4 coaches in 4 years Temple has NOT been good to their players. 17 on Geoff Collins “coaching” staff left with him from Temple to Georgia Tech where he is 1-3 with losses to Temple and the Citadel among the WORST LOSSES in college football 2019. When Geoff Collins quit Temple he REFUSED to have a team meeting to tell Temple players he recruited there. Those players still at Temple held a grudge and beat the ever-living shit out of Geoff Collins yesterday. Temple has LOST 117 more games than it has won in their all-time record. Buffalo with a LOSING RECORD beat Temple last week but this week Geoff Collins got taught how to steal a staff of 17 from Temple without so much as having a team meeting to tell the players he recruited to Temple. Players who BEAT HIS ASS 2-24. Nice Geoff Collins. Really nice.

You fit right in with the nerds Geoff Collins who has no association with Georgia Tech either like he didn’t with Temple either so he left without so much as a team meeting taking 17 coaches with him to make-up his Georgia Tech staff.


What a piece of shit Geoff Collins.


Thought I would give you a shout-out after your players at Temple told us all you were one of those pussies who REFUSED to have a team meeting at Temple to let them know you were leaving a little after a year after you arrived taking with you 17 members of your staff now at Georgia Tech from Temple.


2-24.  Good job Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech and to a program with 117 MORE losses all-time than they have wins.


Playing cupcakes like Georgia Tech.


A match made in Heaven.


Good hire Georgia Tech.


Fresh into their latest NCAA Probation this is not the inauspicious start Georgia Tech wanted from its head coach it stole from the likes of Temple who just kicked Geoff Collins’ ass 2 to 24.





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