The case for 2 SEC teams in the College Football Playoffs. Can LSU or Auburn challenge Alabama ? Can Georgia ? How can there not be 2 SEC teams in the playoffs this season ? The short answer is EVERYONE KNOWS The SEC already deserves two (2) teams AT LEAST. This is why they try to rain on our parade.

It’s not going to help their team that folks have been positioning their team so that The SEC does NOT get 2 play-off berths AGAIN.







Florida is not in the same league as these others like LSU and Auburn however Georgia has technical philosophical snafus in both passing offense and punting special teams leaving us about the # 50 team in America not one of the top 4 in passing despite our accurate quarterback nor in punting special teams despite our placekicker.  We have a coach who makes personnel decisions and play call decisions based upon conservative approaches to leaving more dynamic players on the bench and calling more conservative play calls on special teams and in our non-existent passing game.


Auburn Georgia and LSU have proven they all deserve to be in the playoffs via huge wins over top 10 teams all 3 so far this season and Alabama is # 1 nationally because they pass the ball too.  Only Georgia really does NOT throw the ball.  And now we have to play each other.  There won’t be 3 of these teams left out of the playoffs this year but can Georgia make it in with Kirby’s eschewing of the forward pass ? I say NOT.


Pre-game 2019 the national media said a team was a college football playoff contender if they beat these SEC teams. They did NOT.  Georgia LSU and Auburn have toppled what was said pre-game was a college football playoff contender if they beat these 3 SEC teams.  They didn’t.


So does that mean all 4 are in the playoffs ?  No we have to play each other.  But it might not be winner is in and loser is out.


Right now Oklahoma and Ohio State and Clemson have a claim to a berth.


A loss by Oklahoma Ohio State or Clemson rules them out and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.


Notre Dame for example is done.  Stick a fork in them.  They lost to Georgia.  With all these undefeated teams ahead of Notre Dame Notre Dame has no hope of making the college football playoffs this season.  So why lie and say they do ?  Because OTHER CONFERENCES hate it that The Mighty SEC absolutely is on tap to have two SEC teams named to the college football playoffs again.


Good luck with implying otherwise that The SEC does NOT get 2 playoff berths this year.


Sure we do.


And you know it.


So you whine that Notre Dame did so well.


Excuse me they LOST !


Nothing will get them back in the conversation.




There are too many undefeated teams and the loser in The SEC is still way ahead of the cupcake playing conferences who are NOT playing Georgia Alabama LSU and Auburn.



The problem as I see it is that Kirby wants only to run the ball and not let Jake Fromm throw it.  I remain not fooled by Kirby saying his every being is to pass the ball.




So Florida Auburn Missouri Texas A&M and then either LSU or Alabama is too much for Kirby’s bullshit offense and lackluster special teams.



vols however are NO CHALLENGE.  We’re up in the series and will be even more so after our visit.



5-game stretch up-coming next month will unravel Kirby’s lies to the contrary that all he wants to do is have Jake Fromm throw the ball.


What total God Damn HOGWASH.


Wish it were true.


It’s not.  I am NOT fooled Kirby.







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