William Lawrence Muschamp started the same day Kirby did here and the comparisons are NOT PRETTY. Will Muschamp is LOSING RECORD 13-14 at South Carolina against SEC fixing to be 13-15 Athens noon Saturday. 24-20 his record contrasts sharply with Kirby who is 20-6 fixing to be 21-6 vs SEC and undefeated against Will Muschamp. Kirby 37-10 compares to Will Muschamp’s 24-20.

Compare Georgia and South Carolina


28-14 Kirby over Will Muschamp South Carolina 2016.


24-10 Kirby over Muschamp 2017.


41-17 Kirby won last year.


32-13 Kirby average winning margin over Will Muschamp.   2019 will be MORE than that since now Jake Fromm is tired of hearing he can’t pass. Sure he can. Kirby wouldn’t let him. But Kirby said pre-game vs vols who have no secondary as you saw that Kirby was doing all he could do to make sure Jake Fromm threw the ball. And throw the ball he did.


It was an awesome display against the vols by Jake Fromm which does NOT bode well for Will Muschamp looking for his first victory at South Carolina over Kirby both starting at these two schools the same time together – one headed upwards and one – well NOT.



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