Does Kirby need to hire an Offensive Coordinator who is smarter than Kirby is ?

Because Kirby’s Passing Offense is ranked # 75 in the NATION all 4 years of the Kirby Regime.



1. Tyler Simmons Senior 1st string announced by Kirby today as STARTING Z-Receiver and 1. Matt Landers Redshirt Sophomore X-Receiver as THE STARTING Wide Receivers for Florida. God Damn it Kirby Smart you dumbass. Quit meddling with the offense you don’t know JACK SHIT about Kirby and NEVER COACHED. These are NOT your best wide receivers just the oldest. This is BULLSHIT Kirby that with all the young WR you START these guys instead. Then NEVER throw them the God Damn Football Kirby.

Are we to believe that since only you get to see all the practices Kirby that YOU KNOW who are the best WR to START at these positions against our # 1 Rival ?


Bullshit son.  Bull shit.


Do not be surprised to see many of your best wide receivers quit your team Kirby and go to the transfer portal.  You are so FULL OF SHIT Kirby on your personnel decisions and your play calls.  You prefer the older players to the young studs and you prefer fair catch and hand-off to RB every first and second down.  Guess what Kirby ?  I don’t.  I play my best players.  You ?  Not hardly.


Leave our offense alone Kirby.  You don’t know what you are doing on offense or on special teams.


And frankly Kirby you have no clue about personnel decisions either obviously.





$5000 per year per student-athlete maximum. Five Thousand Dollars year. Some collegiate athletes will NEVER market themselves for a penny. Thirty-thousand per student-athlete maximum. 6 years. Name Image Likeness NIL to belong to the athlete NCAA says not later than January 2021 for all collegiate sports. The state of Florida is going forward with NIL before next season for collegiate athletes.


Notre Dame LOST to 2-loss Michigan 45-14. Texas LOST to 3-loss TCU by double-digits yet TCU had lost to 3 teams already including to Iowa State who has already lost 3 games. Auburn barely lost at LSU 23-20. South Carolina lost their 5th loss of the season already by twice their score 41-21 to a 5-loss team themselves. Texas A&M just hung 49 points on an SEC team. Are we going to beat Florida or Auburn or Texas A&M with these conservative play calls of KIRBY SMART on offense and special teams ? You do know Kirby plays conservative play calls on defense too with absolutely no pressure on opposing backfields. We just got killed this weekend. The loss by South Carolina their 5th loss. Notre Dame losing kills Georgia. Add to that that Justin Fields hung 38 on Wisconsin while having his daddy refuse to let him transfer back. He ran out on us. We should NEVER have lost to South Carolina. We will have hard time beating Auburn. Notre Dame is no DAMN good. Texas A&M will play their A game against Kirby defensively and offensively and throw in some good special teams’ play. Florida is just laying in the woods for Kirby’s conservativism on offense special teams AND defense. I believe our fan base IS 110% in unity on this as are all the recruits as well. We got to fix these conservative play calls across the board by Kirby Smart BEFORE Florida or you can stick a fork in Kirby as head coach. The recruits are NOT on-board with Kirby’s conservatism and Justin Fields’ daddy refusing to let his son come back makes what Kirby did to Justin Fields all the worse. We’re in deep dodo.

If you think we are not being negatively recruited against or that the recruits do not need to hear us boo Kirby’s across the board conservatism – you’re out of your God Damn mind.  Every college recruit is smart enough to see all this without you telling me I can not boo.  Sure I can.  Kirby better fix this early conservatism all 3 phases for himself and his career.  You told me I could not criticize Mark Richt.  Now this.  Here.  Stick THIS up your dumbass asshole.


These recruits are NOT idiots.  They know all this.  You can’t shut me up and all of a sudden the recruits are all idiots and don’t know Kirby’s conservatism is being used against Kirby.  The recruits never knew what I and the rest of the known world already knew if you can shut me up ?  If we do not boo Kirby’s conservatism the recruits would never have known what Kirby is doing is NOT WORKING with Florida his 12th loss in his 4th season ?  How stupid can you be ?  Don’t criticize Kirby.  Don’t boo Kirby for the recruiting visitors to see.  Be positive.  Dumb shits.


The ONLY idiot around here is you.  THIS blog has proved that repeatedly.


Don’t tell me that you don’t want the recruits to hear me boo Kirby’s conservatism.  The recruits ALREADY knew that.  Why have Kirby’s recruits in the top 20 in the state dropped off to only 3 last year 2019 and now this year only 2 ?


Because the recruits are not idiots.  Just only you are.




Does Kirby really have to have control of EVERYTHING even those areas he has no experience in and no knowledge of like special teams for example ? Or can Kirby relinquish control of special teams to someone he respects and trusts who does know special teams and who can try to at least consult TOTAL CONTROL KIRBY SMART on what Kirby should be doing on special teams ?


You want a QUICK FIX for our offense ? I’ve got a QUICK FIX for our offense. Tell Kirby he can NOT have ANY say whatsoever on our offense starting today’s practice. How can we allow our offense to continue in this direction of Kirby’s TOTAL CONTROL with our offense so out of touch with the rest of the known world ?


Only 8 of Kirby’s 25 signed last year 2019 are from Georgia 17 out-of-state and now 2020 only 4 of 16 commitments are from Georgia and it is NOT LIKE we get all the top recruits in-state either. We have seen the dynamics change after falling to Alabama twice both of which KNOCKED US OUT 2017 and 2018. Now 2019 we can’t even get to that already KNOCKED OUT. Over. Done. Stick fork in Kirby. Don’t give me this BULLSHIT that we struggle against two 4- loss teams lose to one of them and will beat LSU Alabama Texas A&M Auburn and Florida only running every down against a stacked box and run blitzes. Bullshit. And fair catch every punt and kick-off to hand it off every first and second down # 72 Passing Offense. 3 losses a year average. No different from Mark Richt. Control Freak with NO EXPERIENCE offense or special teams. Head coach control freak not accepted by the kids in-state. Now go tell me how I am wrong. I am NOT wrong.

Kirby’s strategies on offense and special teams are wrong.


