KIRBY SMART : “Fans boo. That is what they pay their money for to give their opinions. And they are entitled to that. I respect that. But at the end of the day our job is to put our kids in the most successful situations and allow them to be successful. Do you know what I mean ? I don’t think you make decisions based on fans booing. If you do—you never look back.”

Maybe you can say that you do not make decisions based upon your own fans booing your ineffective play calls.  We all know Kirby you want to be CONTROL FREAK Kirby.  You are NOT putting our men in position to do their best for us Kirby.  It does I dare say affect you sir. Your defense played so well. And your offense and your special teams were not contributing sir.


This is the second game in a row Kirby that the fans have wholesale been booing at you Kirby.  11 losses with your 12th loss next and this still halfway through your 4th year as head coach Kirby.  And 2 weeks in a row against weak football teams everyone else has been beating but your offense was NOT beating them last week so we did boo you Kirby.  And we did boo again when you were not beating another weak team AGAIN this week Kirby.  You called us noise.  You hide from us what your practices are like.  You act like it is you against us.  Excuse me Kirby we rooted for this team BEFORE you took over and will root for this team AFTER you are gone Kirby.


Your first seven (7) possessions Kirby you PUNTED the God Damn football Kirby along with once losing the ball on downs unable to run less than a yard against this Kentucky team. Kentucky is a 1 win 4 loss SEC team. Kentucky does not have their quarterback. It was 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby against this team. Then Kentucky punted the ball to only their own 39 yard line. Finally you scored Kirby.


Kentucky beat Arkansas who is 0-4 SEC team at Kentucky only by 24-20. But 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby you had 7 possessions ALL PUNTS or failed to make first down on 4th down. Kentucky without their quarterback.


You have been criticized Kirby for tying the offense’s hands behind its back and for doing the same to the special teams Kirby.


7 possessions of nothing in a row to start the game all the way until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter begins against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback. Did you get that Kirby ?


Yeah the fans booed you again Kirby.


You don’t make decisions based upon the fans booing ? Seriously Kirby ? Who do you think pays your salary ? That’s right Kirby. We do. Us. The fans. The ones booing such an effort 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


It seemed to have the desired effect.


Only to read you don’t make decisions based on that.


A 1-4 SEC team without its quarterback and you punt or lose the ball on downs 7 times in a row to begin the game. Did you think you did NOT deserve to be booed Kirby ?


You really think it did not have the desired effect ?


Sure it did Kirby.


You are one stubborn son of a bitch to think you do NOT make decisions based upon our fans booing you again Kirby two games in a row.


With 11 losses half-way in your 4th season fixing to be 12 losses 3 losses a year with a fine defense and an offense and a special teams deserving of being booed.




7 consecutive possessions to begin the game against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback nothing at all Kirby.






6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


Only when their punt only got out to their own 39 yard line did you score Kirby even then sir.


You do not make decisions based upon the fans booing your offense and special teams Kirby ?


I suggest it had its desired effect Kirby.


Kirby has no imagination on offense or on special teams and refuses to put our talent only 3 teams having more talent than this into a position where they can be successful.  In fact anything but.  Kirby has the team playing tight on offense and tight on special teams with a great defense substituting liberally only on defense.  Kirby wants to make this Kirby against the fans ?  Guess who is going to win that ?  There aren’t ANY excuses for a 1-4 SEC team holding our offense and special teams to just punts and a 4th down that was stopped until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


There ALSO were not any excuses for what happened last week on offense and special teams either.  We just have a coach who has NEVER COACHED offenses or special teams in his entire lifetime and it shows.


We are NEVER going to beat Florida like this and that is the subject of my next blog since there are so many who read it.


Kirby is coaching not to lose on offense and on special teams.  That is NOT WORKING against weak teams last week and this week.  And it damn sure is not going to work against good teams like next week.


This is why the fans boo.


Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up middle.  Good Lord.




# 9 Georgia Bulldogs at # 8 Florida Gators at JAX hellhole site of the annual Gator Bowl who state we are about to sign a LONG EXTENSION to having the game just down there. Week from Saturday at 3:30 p.m. CBS