This mistreatment and suffering of gamecocks continues.

51-18-2 with 29-8 in Athens

Georgia had LOST 4 of the latest 5 to South Carolina going into the last season for Mark Richt in which he was FIRED with CAUSE.


Georgia’s main rivalries are Florida Auburn and to some extent Georgia Tech still. South Carolina certainly ranks right up there at the top of our rivalries with vols and Clemson just behind Alabama and LSU. Notre Dame and Texas as rivals rank beneath South Carolina because we play South Carolina more often as SEC Eastern Division foes although South Carolina never has done shit in college football and never will in the shadows of The Mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs.


It was unacceptable that happened to Mark Richt in this rivalry. Kirby Smart fixed ALL THAT having won EVERY GAME against South Carolina to right the series rivalry against our bordering state South Carolina.


In fact it can and should be said that when South Carolina found itself without Steve Spurrier that Georgia had to respond to South Carolina making such a strong push to hire Kirby Smart to replace Steve Spurrier. We felt if we did NOT get rid of Mark Richt in favor of Kirby Smart that Kirby might well look favorably upon replacing Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.


And so we hurriedly put together this push to have our A.D. Greg McGarity first FIRE Mark Richt (sooner rather than later) and then offer the position to Kirby Smart who instantly scarfed-up the job offer only to not show-up until nearly half-way through January.


When Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the Florida game 2015 season during the season before the season was over. Fired so we could hire Kirby Smart.  That Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the loss to Florida 2015 and prior to the Georgia Tech game is proven no better than the fact that Mark Richt won that game and was FIRED ANYWAY.  Instantly after the game against Georgia Tech is when the phone call happened between Kirby Smart and Greg McGarity.  Before EITHER could even get home they agreed on the deal in principle to replace Mark Richt with Kirby Smart and NOT Kirby to South Carolina as rumored AT THE TIME.


That is how THIS all happened whatever lies to the contrary you were told by Mark Richt Apologists at the time or NOW even still today.


Fired because Greg McGarity was told that we did NOT want South Carolina to get Kirby Smart and continue the recent then success against Mark Richt by South Carolina. 4 of the last 5 going into what would ultimately be Mark Richt’s last season fired with cause during 2015 season.


South Carolina has a 9-14 bowl record.


South Carolina has NEVER won The SEC Championship in football – not once. Not close.


Only 8 times since 1892 has South Carolina made the AP Poll Top 25 and one of those they did NOT make the Coaches’ Poll top 25. South Carolina did win ACC 50 years ago.


In short South Carolina NEVER has been a football program and has as a mascot fighting gamecocks.


Will Muschamp did beat Mark Richt when he coached Florida gators 2014 the year before we FIRED Mark Richt for it. Kirby has beat Will Muschamp every time. Jim McElwain beat Mark Richt 2015 after Will Muschamp was FIRED from Florida despite beating Mark Richt.


Cockfighting is a blood sport between two cocks or gamecocks birds held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6000 years. The first documented use of the word gamecock denoting use of cock as a “game” a sport a pastime or as an entertainment is recorded as in 1634. Nowadays it is illegal but somehow South Carolina remains gamecocks. How can that be so ?



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