52-7 UGA Georgia Bulldogs sting Georgia Tech for our 10th WIN in a ROW IN BOBBY DODD STADIUM AT GRANT FIELD sending Georgia Tech SENIORS off in fashion with their record at Tech of 24 wins 25 losses. Ha ha ha. And UGA fans had ALL of their stadium seats 90% UGA Georgia Bulldog fans.

To HELL with Georgia Institute of Technology.  It sure is nice to see you with brown paper bags over your heads 52-7.  Geoff Collins makes a FOOL of himself in 52-7 loss doing 10 push-ups during the game like Georgia Tech G.N.A.T.S. were doing well.







Georgia Tech’s seniors will end their career with a LOSING RECORD 24 wins 25 losses today. Ha ha ha. Noon ABC UGA Seniors 43-9 fixing to be 44-9 and here are the reasons why.

  1. 43-9 UGA Georgia Bulldogs seniors travel to Atlanta to take on Georgia Tech at Grant Field (what a horrible name for a football field naming it after the Commander in Chief of the Union Army in the War of Northern Aggression who promptly burned Atlanta to the ground) Georgia Tech’s seniors are only 24-24.
  2. 45 UGA wins of latest 62 games against “rival Georgia Tech” since 1957
  3. 41 of latest 55 since 1963 UGA wins
  4. 15 of the latest 19 UGA wins
  5. 9 in a row at Grant Field UGA wins
  6. 5 NCAA Major Infraction Database CHEATING Georgia Institute of Technology
  7. Georgia Tech 5 (Five) NCAA Probation including “HABITUAL PROBATION” status
  8. Today GT is whining about 5th NCAA Probation too harsh
  9. NOT that they did not do it. Georgia Institute of Technology concedes they ARE GUILTY of NCAA Probation which they appealed NCAA for this last week over the harshness because they are REPEAT OFFENDERS.
  10. # 51 recruiting ranking Geoff Collins at Georgia Tech.
  11. How is he doing well at Georgia Tech at 3-9 after today ?  Well punks ?
  12. Average won 6 lost 5 since 1957 the # 51 won/lost record latest 62 years
  13. No one in Atlanta gives a SHIT about Georgia Tech
  14. Paul Johnson’s last 4 years at Georgia Tech he won 1 bowl game lost 1 bowl game and was not qualified to play as one of the top 80 football teams half of his last 4 years and thus fish fry was FIRED.
  15. When Paul Johnson LOST to UGA told press he had “bigger fish to fry.”
  16. # 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology 2019 latest report.  https://www.ajc.com/blog/get-schooled/university-georgia-ranks-public-campuses-but-tech-still-ahead/Kqmn88vBi8QSpBsmHla4vK/  Georgia Institute of Technology is NOT Princeton or Harvard quit acting like it is.  Fools.  Stick THIS up your God Damn ASSHOLES.
  17. 5 Paul Johnson bowl wins 8 losses which is better than NO BOWL AT ALL Geoff Collins who has no affiliation with Georgia Tech. Paul Johnson also put Georgia Tech on NCAA PROBATION twice in his short tenure for 5 times in total now Georgia Tech on NCAA Probation.
  18. Geoff Collins 3-8 at Tech left the team he was coaching called Temple whatever the hell that is to jump on this bullshit job at Tech. Geoff Collins ducked out the back door and refused to meet with the players to tell them he was leaving Temple to come to Georgia Tech.
  19. Paul Johnson’s last 4 years he won one bowl game. One. He lost one. He did not even get to play in a bowl game twice of the last 4 years.
  20. Georgia Tech NO BOWL GAME 3 of the current 5 years.
  21. Joke by Coke
  22. City of 7 million downtown in the slums and no one goes to Tech games. The vast majority of the “Tech” season tickets in the years the game with UGA are played at Tech are sold to Georgia fans who THROW AWAY all Georgia Tech season tickets except for The Georgia Game.
