Kirby has some questions to answer about his play calls once again and his missing in action offensive players once again as well but Kirby does have 6 wins vs top 10 teams in 4 years now against 3 such lost on the big stage. It’s still a little frustrating what you are NOT DOING on offense Kirby. It truly is.

Left Offensive Guard Solomon Kindley was carted-off ankle injury. CB Eric Stokes is in knee brace injured vs Notre Dame returned for final 2 defensive drives might miss vols. DL David Marshall was injured vs Notre Dame with chronic issues to lower body. WR Kearis Jackson club left hand limiting catching ball. CB Tyson Campbell missed Notre Dame game with foot injury. WR Tommy Bush groin out. None went to practice today. Ben Cleveland and Jamaree Salyer should be Starting but once again neither are.


What is the deal with offensive players who seem to stay in Kirby’s doghouse ? And what’s up with the play calls Kirby stubborn are you ? The field was open and we kick 3 field goals and don’t throw until passing down again late in this game ?


Pretty frustrating Kirby with all this blog has offered about your wasting offensive players Kirby and refusing to open it up when opponents give it to you downfield. You had better hire an offensive mind you truly respect to make the offensive calls for you Kirby.


Notre Dame was ready for you Kirby from the opening kickoff. Kirby give Jake Fromm free reign to throw the football for God’s sake.


There is no excuse for those offensive play calls once again Kirby. We all know you controlled that once again.


Jamaree Salyer you gave the Start at Right OT vs Murray State then benched again Kirby. What’s the deal ? We need him out Starting and Ben Cleveland Starting too Kirby. Can’t you see that ?  Did you really think that was working on offense Kirby ?  It’s a good situation that your Defense passed the test Kirby because your meddling in the offense as to who you keep in your doghouse and how you will not let Jake Fromm open it up downfield are going to continue to hurt you offensively.


You really LOST 2 of the 3 areas of your team again Kirby both your special teams and those personnel decisions by you Kirby and your offensive play calls and personnel too Kirby.  Year 4.  You need to shore this up soon Kirby.





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