You’ve got to be kidding me right ? Jeremy Pruitt vols’ head football coach (lady vols) says to arresting police officer “Why do you have to arrest Jeremy Banks ? Just because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he failed to show-up to Court on his previous arrest ?” Oh good Lord Jeremy Pruitt. What a dumbass you are. No wonder your team is 1-3 with LOSS to Georgia State. “Go ahead. Do your civic duty man.” To the arresting officer. Look Jeremy Pruitt you made a BAD SITUATION WORSE boy. Good God. Tell me you see that now Jeremy Pruitt ? “This is the silliest shit I have ever seen in my life.” Jeremy Pruitt I don’t know who is worse NOW son. Did you really say that Jeremy Pruitt about a guy who said what he did to the Police ? I see someone at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville finally spoke up for decency and made the player you are MAKING EXCUSES FOR Jeremy Pruitt apologize. Excuses for this from Jeremy Banks : “Where I’m from we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis Tennessee.” I find this hard to imagine.

You can not make this kind stuff up a few days before we play vols.


I am ashamed that someone like you Jeremy Pruitt is associated with the sport I Love.  I fine it unimaginable that you would put up a defense for these ongoing actions by Jeremy Banks.



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