  23. No wonder no one goes to Georgia Tech games we have all the tickets not them and we don’t give a shit about them losing to the Citadel an FCS Division 1-AA team who doesn’t even have a winning record 2019.  Ha ha ha.
  24. Georgia Tech will do anything to win this game. They are BAD SPORTS.  At 3 wins 8 losses no bowl game but if they can beat UGA they will have “MADE THEIR SEASON.”  Why play such GOD DAMN CHEATERS ?
  25. Georgia Tech dropped-out of The SEC because they did not want Revenue-Sharing.  How stupid is that ?
  26. Georgia Tech have not won a Major Bowl Game after the 1955 season
  27. Georgia Tech has never ever won the Heisman
  28. Georgia Tech is being punished as repeat violators of NCAA Major Infractions
  29. Georgie tek has 6 national championships in football, although none ever in the AP Poll, and UGA has 6 national championships in football in every single poll Georgie tek claims their 6 in.  Every poll that ranked Georgie tek # 1, UGA has been ranked # 1 in as well – every poll they’re ranked # 1 in.
  30. 6.2 wins per year last 62 years after 1957 Georgia Tech
  31. 5.1 losses per year last 62 years after 1957 Georgia Tech
  32. UGA # 14 and Georgia Tech # 51 won/lost records starting 1957 not including this year
  33. http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/calc-wp.pl?start=1957&end=2018&rpct=0&min=0&pt=on&by=Win+Pct
  34. 59 miles away really one county away from Atlanta
  35. rambling wreck is train from 1893 NOT a Ford model T car from 1914
  36. nerds
  37. trade school
  38. Georgie tek yellowjackets’ Indoor Practice Facility is 87600 square feet compared to our new 100800 square feet facility.  They do NOT even have a full field.  It is 80 yards long only.  And it is designed to be UNSAFE with cement steel walls for their kids to run into where the 100-yard field and end zones are supposed to be.
  39. They claim a “win” over Cumberland 222 to nothing, but Cumberland disbanded their football team the year before.  Cumberland beat Georgie tek in BASEBALL, and then after that in baseball season, Georgie tek demanded to play them in football.  The players were NOT members of the Cumberland Football team because there was NO Cumberland Football team and they played no one
  40. Bobby Dodd ALWAYS LOST and NEVER BEAT Vince Dooley
  41. Bobby Dodd is a COLLEGE DROP-OUT of University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  42. Bobby Dodd quit SEC and coaching because he did NOT want SEC Revenue Sharing
  43. $ 123 million UGA July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 15 in the nation.
  44. $ 76 million GT July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 51 in the nation
  45. $176 million UGA sports’ revenue # 6 in nation 2019
  46. $91 million Georgia Tech sports’ revenue # 42 nation 2019 thanks to Bobby Dodd
  47. I would know I was there.  I have the goods on Georgia Tech and always have.  Me.
  48. Since 2017 UGA SEC revenue sharing has GONE UP while Tech’s monies have NOT at the same rate
  49. Zero AP Poll National Championships Georgia Tech football girl’s tennis won one long ago
  50. UGA has 6 national championships football in all the exact same polls tech claims their 6 in.  There is no poll which ranked Georgia Tech # 1 which has not ranked UGA # 1 as well.  It’s a bullshit contention that Georgia Tech has more national championships in football or any other sport than UGA or that Georgia Tech has a more recent one since Colorado won the NC 1990 according to Authority AP Poll 1990.  Bullshit artists. Dumbasses.  Dumb shits.