Kirby’s defense is fine with liberal substitutions. Offense and Special Teams Kirby plays NOT TO LOSE.


Really on defense Kirby does the same playing not to lose.  Contain strategy on defense.  Not a get after their ass defense.  Kirby does NOT force the issue.  It works on defense. On offense Kirby struggles against opponents with nowhere near his talent only 3 teams with better talent 2019 season.


On special teams Kirby refuses to let the 2nd stringers get in their contributions.  You see Kirby at the games on the sidelines yell at younger offensive players on special teams for even THINKING about trying to return a kick-off or a punt.


That’s bullshit.


I now return you to your 3-losses a year for 4 years of Kirby.


Replacing Mark Richt who gave you 8 straight years at the end of his tenure of 32 losses 4 losses a year.


How is 3 losses a year any different from 4 ?


Kirby loses to at least two (2) SEC teams EVERY year.


And Kirby on Saturday week will be 3 losses a year average for 4 years… with still games against LSU or Alabama Missouri Texas A&M and a bowl opponent like Ohio State or Clemson or maybe Notre Dame again.  I bet you Notre Dame can stack the box and run blitz against Kirby now.




Excuse me.


I am unsatisfied with Kirby’s level of experience on offense and on special teams.  I think the kids see this.


Fans can not boo Kirby ?


Here stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.




# 72 Passing Offense every year Kirby

Fair catch every punt and every kick-off Kirby

Ain’t working Kirby.





We hired Kirby DURING the 2015 season.  I see analysis where the writer starts 2017. Excuse me. We fired Mark Richt 2015 during the season and HIRED KIRBY THEN 2015.  2016 is Kirby’s fault for NOT BEING HERE until a few days before Signing Date. NO EXCUSES. Read my blog then.  I said it daily.  Now I still hold Kirby responsible for 2016.


This blog FIRED Mark Richt during the season over his bullshit against this Florida team 2015.  Now Kirby is headed down there.  He like Mark Richt maintains that it is a DISADVANTAGE playing Florida down there.  Kirby says recruiting disadvantage.  Mark Richt said it is hard to acclimate to the weather.  It was 41 degrees last night here.  I am sorry it is 86 degrees in Jacksonville at game time.  86 not 41 here last night.  It’s an hour for them.  Frankly the Gator Bowl is played EVERY YEAR at this hellhole city and hellhole old rickety stadium which has not been host to any major event in the lifetime of these kids you insist on playing there so you can go down there and get drunk.


And our head football coaches at Georgia have their heads up their ass against Florida.


So there you have it.


I am telling you Kirby is NOT going to JAX with his offensive strategies of run up middle first and second down then let them key on Jake Fromm on 3rd down and fair catch every punt and every kick-off.  Why recruit all this talent only 3 more talented 2019 in the entire nation and fair catch ?  Try getting some traction Kirby.  Try making something happen.


After Florida which is a LOSS we have Texas A&M Auburn LSU or Alabama a bowl opponent like Clemson or Ohio State and we struggled against two 4-loss teams South Carolina and Kentucky.  So Kirby is going to lose 3 games this year and at least 2 if not 3 SEC teams 2019.  Four ?  Then a bowl game.


You let Kirby off the hook.


We are trying to get stubborn Kirby to get off his control freak high horse and do something like NOT be # 72 Passing Offense EVERY MOTHER sucking year.


No experience special teams and none offense.  No idea what to do. Defense is fine and is NOT the problem with Kirby.  Recruits see it.  You say I can NOT say it. Do you really think you dumb shits that if I do not say it that the recruits are that stupid that they don’t see it ? That somehow I am an outsider with season tickets forever and graduate who should shut up and let Kirby keep losing 3 games a year 2 to SEC teams ?


Or worse.


Well do you PUNK ?


Our coach does not know what he is doing and you are a GOD DAMN FOOL.


If Kirby is not appealing to the top talent in-state then we have a problem no matter how you bury your head like you did with Mark Richt his last 8 years.  It’s NO DIFFERENT.   National recruiting to fill holes because the kids in-state are NOT STUPID and don’t need ME to tell THEM that Kirby is NOT getting it done on offense nor special teams and us with no athletics’ director to teach offense and special teams to Kirby.  Just a stubborn son of a bitch head coach who thinks he DOES know offense and special teams and just play to NOT LOSE.


I am sorry.  Quit telling me I can not say it.  You know it.  I know it.  Kirby knows it. Every coach we play knows it.  The kids know it.  Bury your head in the sand and the recruiting will be better ?  We have PLENTY of talent.  What we don’t have is a special teams’ coordinator nor an offensive coordinator and Kirby will all these monies we give him refuses to hire someone to do what he doesn’t know.  Vince Dooley was NOTHING without Erk Russell.


I have been trying to tell you about this for years about Kirby. One day I get the credit I am due on it.  I tell you again.


How many times now this is game 8 – how many times has our offense been handed the ball by our special teams or our defense for that matter and on the next play we did what Steve Spurrier always did of throwing it in the end zone scoring a TD on the next play all season now ?   Once I can think of and that was on a bad punt not something Kirby FORCED and even it was a run. We get NO TRACTION.  We play NOT TO LOSE.  It is against Kirby’s rules to EVEN TRY to do something on the field.  Do our job.  Chop wood.  Crap on all that.  Score God Damn it.  Make something freaking happen for a change. I am bored Kirby.  I don’t think you know what to do on special teams or offense and frankly you never put any pressure on defense to make anything happen either. If it were not for the talent only 3 more talent in the entire nation 2019 frankly you would not be close Kirby to being a well-rounded polished head football coach.


Brash.  Know-it-All.  Control Freak.  No experience offense or special teams.  Refuse to listen or hire anyone he respects at areas he knows he knows nothing about.


I am with Buck Belue on this AM680 The Fan.


Intense Kirby over paid at this point.


You think Kirby has not forced these folks to say what he wants said ?


Hear the other side of page two here.




