USC (e) just who is this opponent who has LOST 3 games already this early 2019 season and took the WEEK OFF before US ?

USC (e) is # 63 Scoring Offense we are # 12 :


USC (e) is # 53 Scoring Defense we are # 7 :



USC (e) is # 38 Rushing Offense which is VERY GOOD running ball We # 13 :


USC (e) is # 79 Passing Offense even worse than us # 48 :


USC (e) is # 56 sacking opposing QB and us # 27


There is NOTHING South Carolina is better than us at which is why they’ve LOST 3 games already fixing to be 4 week off to fake kick-off and fake punt or not.


There is nothing they can pull with # 18 recruiting compared to our # 6.  We regularly get the best players in the state of South Carolina EVERY YEAR.


When you say just “Carolina” you mean North Carolina (who BEAT South Carolina already this year in their 3 losses.)


When you say USC you mean Southern California not South Carolina who at best might be referred by a few as USC (e.)


gamecocks (what a stupid ass name) have NO HOPE tomorrow at noon at Dooley Field.


Why are they allowed to be called gamecocks still anyway ?  God Damn fools.  Oh and they root for their team like they are a real team.


Uh no.  No they are NOT a real football program and NEVER have been.






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