Try shutting me up Kirby. All of us who boo your play calls. We rail against THE BOOK ON KIRBY SMART. The book is that you stack the box and stubborn Kirby will try run every 1st and 2nd down anyway – even when he is LOSING. 16 teams have stacked the box against you Kirby in 3 years plus 6 games and have held you under 200 yards rushing. You have LOST 9 of these 16 games Kirby with more to come. Even a moron can see that Kirby. Quit being predictable on offense God Damn it Kirby. That’s STUPID. That’s NOT smart.

Open letter to Kirby.  3 SEC teams are ranked ahead of Kirby this morning.  3 Big Ten teams are ranked ahead of us too.  An independent whom we beat is ranked ahead of Kirby.  The lone ACC team is ranked ahead of Kirby.  A Big XII team is ranked ahead of Kirby today.  We dropped from the single digits in the AP Poll.


16 games Kirby’s 3 seasons plus 6 games so far Kirby has been held to under 200 yards rushing and lost 9. Jake Fromm 3 sacks 1 fumble lost and 3 interceptions.  Kirby has run-off all QB competition and holds practices with only Kirby’s set of eyes all we hear of every practice.

Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience on your resume and your lack of special teams’ coaching experience Kirby shows-up in these 16 games of rushing less than 200 yards with them stacking the box against you Kirby and you trying to run only run every down.  It’s worse than boring.  It’s counterproductive Kirby to tip your hat like that son.


Stubbornly Kirby you only hire ONLY YES MEN as coordinators and refuse to allow them or anyone to talk to the press.  You let us watch but limited to 8 minutes of watching the team to TRY TO HELP you KIRBY.


Kirby you are averaging OVER 3 losses a season and surely no different this season either.


11 losses 10 the first 3 seasons and now 1 this season with 2 more losses ahead.  As always with Kirby and always they stop the run and Kirby runs anyway.




Even losing, all Kirby wanted to do was to run the football – even though it was NOT working. We boo and boo and boo Kirby for his play calls and no one tells anyone how we feel about Kirby and take shit from Kirby when they try to ask Kirby ANY of these questions. Questions which ultimately will cost Kirby his job. Does Kirby recruit well ? Yes. 4th best talent in the nation and we lose to a team who lost 3 games already this season who has nowhere near our talent. Kirby insists on running first down running second down and running a lot of third downs. On Defense Kirby substitutes liberally. On Offense and Special Teams Kirby only plays yes men and fails to rotate them in seemingly with many in Kirby’s doghouse.


I tried to tell Kirby this 2016. My blog is here. I tried to tell Kirby this 2017. I tried 2018 to tell Kirby. I tried to tell you 2019 and Senator over at Get the picture called me an outsider for my effort and sent CB over here to tell me that I wanted Brian Schottenheimer who is the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks with no discussion of our growing frustration with Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience and lack of special teams’ experience.


Like Mark Richt teams Kirby lost to an unranked opponent who 3 other teams already in their first 5 games beat. Like Mark Richt Kirby wants to wait for the game to come to him. Fair Catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off no one is allowed to try to return the ball per direction from Kirby. Our quarterbacks are allowed only to hand-off with runs up the middle.


# 4 best talent in the nation only 3 other teams have more talent than Kirby but routinely Kirby is beat by lesser talented teams 11 such teams so far 6 games into his 4th season. We have 8 games left this season if we face Alabama or LSU in The SEC Championship Game 8 more remaining.


The fans have spoken.


I have spoken.


Boo on your play calls. Boo on your press conferences. Boo on your conservative approach to special teams. Boo on your POOR CHOICES for coordinators only YES MEN who refuse to speak-up to the press in fear that they will be criticized for doing so by you Kirby. Boo on your practices Kirby so there can be no differing opinion.


Guess what Kirby ?


I have a different opinion.


Shut me up Kirby.


This is no fun Kirby. Turn our guys loose. Let’s play football. And get you a back-up quarterback because you are stuck with this one this year and next year who was sacked 3 times fumbled and lost the fumble and threw 3 interceptions to one guy yet you never considered rotating anyone in as QB.  Pretty God Damn sad Kirby.


That’s poor coaching.



Piss poor.



That’s an F for coaching.


That’s an F for Jake Fromm.


That’s an F for special teams.


That’s an F for defensive coordinator.


That’s an F for offensive coordinator.


That’s an F minus for Kirby.


And do NOT hold a press conference like you did Kirby afterwards and announce that no one wins them all in The SEC that any game any SEC team can win over any other SEC team.  And don’t hold such a press conference either which you ALSO held afterwards Kirby and announce that you can not overcome a pick-6.  Sure you could have but FAILED.


Like ALL your press conferences are ALL FAILURES.




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