7 in 2016 then 12 in 2017 then 9 in 2018 then 3 in 2019 now 2 Kirby in-state top 20 prospects 2020 – headed in the wrong direction Kirby. What’s the problem Kirby ? Is it your bullshit offense which we all know is the sole responsibility of Kirby and NO ONE ELSE. Kirby you have explained how you like running the ball to make your defense better which it does. Kirby you are full of shit if you think you can do that and win over Florida Texas A&M Auburn Missouri LSU and Alabama. Hells Bells Kirby you can’t even get the 5-star recruits in-state to play for you with this bullshit special teams all fair catches and bullshit offense run up middle every God Damn play. I am sorry Kirby but I am NOT BUYING it. And your next loss is # 12 Kirby in 4 years to-date. NOT what I signed-up for Kirby.

Why is it that NO ONE can say that Kirby is the # 72 Passing Offense every mother God Damn Year ?


7 Seven 2016 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

12 Twelve 2017 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

9 Nine 2018 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

3 Three 2019 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

2 Two 2020 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby


What is wrong with this picture ?



South Carolina placed on NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL today for cheating in recruiting for a prospect who has committed to Clemson ANYWAY. Dumbasses.

That is outstanding South Carolina Gamecocks and Will Muschamp and next year he goes to Clemson ANYWAY.  The NCAA has ruled today that they will not allow the prospect to go to South Carolina because they are  God Damn CHEATERS.


Defensive Lineman Demonte Capehart of IMG Academy # 27 prospect in the 2020 ESPN 300 committed to Clemson.



Kirby is NOT winning this game against Florida with these BULLSHIT PLAY CALLS of Kirby on offense. Florida is more disciplined and passes the ball better has a great defense and isn’t penalized – a lot better team who plays better games than Kirby has our team playing. Better coached team is Florida 2019 clearly. Kirby has to change his offense and special teams COMPLETELY to beat Texas A&M Auburn Florida LSU or Alabama. Or anyone else like Clemson or Ohio State.

# 68 Passing Offense Kirby 2019 only 1641 yards passing all season 7 games.


# 6 Total Defense Kirby has a fine defense with two (2) shutouts on the season.


# 94 Penalties 439 yards Kirby has LOST CONTROL of his offense special teams and plays undisciplined football.


Florida does not get penalized and Florida is a great passing offense at # 31 Passing Offense in the nation.


Florida also has a great defense # 25 Total Defense 2019 Florida Gators.



Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up the middle.  Good Lord.


You can’t boo the play calls up the middle 7 consecutive stalled drives to start the game until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter against a 1-4 SEC team after losing to a 2-3 team the week before ?


You’re full of shit.




KIRBY SMART : “Fans boo. That is what they pay their money for to give their opinions. And they are entitled to that. I respect that. But at the end of the day our job is to put our kids in the most successful situations and allow them to be successful. Do you know what I mean ? I don’t think you make decisions based on fans booing. If you do—you never look back.”

Maybe you can say that you do not make decisions based upon your own fans booing your ineffective play calls.  We all know Kirby you want to be CONTROL FREAK Kirby.  You are NOT putting our men in position to do their best for us Kirby.  It does I dare say affect you sir. Your defense played so well. And your offense and your special teams were not contributing sir.


This is the second game in a row Kirby that the fans have wholesale been booing at you Kirby.  11 losses with your 12th loss next and this still halfway through your 4th year as head coach Kirby.  And 2 weeks in a row against weak football teams everyone else has been beating but your offense was NOT beating them last week so we did boo you Kirby.  And we did boo again when you were not beating another weak team AGAIN this week Kirby.  You called us noise.  You hide from us what your practices are like.  You act like it is you against us.  Excuse me Kirby we rooted for this team BEFORE you took over and will root for this team AFTER you are gone Kirby.


Your first seven (7) possessions Kirby you PUNTED the God Damn football Kirby along with once losing the ball on downs unable to run less than a yard against this Kentucky team. Kentucky is a 1 win 4 loss SEC team. Kentucky does not have their quarterback. It was 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby against this team. Then Kentucky punted the ball to only their own 39 yard line. Finally you scored Kirby.


Kentucky beat Arkansas who is 0-4 SEC team at Kentucky only by 24-20. But 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby you had 7 possessions ALL PUNTS or failed to make first down on 4th down. Kentucky without their quarterback.


You have been criticized Kirby for tying the offense’s hands behind its back and for doing the same to the special teams Kirby.


7 possessions of nothing in a row to start the game all the way until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter begins against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback. Did you get that Kirby ?


Yeah the fans booed you again Kirby.


You don’t make decisions based upon the fans booing ? Seriously Kirby ? Who do you think pays your salary ? That’s right Kirby. We do. Us. The fans. The ones booing such an effort 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


It seemed to have the desired effect.


Only to read you don’t make decisions based on that.


A 1-4 SEC team without its quarterback and you punt or lose the ball on downs 7 times in a row to begin the game. Did you think you did NOT deserve to be booed Kirby ?


You really think it did not have the desired effect ?


Sure it did Kirby.


You are one stubborn son of a bitch to think you do NOT make decisions based upon our fans booing you again Kirby two games in a row.


With 11 losses half-way in your 4th season fixing to be 12 losses 3 losses a year with a fine defense and an offense and a special teams deserving of being booed.




7 consecutive possessions to begin the game against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback nothing at all Kirby.






6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


Only when their punt only got out to their own 39 yard line did you score Kirby even then sir.


You do not make decisions based upon the fans booing your offense and special teams Kirby ?


I suggest it had its desired effect Kirby.


Kirby has no imagination on offense or on special teams and refuses to put our talent only 3 teams having more talent than this into a position where they can be successful.  In fact anything but.  Kirby has the team playing tight on offense and tight on special teams with a great defense substituting liberally only on defense.  Kirby wants to make this Kirby against the fans ?  Guess who is going to win that ?  There aren’t ANY excuses for a 1-4 SEC team holding our offense and special teams to just punts and a 4th down that was stopped until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


There ALSO were not any excuses for what happened last week on offense and special teams either.  We just have a coach who has NEVER COACHED offenses or special teams in his entire lifetime and it shows.


We are NEVER going to beat Florida like this and that is the subject of my next blog since there are so many who read it.


