The truth of the matter is that I am sick and tired of losing 3 games every year. Kirby was hired to FIX that. Kirby’s next loss with be loss # 12. This is his 4th year. I am sorry but THIS is unacceptable. I see glaring areas of LACK of experience and LACK of knowledge of offenses and of special teams. All the rest Kirby is great at. But 3 losses a year for 4 years is NOT what I signed-up for. 11 losses 6 games into his 4th season with 8 games to go this season. We OBVIOUSLY have several more losses ahead. Listen to Kirby. He is not fixing his offense or his special teams.

That does NOT mean I am not rooting for my Bulldogs.  It just simply means that I am realistic that we have two (2) more losses this season to keep Kirby losing an average of 3 games a year.  In fact, Kirby’s next loss will be # 12 Loss in 4 years.  So whether he loses 3 as I guarantee this season or loses just one more Kirby loses 3 games a year.  These 3 losses a year are a direct result of Kirby running every first and second down and fair catching every punt and every kick-off so that Kirby can have Jake Fromm hand the ball off every first and second down.


Do that crap and you will have 3 losses a year…


or more.



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