Recruiting Rankings Notre Dame # 14 while Kirby is # 1 Rivals recruiting ranking 2019. Also Kirby has three 5-Star 2019 while Brian Kelly did not get SHIT. It’s been the same EVERY YEAR for Brian Kelly and for Kirby. Brian Kelly does conduct a reserved respectful media interview however unlike Kirby who is combative with the media. All of the media. Every time.


Rivals # 1 recruiting ranking The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Rivals # 14 recruiting ranking the used to be good Notre Dame leprechauns.


A leprechaun is a fairy.


Little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief.


There are no evidence of there being a female leprechaun — ever.


Notre Dame is out of place on our campus where our ladies are so prevalent and gorgeous.


Compare Georgia to Notre Dame while Fighting Irish have not done shit after 1994.


25 years of futility.  In fact in the last 42 years too Notre Dame football just has NOT BEEN what it once was.


Primarily this is because Notre Dame has been wholly unable to recruit only Catholics nationally against the top football programs.


This has been as noticeable in not having any 5-Star recruits as it has been in the overall rankings which find Kirby every year in the top 3 and Notre Dame # 14.


Quite a bit difference in recruiting not to mention that Notre Dame is # 120 in defending the run which is all Kirby wants to do – run the football.


Notre Dame’s schedule has turned sour 2019 with the teams on the schedule not playing good football.  Auburn looks good on Georgia’s schedule and either LSU or Alabama looms in The SEC Championship Game all 3 ranked ahead of Notre Dame with Florida ranked the same as Notre Dame as well.