Kirby is NOT winning this game against Florida with these BULLSHIT PLAY CALLS of Kirby on offense. Florida is more disciplined and passes the ball better has a great defense and isn’t penalized – a lot better team who plays better games than Kirby has our team playing. Better coached team is Florida 2019 clearly. Kirby has to change his offense and special teams COMPLETELY to beat Texas A&M Auburn Florida LSU or Alabama. Or anyone else like Clemson or Ohio State.

# 68 Passing Offense Kirby 2019 only 1641 yards passing all season 7 games.


# 6 Total Defense Kirby has a fine defense with two (2) shutouts on the season.


# 94 Penalties 439 yards Kirby has LOST CONTROL of his offense special teams and plays undisciplined football.


Florida does not get penalized and Florida is a great passing offense at # 31 Passing Offense in the nation.


Florida also has a great defense # 25 Total Defense 2019 Florida Gators.



Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up the middle.  Good Lord.


You can’t boo the play calls up the middle 7 consecutive stalled drives to start the game until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter against a 1-4 SEC team after losing to a 2-3 team the week before ?


You’re full of shit.




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