We began this DECADE with a 6 win 7 loss season under Mark Richt 2010. Kirby is poised to fix all that to end this DECADE this year because he has out-recruited Mark Richt by a long wide margin # 2 recruiting Kirby to # 8 recruiting with Mark Richt. I long said we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt because WINNERS WANT to play in a place that WINS. You said you wanted your son to play for Mark Richt. I said and LOSE ? You never answered me. Kirby has us contending to end this DECADE as Kirby was the only non-head coach I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt whom I wanted FIRED after the Alabama loss at home 2008 in front of me in the rain.

2010 Mark Richt began this DECADE for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs with a 6-7 season.


I wanted Mark Richt FIRED two years before that in 2008.


You were a VOCAL asshole that I should not be heard.


Guess what ?


I was right.


Now 2019 to end this decade one of the coaches I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt has us # 3 in the nation with # 2 recruiting now every year not # 8 recruiting of Mark Richt and his LOSSES to CUPCAKES 8 cupcakes unranked teams Mark Richt lost to 8 starting 2008 season to his final FIRING 2015.


Mark Richt also could not win on the BIG STAGE.


Kirby has 6 wins over top 10 teams since Kirby was HIRED and Mark Richt FIRED 2015.


6 top 10 wins Kirby only 3 losses all 3 of which are a GREAT STORY honestly.


Now this year to end this DECADE that started with Mark Richt going 6-7 in 2010 Kirby has us with average # 2 recruiting for 4 years currently including next year and not including # 6 for 2016 because well Kirby only showed up in mid January here after winning the national championship for Alabama with signing date 2016 first of February.


4 years now including # 5 for 2020 already Kirby has the kids coming here.  Winning kids.  Kids who want to win.


Not come here because our coach is a Christian.


But because we win.





Who is Shaun Crawford ?  Well that is # 20 above for Notre Dame a 5′ 8′ 169 lbs defensive back outclassed by Kirby’s recruits.  Isn’t he ?



Kirby is winning.


6 wins over top 10 teams Kirby starting 2016.


Notre Dame has LOST 11 in a row to top 10 teams.