Kirby is coaching not to lose on offense and on special teams.  That is NOT WORKING against weak teams last week and this week.  And it damn sure is not going to work against good teams like next week.


This is why the fans boo.


Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up middle.  Good Lord.




# 86 Passing Offense average for Kirby all 4 years so far. # 73 Passing Offense for 2019. # 69 Passing Offense for 2018. # 105 Passing Offense for 2017. # 97 Passing Offense for 2016.

And 11 losses in his 4th year.  More to come as a DIRECT result of this # 86 Passing Offense.



Kirby forced Jake Fromm to run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo and boo Kirby’s bullshit play calls. Yet there remains some discussion about BEGGING Kirby to respond to THIS CRITICISM. Excuse me ? Why is Kirby # 72 Passing Offense ? Because Kirby runs the ball up the middle on first and second downs. Even when Kirby is LOSING. Even when we BOO Kirby for it. Did you HEAR ME that time ? Well did you punk ?

Kirby insisted we run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo.  Now Kirby has no GOD DAMN ANSWER to this.


Kirby meets with the press.  And the press are such GOD DAMN WIMPS that they accept that Kirby does NOT reply to this criticism.  Kirby will NOT answer the press on this. Kirby IGNORES the press asking him about this booing and booing by the fans for his running first and second down 10 times even losing even us booing Kirby for it.  Kirby REFUSES to answer the press about it changing the topic to yes we are thinking only about Kentucky and running first and second down every time all this week again too with Kirby’s # 72 Passing Offense.  This is what Kirby does.  Control freak.  Fans booing.  He runs up middle first and second downs 10 times against South Carolina ANYWAY and refuses to answer direct questions from the press about it.  He ducks the question.


It’s such bullshit and bad that the press lets Kirby get away with this ignoring the press asking Kirby about it.


Kirby will ANSWER for this.


I guarantee it.


God damn stubborn son of a bitch.




Is it all or nothing with Kirby ? Do we have to watch Kirby sink or swim with his utter lack of experience on the offensive and special teams’ areas of our program ? Is there no one above Kirby who can tell Kirby he has to learn modern offenses and learn how to take advantage of special teams with all this talent he has ?


Longtime UGA commit Jamil Burroughs takes South Carolina loss on the nose and quits his commitment to Georgia choosing Alabama instantly. Negative recruiting again here in the state of Georgia by Nick Saban again. Don’t give me this shit about “LOYAL” Georgia Bulldogs’ fans. The facts are the loss ended our season this year and is more of the same for Kirby with a putrid offense # 73 Passing Offense 2019 just like Kirby was 2018 and 2017 and 2016 the # 72 Passing Offense EVERY YEAR. This is going to HURT KIRBY until he FIXES HIS OFFENSE by NOT being # 72 Passing Offense EVERY YEAR of Kirby now year 4 again # 72 Passing Offense.


“We have to do a better job getting the ball to playmakers in space as well as trying to get the ball outside a little more and we have to take more shots downfield.” D’Andre Swift outspoken critic to the press on our offense. In other words D’Andre Swift says all we do is run the ball up the middle. Did you get that ? D’Andre Swift said all this to the press. You stand behind Kirby Smart ? Or you agree Kirby Smart MUST CHANGE HIS OFFENSE like D’Andre Swift says Kirby must change the offense ? Which is it ?


# 73 Passing Offense 2019 Kirby UGA Georgia Bulldogs



What did you expect ?


That no one would tell you that Georgia under Kirby his 4th year is # 73 Passing Offense ?


Sure he is.


He runs every first and second down even LOSING.



The truth of the matter is that I am sick and tired of losing 3 games every year. Kirby was hired to FIX that. Kirby’s next loss with be loss # 12. This is his 4th year. I am sorry but THIS is unacceptable. I see glaring areas of LACK of experience and LACK of knowledge of offenses and of special teams. All the rest Kirby is great at. But 3 losses a year for 4 years is NOT what I signed-up for. 11 losses 6 games into his 4th season with 8 games to go this season. We OBVIOUSLY have several more losses ahead. Listen to Kirby. He is not fixing his offense or his special teams.

That does NOT mean I am not rooting for my Bulldogs.  It just simply means that I am realistic that we have two (2) more losses this season to keep Kirby losing an average of 3 games a year.  In fact, Kirby’s next loss will be # 12 Loss in 4 years.  So whether he loses 3 as I guarantee this season or loses just one more Kirby loses 3 games a year.  These 3 losses a year are a direct result of Kirby running every first and second down and fair catching every punt and every kick-off so that Kirby can have Jake Fromm hand the ball off every first and second down.


Do that crap and you will have 3 losses a year…


or more.



Forget about all the teams that we’re behind in the polls now. Recall again where we are with Kirby telling LIES to the press how his every effort is to pass the ball. Bullshit Kirby. And hiding what he is doing like no one knows Kirby has never coached offense or special teams. So all the practices are PRIVATE. If no one can see him coaching offense or special teams they can not second-guess Kirby. That is what Kirby thinks. His opinion. No one else has an opinion – just only Kirby. No one can even ask questions about personnel decisions. Kirby is one stubborn son of a bitch. Imagine everyone at Dooley Field booing Kirby’s play calls of only runs every first and second down ? Imagine that ? And still losing, Kirby makes the offense again just only run every first and second down. Kirby gives away what he is going to do. And he then therefore WASTES all this talent. 3 teams in the nation with more talent than us 2019. Kirby it is unacceptable and this has to come to an end. So say ALL of us.

Don’t tell me we can WIN OUT and make the play-offs. Try to see if you can focus for a moment now on what our weaknesses are and how we can get Kirby to do something about our weaknesses on special teams and on offense.  Kirby needs to hire an offensive coordinator in FACT not in name.  Kirby needs to hire a special teams’ coordinator in FACT not in name. Kirby knows NOTHING about either and has NEVER COACHED either.


If that is not obvious to you.


Kirby’s defense is doing fine. It’s EVERY other aspect of the team that is suffering.


We can’t beat a team who 3 of their first 4 opponents beat ?


