year so that national media could say Brian Kelly out-recruited Kirby Smart in Atlanta Georgia.  For a player Tommy Tremble whose Dad Greg Tremble was our hero for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  Greg moved from South Georgia to Johns Creek High School in Fulton County.  Kirby did a fine job recruiting and out-recruited Brian Kelly every single solitary year.  Kirby recruited this kid fine.  The issue was that Tommy Tremble did NOT want to wait his turn here Kirby averaging # 2 recruiting ranking current 4-year period for Tommy Tremble. Ahead of Tommy Tremble when Kirby was recruiting him were :



Isaac Nauta

John Fitzpatrick

Jackson Harris

Charlie Woerner


In fact

Jeb Blazevich    and

Jordan Davis

were both on the team too as seniors when Kirby personally gave Tommy Tremble a scholarship offer.  But Tommy Tremble did not jump on it and Kirby filled his roster with other TE such as


Eli Wolf from vols.


He could have been here.  He did not want to compete with all these VERY FINE TIGHT ENDS Kirby brought here instead of him.  So what his Dad went to Georgia and Notre Dame has him ?  It’s because Tommy Tremble DID NOT WANT TO COMPETE WITH ALL THESE GUYS KIRBY HAS AND DID HAVE AT TIGHT END.


Tommy Tremble has been there 2018 and 2019 and he has 4 catches 3 in one game 1 in another game.


Make a big deal of that national media ?


That’s bullshit.


Tell the truth if you are going to discuss Tommy Tremble.  Kirby offered him and he thought he would play more at Notre Dame because their recruiting SUCKS compared to Kirby.


Some folks say Kirby DOUBLES-UP Notre Dame Saturday night CBS 8 o’clock.



# 7 Notre Dame at # 3 Georgia Bulldogs UGA 9-21-2019 at 8 p.m. CBS


Doubles-up Notre Dame ?


42-21 prediction I just read.






Our Tight Ends.


I am happy for Tommy Tremble.  Truly I am.  This is a gimmick to recruit in Atlanta a city of 7 million 474 of whom each year are determined to be better at football than Tommy Tremble.


# 475 Tommy Tremble is ranked nationally the # 475 best football player in America.  Kirby has 85 who were ranked in the top 120.


Not # 475 nationally.


Tommy Tremble when Kirby offered you – you should have JUMPED on it.  You did not.  Kirby filled the position.


Good luck Saturday night Tommy Tremble.  We are being told now that Kirby beats Notre Dame by TWICE your score because our tight ends know how to BLOCK.