Forget about all the teams that we’re behind in the polls now. Recall again where we are with Kirby telling LIES to the press how his every effort is to pass the ball. Bullshit Kirby. And hiding what he is doing like no one knows Kirby has never coached offense or special teams. So all the practices are PRIVATE. If no one can see him coaching offense or special teams they can not second-guess Kirby. That is what Kirby thinks. His opinion. No one else has an opinion – just only Kirby. No one can even ask questions about personnel decisions. Kirby is one stubborn son of a bitch. Imagine everyone at Dooley Field booing Kirby’s play calls of only runs every first and second down ? Imagine that ? And still losing, Kirby makes the offense again just only run every first and second down. Kirby gives away what he is going to do. And he then therefore WASTES all this talent. 3 teams in the nation with more talent than us 2019. Kirby it is unacceptable and this has to come to an end. So say ALL of us.

Don’t tell me we can WIN OUT and make the play-offs. Try to see if you can focus for a moment now on what our weaknesses are and how we can get Kirby to do something about our weaknesses on special teams and on offense.  Kirby needs to hire an offensive coordinator in FACT not in name.  Kirby needs to hire a special teams’ coordinator in FACT not in name. Kirby knows NOTHING about either and has NEVER COACHED either.


If that is not obvious to you.


Kirby’s defense is doing fine. It’s EVERY other aspect of the team that is suffering.


We can’t beat a team who 3 of their first 4 opponents beat ?


How are we going to beat the top teams ? Is there ANYONE out there who did boo Saturday at Kirby’s play calls who thinks for one God Damn moment that Kirby can CONTINUE this run first and second down and then behind the chains against a stacked box, can send his Jake Fromm out there to make the first down on third down every time throwing ?


Well ?


Is there ?


Florida Auburn Texas A&M LSU Alabama… even Ohio State – everyone throws the ball.  Hell Missouri saw what South Carolina did stacking the box no turnovers then get after Jake Fromm every 3rd down.  And don’t forget what South Carolina did passing the ball against us.  Kirby never realized what South Carolina’s game plan was.  Never.  Or he thought he could teach us how to better block for his stupid shit runs every first and second down forever.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


And all the top teams have now all seen how bone-headed stubborn Kirby is fair catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off even losing.  Only 3 teams in America have more talent than Kirby does yet Kirby refuses to let us return punts or return kick-offs.  Turn our guys loose Kirby.  Try to use all this talent on special teams and return punts and kick-offs Kirby.  Good Lord son. Might as well NOT EVEN have all this talent out there.  See ?  Why reduce us every punt and kick-off to sending Jake Fromm out there to hand-off every first and second down instead Kirby ?

I know you are not stupid Kirby.


You just don’t know a God Damn thing about Offenses Kirby.


Or special teams.


Or how a team with third best talent makes something happen in special teams. I can tell you this Kirby that you do NOT make something happen on special teams by flinging a hail mary with 13 seconds on the clock and then expect your kicker to bail you out.  Send him out there.  We all saw he was ready.


There are too many mistakes that can happen Kirby.  I know you have seen NFL games.  They are in the guy’s field goal range.  They run up the middle.  They put it between the hash and send him out.  2nd down.  3rd down.  13 seconds.  Hells Bells on first down they send him out there.  Worse is to not even let him try.


Yes.  I am second-guessing you Kirby.  You were not prepared Kirby.  You better learn.  Soon.  You have to kick that field goal with 13 seconds Kirby.


Why is that Kirby ?


  1. Because too many mistakes can happen
  2. Because you have NEVER coached special teams and don’t know kick it


Reduce the game to just run every first and second down even not only losing but even NOT WORKING.  This is the BOOK on Kirby.  Be conservative on play calls per Kirby.  Be conservative on special teams.  Don’t change-up play calls so the defense never knows what you are going to run before you run any play.


Heavens no Kirby.


Don’t do that.


Tip your hat.


Tie your third best talent’s hands behind their backs and yell at them on the sideline if they try to return a punt and make the first man miss or try.  Good Lord.


Let’s not practice returning kick-offs with all this running back talent stockpiled.  Sit them on the sidelines.  Tell them they got in the game.  Force them to fair catch.  Let’s not take any chances Kirby.


Reduce us to hand off from Jake Fromm every first and second down.




So now today Kirby runs to the press and announces Kirby wants THE PLAYERS to look in the mirror.  That Kirby insists we have to block better on our OL Kirby said today so that we can run every first and second down.


I swear to God.


Kirby it is not the players who need to look in the mirror.  It is YOU son.  You Kirby.  You who must look in the mirror and finally figure it out that the top teams like Alabama and LSU pass the God Damn Football.


You are stuck in the stone age Kirby of beginning to understand offenses.  You still only understand offenses Kirby from the defensive point of view that it helps your defense if you shorten the game by running every first and second down even when they stack the box against you Kirby.


Good golly.