How are we going to beat the top teams ? Is there ANYONE out there who did boo Saturday at Kirby’s play calls who thinks for one God Damn moment that Kirby can CONTINUE this run first and second down and then behind the chains against a stacked box, can send his Jake Fromm out there to make the first down on third down every time throwing ?


Well ?


Is there ?


Florida Auburn Texas A&M LSU Alabama… even Ohio State – everyone throws the ball.  Hell Missouri saw what South Carolina did stacking the box no turnovers then get after Jake Fromm every 3rd down.  And don’t forget what South Carolina did passing the ball against us.  Kirby never realized what South Carolina’s game plan was.  Never.  Or he thought he could teach us how to better block for his stupid shit runs every first and second down forever.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


And all the top teams have now all seen how bone-headed stubborn Kirby is fair catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off even losing.  Only 3 teams in America have more talent than Kirby does yet Kirby refuses to let us return punts or return kick-offs.  Turn our guys loose Kirby.  Try to use all this talent on special teams and return punts and kick-offs Kirby.  Good Lord son. Might as well NOT EVEN have all this talent out there.  See ?  Why reduce us every punt and kick-off to sending Jake Fromm out there to hand-off every first and second down instead Kirby ?

I know you are not stupid Kirby.


You just don’t know a God Damn thing about Offenses Kirby.


Or special teams.


Or how a team with third best talent makes something happen in special teams. I can tell you this Kirby that you do NOT make something happen on special teams by flinging a hail mary with 13 seconds on the clock and then expect your kicker to bail you out.  Send him out there.  We all saw he was ready.


There are too many mistakes that can happen Kirby.  I know you have seen NFL games.  They are in the guy’s field goal range.  They run up the middle.  They put it between the hash and send him out.  2nd down.  3rd down.  13 seconds.  Hells Bells on first down they send him out there.  Worse is to not even let him try.


Yes.  I am second-guessing you Kirby.  You were not prepared Kirby.  You better learn.  Soon.  You have to kick that field goal with 13 seconds Kirby.


Why is that Kirby ?


  1. Because too many mistakes can happen
  2. Because you have NEVER coached special teams and don’t know kick it


Reduce the game to just run every first and second down even not only losing but even NOT WORKING.  This is the BOOK on Kirby.  Be conservative on play calls per Kirby.  Be conservative on special teams.  Don’t change-up play calls so the defense never knows what you are going to run before you run any play.


Heavens no Kirby.


Don’t do that.


Tip your hat.


Tie your third best talent’s hands behind their backs and yell at them on the sideline if they try to return a punt and make the first man miss or try.  Good Lord.


Let’s not practice returning kick-offs with all this running back talent stockpiled.  Sit them on the sidelines.  Tell them they got in the game.  Force them to fair catch.  Let’s not take any chances Kirby.


Reduce us to hand off from Jake Fromm every first and second down.




So now today Kirby runs to the press and announces Kirby wants THE PLAYERS to look in the mirror.  That Kirby insists we have to block better on our OL Kirby said today so that we can run every first and second down.


I swear to God.


Kirby it is not the players who need to look in the mirror.  It is YOU son.  You Kirby.  You who must look in the mirror and finally figure it out that the top teams like Alabama and LSU pass the God Damn Football.


You are stuck in the stone age Kirby of beginning to understand offenses.  You still only understand offenses Kirby from the defensive point of view that it helps your defense if you shorten the game by running every first and second down even when they stack the box against you Kirby.


Good golly.





Try shutting me up Kirby. All of us who boo your play calls. We rail against THE BOOK ON KIRBY SMART. The book is that you stack the box and stubborn Kirby will try run every 1st and 2nd down anyway – even when he is LOSING. 16 teams have stacked the box against you Kirby in 3 years plus 6 games and have held you under 200 yards rushing. You have LOST 9 of these 16 games Kirby with more to come. Even a moron can see that Kirby. Quit being predictable on offense God Damn it Kirby. That’s STUPID. That’s NOT smart.

Open letter to Kirby.  3 SEC teams are ranked ahead of Kirby this morning.  3 Big Ten teams are ranked ahead of us too.  An independent whom we beat is ranked ahead of Kirby.  The lone ACC team is ranked ahead of Kirby.  A Big XII team is ranked ahead of Kirby today.  We dropped from the single digits in the AP Poll.


16 games Kirby’s 3 seasons plus 6 games so far Kirby has been held to under 200 yards rushing and lost 9. Jake Fromm 3 sacks 1 fumble lost and 3 interceptions.  Kirby has run-off all QB competition and holds practices with only Kirby’s set of eyes all we hear of every practice.

Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience on your resume and your lack of special teams’ coaching experience Kirby shows-up in these 16 games of rushing less than 200 yards with them stacking the box against you Kirby and you trying to run only run every down.  It’s worse than boring.  It’s counterproductive Kirby to tip your hat like that son.


Stubbornly Kirby you only hire ONLY YES MEN as coordinators and refuse to allow them or anyone to talk to the press.  You let us watch but limited to 8 minutes of watching the team to TRY TO HELP you KIRBY.


Kirby you are averaging OVER 3 losses a season and surely no different this season either.


11 losses 10 the first 3 seasons and now 1 this season with 2 more losses ahead.  As always with Kirby and always they stop the run and Kirby runs anyway.




Even losing, all Kirby wanted to do was to run the football – even though it was NOT working. We boo and boo and boo Kirby for his play calls and no one tells anyone how we feel about Kirby and take shit from Kirby when they try to ask Kirby ANY of these questions. Questions which ultimately will cost Kirby his job. Does Kirby recruit well ? Yes. 4th best talent in the nation and we lose to a team who lost 3 games already this season who has nowhere near our talent. Kirby insists on running first down running second down and running a lot of third downs. On Defense Kirby substitutes liberally. On Offense and Special Teams Kirby only plays yes men and fails to rotate them in seemingly with many in Kirby’s doghouse.


I tried to tell Kirby this 2016. My blog is here. I tried to tell Kirby this 2017. I tried 2018 to tell Kirby. I tried to tell you 2019 and Senator over at Get the picture called me an outsider for my effort and sent CB over here to tell me that I wanted Brian Schottenheimer who is the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks with no discussion of our growing frustration with Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience and lack of special teams’ experience.