  51. And we have AP Poll national championship football Georgia Tech NEVER has won
  52. Joey Hamilton was arrested on drugs and leaving the scene of the accident but he is some kind of a God Damn Hero to Georgia Tech although NOT for his arrests and NOT for his drug abuse.  Did he think I would NOT remember ?  AM680 the Fan.
  53. Fight song promotes poor sportsmanship “TO HELL WITH GEORGIA” like my daddy used to do
  54. 210-158-2 we have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over Georgia Tech in BASEBALL
  55. Bobby Dodd won only 64 of his last 105 games in football as GT head football coach 1957 to 1966.
  56. The fortunes of college football changed in 1957 for Georgie tek and in 1964 for UGA and it has NEVER CHANGED SINCE nor will it
  57. Why is Georgia Tech allowed to have its fight song sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic ?  THAT is just WRONG and should not be allowed
  58. When Charley Trippi is over FIGHTING in World War II with my Dad and Georgie tek yellowjackets were PLAYING FOOTBALL with PLAYERS who were NOT ENROLLED at Georgie tek but STATIONED there during the war does NOT make those games count.
  59. They did the same thing in World War I too.  Look up their records for Hall of Fame players and see they played for OTHER TEAMS not them and then during World War I also they played there.  THAT is cheating too.
  60. Georgie tek yellowjackets have won 6 national championships in football, although none ever in the AP Poll, and UGA has 6 national championships in football in every single poll Georgie tek claims their 6 in.  Every poll that ranked Georgie tek # 1, UGA has been ranked # 1 in as well – every poll they’re ranked # 1 in.
  61. SEC is (313-169-10) against ACC  http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/tvc/sec/acc.shtml
  62. Georgia Tech is # 104 and Georgia # 4
  63. Georgia Tech has given up 337 points and UGA only 118 points all season long
  64. Georgia Tech is going to get its ass beat to hell and back spread 29 points UGA -29
  65. The Georgie tek yellowjackets are on NCAA PROBATION as we speak they stay on Probation
  66. “Repeat Offender” status with the NCAA Georgia Tech admits they BELONG on Probation
  67. You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass. And still no one will go to the games and no one cares to except for The Georgia Game which they think they will miraculously win.  Bullshit.  Kick your God Damn cheating asses to Kingdom Come.
  68. I really take exception to their fans : both of them
  69. Georgia Tech have had 7 years of -0- wins and another 5 years of just 1 win all season
  70. They have a 1914 Ford Model T which they TRY to call their Ramblin’ Wreck but the facts on that are that in 1893 when they cheated and HIRED our players off our team who won at football, we stoned their train returning back to Atlanta and they rear-ended a freight train with the headlines on the AJ-C reading : Ramblin’ Wreck Returns to Atlanta.  It has NOTHING to do with 1914 or a Model T, but a DAMNED TRAIN.
  71. Noon ABC at Grant Field Georgia Tech Also at 10 am this morning Channel 803 Comcast ABC also has Bulldogs GameDay for an hour. Where is Georgia Tech’s GameDay ?  Ha ha ha.
  72. NOTHING clean about it and only old fashion is Tech USED to play football way back when







