Kirby has areas to shore-up and his recent comments are intended to placate the press on his KNOWN ISSUES – areas where opposing teams are going to try to EXPLOIT these areas here :

# 55 Passing Offense 2019 Kirby just absolutely SUCKS Kirby – do not placate me with bullshit quotes to the press Kirby that your PRIMARY focus on offense is to throw the God Damn Football Kirby. That’s bullshit boy. Bullshit. Everyone knows you don’t let Jake Fromm throw the God Damn Football Kirby :





# 47 Passing Defense is not very good either Kirby because we haven’t played good passing teams yet. But we will :





# 78 Opponent Punt Returns is just God-awful Kirby :






# 115 Kickoff Returns Kirby this is not working son :






# 36 First Downs is not that good either Kirby because you have not played top defensive teams yet but you will :





Long before GPOE started to figure this stuff out THIS BLOG has been pointing this out for years that Kirby doesn’t know jack shit about offense or special teams yet meddles with the personnel decisions and the play calls making us overly conservative.  How do you think Kirby LOST 10 games already ?  10 loses in 3 seasons coming into this one.  Does that again this year and he will lose ANOTHER 3 games this season won’t he ?


It is TOO EASY to do what Notre Dame did and to stack the box against Kirby.  That did not work and a lesser team Notre Dame should have beat Kirby like 10 before them did to Kirby.


On defense Kirby rotates his personnel unlike on offense and special teams where seemingly players get in Kirby’s doghouse and never get out of it.  Players who could make a difference.


The games this month are NOT those tests.




Got it ?





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