Like Mark Richt teams Kirby lost to an unranked opponent who 3 other teams already in their first 5 games beat. Like Mark Richt Kirby wants to wait for the game to come to him. Fair Catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off no one is allowed to try to return the ball per direction from Kirby. Our quarterbacks are allowed only to hand-off with runs up the middle.


# 4 best talent in the nation only 3 other teams have more talent than Kirby but routinely Kirby is beat by lesser talented teams 11 such teams so far 6 games into his 4th season. We have 8 games left this season if we face Alabama or LSU in The SEC Championship Game 8 more remaining.


The fans have spoken.


I have spoken.


Boo on your play calls. Boo on your press conferences. Boo on your conservative approach to special teams. Boo on your POOR CHOICES for coordinators only YES MEN who refuse to speak-up to the press in fear that they will be criticized for doing so by you Kirby. Boo on your practices Kirby so there can be no differing opinion.


Guess what Kirby ?


I have a different opinion.


Shut me up Kirby.


This is no fun Kirby. Turn our guys loose. Let’s play football. And get you a back-up quarterback because you are stuck with this one this year and next year who was sacked 3 times fumbled and lost the fumble and threw 3 interceptions to one guy yet you never considered rotating anyone in as QB.  Pretty God Damn sad Kirby.


That’s poor coaching.



Piss poor.



That’s an F for coaching.


That’s an F for Jake Fromm.


That’s an F for special teams.


That’s an F for defensive coordinator.


That’s an F for offensive coordinator.


That’s an F minus for Kirby.


And do NOT hold a press conference like you did Kirby afterwards and announce that no one wins them all in The SEC that any game any SEC team can win over any other SEC team.  And don’t hold such a press conference either which you ALSO held afterwards Kirby and announce that you can not overcome a pick-6.  Sure you could have but FAILED.


Like ALL your press conferences are ALL FAILURES.




This mistreatment and suffering of gamecocks continues.

51-18-2 with 29-8 in Athens

Georgia had LOST 4 of the latest 5 to South Carolina going into the last season for Mark Richt in which he was FIRED with CAUSE.


Georgia’s main rivalries are Florida Auburn and to some extent Georgia Tech still. South Carolina certainly ranks right up there at the top of our rivalries with vols and Clemson just behind Alabama and LSU. Notre Dame and Texas as rivals rank beneath South Carolina because we play South Carolina more often as SEC Eastern Division foes although South Carolina never has done shit in college football and never will in the shadows of The Mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs.


It was unacceptable that happened to Mark Richt in this rivalry. Kirby Smart fixed ALL THAT having won EVERY GAME against South Carolina to right the series rivalry against our bordering state South Carolina.


In fact it can and should be said that when South Carolina found itself without Steve Spurrier that Georgia had to respond to South Carolina making such a strong push to hire Kirby Smart to replace Steve Spurrier. We felt if we did NOT get rid of Mark Richt in favor of Kirby Smart that Kirby might well look favorably upon replacing Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.


And so we hurriedly put together this push to have our A.D. Greg McGarity first FIRE Mark Richt (sooner rather than later) and then offer the position to Kirby Smart who instantly scarfed-up the job offer only to not show-up until nearly half-way through January.


When Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the Florida game 2015 season during the season before the season was over. Fired so we could hire Kirby Smart.  That Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the loss to Florida 2015 and prior to the Georgia Tech game is proven no better than the fact that Mark Richt won that game and was FIRED ANYWAY.  Instantly after the game against Georgia Tech is when the phone call happened between Kirby Smart and Greg McGarity.  Before EITHER could even get home they agreed on the deal in principle to replace Mark Richt with Kirby Smart and NOT Kirby to South Carolina as rumored AT THE TIME.


That is how THIS all happened whatever lies to the contrary you were told by Mark Richt Apologists at the time or NOW even still today.


Fired because Greg McGarity was told that we did NOT want South Carolina to get Kirby Smart and continue the recent then success against Mark Richt by South Carolina. 4 of the last 5 going into what would ultimately be Mark Richt’s last season fired with cause during 2015 season.


South Carolina has a 9-14 bowl record.


South Carolina has NEVER won The SEC Championship in football – not once. Not close.


Only 8 times since 1892 has South Carolina made the AP Poll Top 25 and one of those they did NOT make the Coaches’ Poll top 25. South Carolina did win ACC 50 years ago.


In short South Carolina NEVER has been a football program and has as a mascot fighting gamecocks.


Will Muschamp did beat Mark Richt when he coached Florida gators 2014 the year before we FIRED Mark Richt for it. Kirby has beat Will Muschamp every time. Jim McElwain beat Mark Richt 2015 after Will Muschamp was FIRED from Florida despite beating Mark Richt.


Cockfighting is a blood sport between two cocks or gamecocks birds held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6000 years. The first documented use of the word gamecock denoting use of cock as a “game” a sport a pastime or as an entertainment is recorded as in 1634. Nowadays it is illegal but somehow South Carolina remains gamecocks. How can that be so ?



USC (e) just who is this opponent who has LOST 3 games already this early 2019 season and took the WEEK OFF before US ?

USC (e) is # 63 Scoring Offense we are # 12 :


USC (e) is # 53 Scoring Defense we are # 7 :



USC (e) is # 38 Rushing Offense which is VERY GOOD running ball We # 13 :


USC (e) is # 79 Passing Offense even worse than us # 48 :


USC (e) is # 56 sacking opposing QB and us # 27


There is NOTHING South Carolina is better than us at which is why they’ve LOST 3 games already fixing to be 4 week off to fake kick-off and fake punt or not.


There is nothing they can pull with # 18 recruiting compared to our # 6.  We regularly get the best players in the state of South Carolina EVERY YEAR.


When you say just “Carolina” you mean North Carolina (who BEAT South Carolina already this year in their 3 losses.)


When you say USC you mean Southern California not South Carolina who at best might be referred by a few as USC (e.)


gamecocks (what a stupid ass name) have NO HOPE tomorrow at noon at Dooley Field.


