Justin Fields against 6 ALL UNRANKED CUPCAKES (six such so far with Northwestern next) has been sacked twice per game 12 in total SACKS so far 2019 and is taking his course work at Ohio State online on the Internet. Thought you should know.

What Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State is that he is getting an online education.  He takes his courses on the Internet.  I do NOT consider THAT a Scholarship to a top school.  And he has been sacked 16 times already now too.  4 times Justin Fields got sacked here on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now that he transferred another 12 times twice per game so far at online Ohio State Internet they call it.


Transferred from this great University where he was required to go to classes because Jake Fromm told Justin Fields that he Jake Fromm was going to STAY and play next year too 2020-2021 season and then be a top NFL Draft Pick 2021 NFL Draft.  12 times Justin Fields has been sacked at Ohio State.  Justin Fields is going to set a record at Ohio State getting sacked.  When you are getting sacked several times EVERY GAME you have to ask yourself what the hell is the problem getting sacked ALL THE TIME like Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State.


How do you get sacked 16 times Justin Fields ?





Have fun up there in your Internet “Education.”  There are LOTS of distractions online to NOT CHEAT.


That’s NOT an education.  That’s bullshit Justin Fields.






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