(http://image.al.com/home/bama-media/width620/img/sports_impact/photo/kirby-smart-2016-g-dayjpg-693b499cdbf3fa1e.jpg )


Any difference in our crowd at our Spring Practice and their crowd at their spring practice ?





God I hate Georgia Tech.  I hate everything they stand for which is CHEATING and POOR SPORTSMANSHIP oh and LOSING.





“We’re # 35.  We’re # 35 !”  No one runs around bragging they are # 35 at NOTHING.



Find a lady nerds.  Try kissing a woman.  You might like it.  We do.  You Fools.






To HELL with Georgia Tech like my Daddy used to do.




45-17 starting 1957 latest 62 years this is NOT and has NOT been in our lifetime a RIVALRY. Florida is. Auburn is. Clemson is even. LSU is. Alabama is. South Carolina is. vols are. Notre Dame means more to us. Even Texas is more important to us than Georgia Tech. We have NOTHING to gain playing Tech absolutely nothing. We have much to lose. There is therefore NO ADVANTAGE in playing Georgia Tech. Useless for us. Big game for THEM. Georgia Tech ? Doesn’t mean anything to us unless we lose. REMOVE from schedule.


LSU # 7 on 3rd Down Conversions Kirby’s stinking offense is # 40 :

LSU # 7 on 3rd Down Conversions Kirby’s stinking offense is # 40 :




LSU # 1 completion percentage in the country UGA # 32 :




LSU # 2 Passing Offense Joe Burrow Ohio State recruit UGA # 81.


I believe we can get LSU in the special teams that is if Kirby lets our guys return punts and return kickoffs against LSU.


Georgia Tech ?


We will beat Georgia Tech by 3 touchdowns at their house.


Bunch of turkeys




Happy Thanksgiving !



Las Vegas says LSU beats UGA by 3.5 points.  I don’t think so.  Not if we return kickoffs and punts and pass the football they don’t.






Georgia against Baylor ? Really ? Sugar Bowl. Does everyone think that since Kirby won’t let Jake Fromm throw it that he can’t ? First play stuffed running play in rain against Texas A&M – THAT is on Kirby. I told him to pass the God Damn Football. Didn’t I ?

We are dumb shits on offense.


GO TO HELL GEORGIA TECH like my daddy used to do.  You God Damn bad sportsmanship fans of Tech.  Good Lord.  I see you are arguing with the NCAA again about ANOTHER NCAA Probation for Georgia Institute of Technology.  Habitual Offender MAJOR INFRACTIONS NCAA database.


Nice nerds really nice.





2019 like previous years Kirby here. One 23-10 lead # 7 AP Notre Dame won 23-17. Two 16-3 lead # 6 AP Florida won 24-17. Three 21 to nothing lead # 12 AP Auburn won 21-14. Fourth ranked team Kirby’s UGA Georgia Bulldogs beat this year sat on 16-3 lead against # 24 AP & Coaches’ Poll Texas A&M won 19-13. Notre Dame is now # 16 Auburn # 15 and Florida # 11 while Georgia is # 4 with LSU # 1 College Football Playoff Poll. Ohio State and Clemson are locked-in with # 1 LSU win or lose against Georgia then either # 5 Alabama or # 4 Georgia joins the 3 locked-in. There is no 5th team this year. I called for a plus one + 1 game all these years and here we are it’s working perfectly well thank you. We have to beat # 1 LSU. If Texas A&M beats LSU then Texas A&M will once again be top 25 and LSU Georgia winner is locked-in with Alabama # 4. Pretty simple. What would it take for # 7 Utah fixing to be # 6 with best win 6-5 Arizona State to make it in sitting outside looking in ? Ohio State Clemson both too easy schedule to not be in – NOT like Georgia’s schedule are they ?

TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH like my daddy used to do.





Clemson does NOT belong in the College Football Playoff 2019-2020 season because it will have played the # 31 Strength of Schedule SoS. In fact the next nearest stinking ACC team SoS is # 43 Louisville while UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Top 10 SoS. In fact 6 of the top 10 toughest schedules SoS are SEC this 2019 season. Notably # 12 SoS is South Carolina and # 13 toughest schedule 2019 is Notre Dame. When you see a team left OUT of the 2019 playoffs this will be the reason why. Utah’s best win is over 6-5 Arizona State laugh out loud.



TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH like my daddy used to do.  Georgia Tech SoS 2019 is # 70.







LINE Georgia by 17 over Georgia Tech -17 and LSU is 3.5 point favorite over Georgia in SEC Championship Game + 3.5





D’Andre Swift 100 yards 5 times this season 1100 yards (22nd UGA player over 1000 yards season) so 19-13 win over Texas A&M to even the series 3-3. Jake Fromm 33-6 Starter. Rodrigo Blankenship 4-4 field goals 2nd all-time SEC leading SCORER.

Tyler Clark senior gets sack with 5:57 seconds left at midfield making it 2nd and 20 forced stupid Jimbo Fisher PUNT.  Never got ball back. Brian Herrien first down behind Woerner block 2 seniors for the win 2:59 left.


D’Andre Swift


TO HELL WITH TECH like my daddy used to do before me.