Why are they allowed to be called gamecocks still anyway ?  God Damn fools.  Oh and they root for their team like they are a real team.


Uh no.  No they are NOT a real football program and NEVER have been.






30-2 when Kirby runs for 200 yards or more in his 4 seasons now means Kirby is LOSING RECORD 7 wins 8 losses when he does NOT run for 200 yards in the game. Considering he runs every first and second down and a fair number of 3rd downs are runs too in Kirby’s career so far we should find it MORE INTERESTING that 15 times Kirby has FAILED to rush for 200 yards. 15 games opposing coaches STACKED THE BOX and Kirby has a LOSING RECORD when they do STACK THE BOX. I would stack the box on Kirby. You would have to be a dumbass not to stack the box against Kirby. Jake Fromm great game against vols but that was the vols who have a WEAK SECONDARY. Overall 3 years Jake Fromm has NOT done that.


Justin Fields against 6 ALL UNRANKED CUPCAKES (six such so far with Northwestern next) has been sacked twice per game 12 in total SACKS so far 2019 and is taking his course work at Ohio State online on the Internet. Thought you should know.

What Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State is that he is getting an online education.  He takes his courses on the Internet.  I do NOT consider THAT a Scholarship to a top school.  And he has been sacked 16 times already now too.  4 times Justin Fields got sacked here on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now that he transferred another 12 times twice per game so far at online Ohio State Internet they call it.


Transferred from this great University where he was required to go to classes because Jake Fromm told Justin Fields that he Jake Fromm was going to STAY and play next year too 2020-2021 season and then be a top NFL Draft Pick 2021 NFL Draft.  12 times Justin Fields has been sacked at Ohio State.  Justin Fields is going to set a record at Ohio State getting sacked.  When you are getting sacked several times EVERY GAME you have to ask yourself what the hell is the problem getting sacked ALL THE TIME like Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State.


How do you get sacked 16 times Justin Fields ?



Have fun up there in your Internet “Education.”  There are LOTS of distractions online to NOT CHEAT.


That’s NOT an education.  That’s bullshit Justin Fields.






South Carolina # 18 in recruiting and Kirby # 6 for next year so far 2020. So how is South Carolina going to win then ? Because they TRY harder ? Are better coached ?

Obviously Kirby does a LOT better job recruiting than Will Muschamp.  That is why Will Muschamp has NEVER beat Kirby.  The trend will continue Saturday at noon.




William Lawrence Muschamp started the same day Kirby did here and the comparisons are NOT PRETTY. Will Muschamp is LOSING RECORD 13-14 at South Carolina against SEC fixing to be 13-15 Athens noon Saturday. 24-20 his record contrasts sharply with Kirby who is 20-6 fixing to be 21-6 vs SEC and undefeated against Will Muschamp. Kirby 37-10 compares to Will Muschamp’s 24-20.

Compare Georgia and South Carolina


28-14 Kirby over Will Muschamp South Carolina 2016.


24-10 Kirby over Muschamp 2017.


41-17 Kirby won last year.


32-13 Kirby average winning margin over Will Muschamp.   2019 will be MORE than that since now Jake Fromm is tired of hearing he can’t pass. Sure he can. Kirby wouldn’t let him. But Kirby said pre-game vs vols who have no secondary as you saw that Kirby was doing all he could do to make sure Jake Fromm threw the ball. And throw the ball he did.


It was an awesome display against the vols by Jake Fromm which does NOT bode well for Will Muschamp looking for his first victory at South Carolina over Kirby both starting at these two schools the same time together – one headed upwards and one – well NOT.



vols have not beat a top 10 team since beating Mark Richt 2006. Phillip Fulmer was fired 2 years after that and rest is history for the lousy 1-4 vols as Kirby scored 33 unanswered points to come-from-behind 2 games in a row to win tonight in Knoxville who had empty seats.

So complete the domination of vols by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs that we scored 33 unanswered points on only 70 yard rushing in 29 carries for the vols for the game including against our 3rd string beating the shit out of the hapless vols by 29 points covering the spread by more than a field goal.


24-23-2 Georgia has the series lead.


Our offense got untracked tonight as the porous vols’ secondary had no answer to Jake Fromm.


We had 11 penalties for 107 yards tonight.  It’s what we do.


Jake Fromm was on his game this night against a really bad secondary of the vols.


Still Kirby went for 2 points senselessly and sat on the lead in the 2nd half punting rather than going for it and settling for field goals again all night long as per usual adding 3 more field goals against the vols.  We sacked vols 3 times.  vols fumbled twice and threw an interception. as Kirby played 62.


Shameful vols again.  3 in a row by Kirby over vols.



23-23-2 this rivalry has a chance to move back with Georgia ahead tonight 7 p.m. ESPN. The 9 wins in a row after Vince Dooley quit coaching were miserable with fans and players just awful towards us. Nowadays 67-72 vols starting 2008 the # 80 team for latest dozen years now. Kick their asses.

Forget everything else and win this game.


The vols have not been ANY good whatsoever for a  long long long time now since Phillip Fulmer’s last year as coach.


For 12 seasons in a row now vols have not made the final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21.


Number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report – how miserable school is that ?


vols’ coach said Quart’e Sapp refused to go in game week before game last year tired losing


this year vols’ coach made excuses arrest Jeremy Banks “we shoot cops Memphis.”


Kirby has won 2 in a row against these HAPLESS vols.


Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.


Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at Tennessee – we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”


Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.


Jamal Lewis.   Tee Martin took payments from vols fans of $7 thousand dollars repeatedly at 7-11 stores to win his tainted national championship in 1998.  Travis Henry also went to federal prison.   This is who played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since 1998.


It’s God Awful.


# 106 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges University of Tennessee at Knoxville.


You suck at football and your school SUCKS.  You were called lady vols this week.


Alvin Kamara – he gets kicked-out of Alabama by Nick Saban and vols take him in.  This is how badly vols want us.




4-8 in 2017 vols

5-7 in 2018 vols

1-3 in 2019 vols with LOSSES to losing record team BYU AND loss to Georgia State who doesn’t have winning record.


Routinely Mark Richt went up against vols with far better talent than they too and LOST.




