vols have not beat a top 10 team since beating Mark Richt 2006. Phillip Fulmer was fired 2 years after that and rest is history for the lousy 1-4 vols as Kirby scored 33 unanswered points to come-from-behind 2 games in a row to win tonight in Knoxville who had empty seats.

So complete the domination of vols by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs that we scored 33 unanswered points on only 70 yard rushing in 29 carries for the vols for the game including against our 3rd string beating the shit out of the hapless vols by 29 points covering the spread by more than a field goal.


24-23-2 Georgia has the series lead.


Our offense got untracked tonight as the porous vols’ secondary had no answer to Jake Fromm.


We had 11 penalties for 107 yards tonight.  It’s what we do.


Jake Fromm was on his game this night against a really bad secondary of the vols.


Still Kirby went for 2 points senselessly and sat on the lead in the 2nd half punting rather than going for it and settling for field goals again all night long as per usual adding 3 more field goals against the vols.  We sacked vols 3 times.  vols fumbled twice and threw an interception. as Kirby played 62.


Shameful vols again.  3 in a row by Kirby over vols.



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