Kirby runs out the half 13-3 as Kirby turns Jake Fromm loose to throw 3 of 4 for 65 yards and TD Pass to George Pickens who now has the ALL-TIME FRESHMAN RECORD for catching at Georgia. Brian Herrien 40-yard kick-off return let Rodrigo Blankenship hit field goal from 49 yards in driving rain 2nd All-Time SEC Scoring Record

Woerner is our only Senior starter senior day on offense.  And yesterday marked 56 years since JFK was assassinated.  Sun coming out briefly now at half up 13-3 thanks to Kirby turning Jake Fromm loose up 6-3 then Kirby reigns him in again and runs the clock out before halftime us to kick-off.



We’re # 4. What I’d like to know is how did we make # 4 with our # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby here ? One in which Kirby totally refuses to let ANY offensive coordinator of his throw the forward pass ANY of his 4 years here ? It’s run first and second down and even on 3rd down sometimes. Otherwise Jake Fromm gets to throw on 3rd down. I’m sorry. That is PITIFUL God Damn play calling Kirby. We have to fix that if we are going to beat the top teams who will stack the box and make our offense look like shit game after game. Now we have rain today all day an inch of rain today. I promise Texas A&M will pass the ball in the rain. Our storyline ? Kirby told Paul Finebaum : You can’t pass in the rain. And Kirby told Paul Finebaum you can’t play special teams in the rain either. Sure you can.

We influence what people think because we are right and because we care when we criticize Kirby’s offense and special teams.  It has to get fixed.


Texas A&M has not beat anyone 2019 yet.


But they ALWAYS do win a game against a top team.  Quit giving away your game plan Kirby that you refuse to throw the football.


We will need to be able to pass the football Kirby.  THAT will open up our running game.  You defend offenses Kirby.  Surely you see run the ball every first and second down gives away your play call and makes it easier to defend.


Our Passing Offense all season long 2019 season is # 73.




This is once again NOT a balanced offense Kirby.


Not with our # 73 Passing Offense for the # 4 team in the nation.


What’s wrong with this picture ?


Are we who are criticizing Kirby’s offense and his special teams expecting too much ?  Kirby had his meeting HE scheduled with Paul Finebaum.  Kirby did NOTHING but MAKE EXCUSES.  That means that he AGREES with us criticizing his offense.  And we criticize Kirby special teams’ fair catching not utilizing his massive talent base of 18 eighteen 5-star recruits he brought here and wastes on offense and on special teams.  Either Kirby agrees with our criticism or he would not make excuses but say that it is NOT TRUE that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense.  It is though because he calls conservative play calls on special teams and on offense.


And make no mistake about it.    I have been on this all 4 years where Kirby holds back his young pups on offense and on special teams yet on defense liberally plugs them into the game.


And I have been on this because Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and he loses to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR.  2 of our next 3 games are SEC teams.  They are BOTH good offenses.  While our offense is NOT COMPETITIVE with top offenses at  # 73 Passing Offense.  How the hell can the # 4 team in the nation be the # 73 Passing Offense ?


Who the muck thinks THAT will beat the top 4 teams in the nation ?  Or fair catching everything with 18 of 5-star recruits ?  How is that smart ?  It puts too much pressure on Kirby’s greatest in the nation defense.   Use our talent Kirby damn it son not just on defense but on offense and on special teams to make our TEAM a better TEAM.  You are wearing out your Defense Kirby.


Why is our offense the # 73 Passing Offense ?  It is NOT Kirby’s EXCUSES.  This is why instead :


  1. Because Kirby never coached offense
  2. Because Kirby wants to run every first and second down
  3. Because Kirby would like to run every 3rd down too if he could
  4. For 4 years.
  5. Kirby doesn’t have to make excuses for being # 73 Passing Offense ?



Sure he does.


What else can he do ?


Say HE is NOT # 73 Passing Offense ?  Everyone has a computer.  Everyone can look it up.


Kirby is living in denial to make up EXCUSES.  Mark Richt did that.  He averaged 4 losses a year his last entire 8 years here.  32 losses his last entire 8 years here.  We FIRED him for it.  Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year.