Beat vols.







You’ve got to be kidding me right ? Jeremy Pruitt vols’ head football coach (lady vols) says to arresting police officer “Why do you have to arrest Jeremy Banks ? Just because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he failed to show-up to Court on his previous arrest ?” Oh good Lord Jeremy Pruitt. What a dumbass you are. No wonder your team is 1-3 with LOSS to Georgia State. “Go ahead. Do your civic duty man.” To the arresting officer. Look Jeremy Pruitt you made a BAD SITUATION WORSE boy. Good God. Tell me you see that now Jeremy Pruitt ? “This is the silliest shit I have ever seen in my life.” Jeremy Pruitt I don’t know who is worse NOW son. Did you really say that Jeremy Pruitt about a guy who said what he did to the Police ? I see someone at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville finally spoke up for decency and made the player you are MAKING EXCUSES FOR Jeremy Pruitt apologize. Excuses for this from Jeremy Banks : “Where I’m from we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis Tennessee.” I find this hard to imagine.

You can not make this kind stuff up a few days before we play vols.


I am ashamed that someone like you Jeremy Pruitt is associated with the sport I Love.  I fine it unimaginable that you would put up a defense for these ongoing actions by Jeremy Banks.



We are tied with vols 23-23-2 all-time series. We need this game. You have no idea how awful the 9 wins in a row vols over UGA Georgia Bulldogs was. They were MISERABLE fans against us. Absolutely miserable after Vince Dooley quit coaching.


This rivalry is TIED 23-23-2.




The case for 2 SEC teams in the College Football Playoffs. Can LSU or Auburn challenge Alabama ? Can Georgia ? How can there not be 2 SEC teams in the playoffs this season ? The short answer is EVERYONE KNOWS The SEC already deserves two (2) teams AT LEAST. This is why they try to rain on our parade.

It’s not going to help their team that folks have been positioning their team so that The SEC does NOT get 2 play-off berths AGAIN.







Florida is not in the same league as these others like LSU and Auburn however Georgia has technical philosophical snafus in both passing offense and punting special teams leaving us about the # 50 team in America not one of the top 4 in passing despite our accurate quarterback nor in punting special teams despite our placekicker.  We have a coach who makes personnel decisions and play call decisions based upon conservative approaches to leaving more dynamic players on the bench and calling more conservative play calls on special teams and in our non-existent passing game.


Auburn Georgia and LSU have proven they all deserve to be in the playoffs via huge wins over top 10 teams all 3 so far this season and Alabama is # 1 nationally because they pass the ball too.  Only Georgia really does NOT throw the ball.  And now we have to play each other.  There won’t be 3 of these teams left out of the playoffs this year but can Georgia make it in with Kirby’s eschewing of the forward pass ? I say NOT.


Pre-game 2019 the national media said a team was a college football playoff contender if they beat these SEC teams. They did NOT.  Georgia LSU and Auburn have toppled what was said pre-game was a college football playoff contender if they beat these 3 SEC teams.  They didn’t.


So does that mean all 4 are in the playoffs ?  No we have to play each other.  But it might not be winner is in and loser is out.


Right now Oklahoma and Ohio State and Clemson have a claim to a berth.


A loss by Oklahoma Ohio State or Clemson rules them out and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.


Notre Dame for example is done.  Stick a fork in them.  They lost to Georgia.  With all these undefeated teams ahead of Notre Dame Notre Dame has no hope of making the college football playoffs this season.  So why lie and say they do ?  Because OTHER CONFERENCES hate it that The Mighty SEC absolutely is on tap to have two SEC teams named to the college football playoffs again.


Good luck with implying otherwise that The SEC does NOT get 2 playoff berths this year.


Sure we do.


And you know it.


So you whine that Notre Dame did so well.


Excuse me they LOST !


Nothing will get them back in the conversation.




There are too many undefeated teams and the loser in The SEC is still way ahead of the cupcake playing conferences who are NOT playing Georgia Alabama LSU and Auburn.



The problem as I see it is that Kirby wants only to run the ball and not let Jake Fromm throw it.  I remain not fooled by Kirby saying his every being is to pass the ball.




So Florida Auburn Missouri Texas A&M and then either LSU or Alabama is too much for Kirby’s bullshit offense and lackluster special teams.



vols however are NO CHALLENGE.  We’re up in the series and will be even more so after our visit.



5-game stretch up-coming next month will unravel Kirby’s lies to the contrary that all he wants to do is have Jake Fromm throw the ball.


What total God Damn HOGWASH.


Wish it were true.


It’s not.  I am NOT fooled Kirby.







Kirby has areas to shore-up and his recent comments are intended to placate the press on his KNOWN ISSUES – areas where opposing teams are going to try to EXPLOIT these areas here :

# 55 Passing Offense 2019 Kirby just absolutely SUCKS Kirby – do not placate me with bullshit quotes to the press Kirby that your PRIMARY focus on offense is to throw the God Damn Football Kirby. That’s bullshit boy. Bullshit. Everyone knows you don’t let Jake Fromm throw the God Damn Football Kirby :





# 47 Passing Defense is not very good either Kirby because we haven’t played good passing teams yet. But we will :





# 78 Opponent Punt Returns is just God-awful Kirby :






# 115 Kickoff Returns Kirby this is not working son :






# 36 First Downs is not that good either Kirby because you have not played top defensive teams yet but you will :





Long before GPOE started to figure this stuff out THIS BLOG has been pointing this out for years that Kirby doesn’t know jack shit about offense or special teams yet meddles with the personnel decisions and the play calls making us overly conservative.  How do you think Kirby LOST 10 games already ?  10 loses in 3 seasons coming into this one.  Does that again this year and he will lose ANOTHER 3 games this season won’t he ?


It is TOO EASY to do what Notre Dame did and to stack the box against Kirby.  That did not work and a lesser team Notre Dame should have beat Kirby like 10 before them did to Kirby.


On defense Kirby rotates his personnel unlike on offense and special teams where seemingly players get in Kirby’s doghouse and never get out of it.  Players who could make a difference.


The games this month are NOT those tests.




Got it ?