If you think for one God Damn New York nanosecond that the # 4 team in the nation is going to win with the # 73 Passing Offense you are a God Damn fool.  You are living in denial too.


Kirby is not stating an opinion saying he has this litany of EXCUSES.  He is trying to get you to take your eye off the ball and listen to his EXCUSES.  So Kirby ADMITS then that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense in the nation as the # 4 team in America.  It’s GOD DAMN AWFUL.


Kirby does NOT want to be forced to fix it.  He doesn’t know how.  Furthermore Kirby disagrees that # 73 Passing Offense shouldn’t be his goal all 4 years because that is EXACTLY what Kirby has done 4 years in a row now # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years here now.


And counting.


Don’t expect this to change THIS YEAR or next year.


Or the year after.


As long as you ALLOW Kirby to have the # 73 Passing Offense then he will by God Above keep it up.


Kirby runs the WORST press conferences of all time.


He hates the media for pointing out the obvious and LIES every press meeting.


Remember when Kirby early in this 2019 season told the press that he tries every play to pass the ball ?


That’s funny Kirby.


Run first down.

Run second down.

Run some third downs or have Jake Fromm try to convert 3rd Down.


That doesn’t work.


I know that.


Kirby does NOT.


You better teach him.


Win games and it doesn’t matter ?


Again Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and Kirby averages losses every year to 2 SEC teams.  How in the name of God is that winning games ?  Oh I see.  You’ve got EXCUSES for that too.  Don’t you ?


Kirby is doing less with more on offense and on special teams.  Watch what Kirby said to Paul Finebaum Friday night.  Kirby is going to do it again against Texas A&M.  He’s going to play tight on offense and special teams and have his defense 4-deep 44 who have a tackle contain them not pressure them.  It’s his MO.


Where is all the talent on offense and special teams ?  Told to fair catch.  Told to NOT THROW.


That’s where.


There is no one who thinks Kirby is right on offense or on special teams.  He won’t let you watch it in practice but you get your eyeful in the games and it isn’t pretty.


If Kirby got after the special teams to take advantage of all our talent 18 of whom are 5-Stars by returning punts and returning kick-offs we would open up the game and have all 3 parts of the team trying to win.  If Kirby got after the offense and threw the ball on first and second down far more often than Kirby lets them Kirby wouldn’t have 3.3 losses a year and lose to 2 SEC teams every year.  And Kirby hopes you don’t see that.  Denies that he does this by design.  Kirby doesn’t want to lose 3.3 games a year or lose to 2 SEC teams a year but it happens to him because he FAILS to pass the ball and because he gets no traction on special teams either.  He just has one of the best defenses in the nation beating 3 top 16 teams so far.


Until we all teach Kirby about offense and special teams he NEVER coached, you have a hard-headed Kirby making EXCUSES so you can quote that instead of his # 73 Passing Offense AGAIN 2019 EXACTLY the same as 2016 and 2017 and 2018 and now 2019.


It’s not all 3 parts of the team working to be # 1.  It’s rely on the defense and don’t muck THAT up with the offense and special teams’ play calls being “overly aggressive.”


This is ON KIRBY.



“You gotta be careful in kicking situations; you gotta be able to handle that. And those are all critical times.”  And you have got to not throw the football in the rain either right Kirby ?


Sure you can take advantage of your talent on offense Kirby.

Sure you can take advantage of your talent on special teams Kirby.


You just don’t want to.


The rest of us all want you to because we all know you are losing 3.3 games a year and 2 losses to SEC teams every year with 2 of the next 3 games against SEC teams.


Kirby opened up HIS offense a little bit with all this criticism.  And Kirby tried to let all our talent return some punts and kickoffs.  Now is NOT the time to pull in the reigns and go back to fair catches and run every 1st and 2nd down and some of the 3rd Downs too Kirby while telling special teams to fair catch and hand the ball to the sorry assed  # 73 Passing Offense in the nation where Kirby runs the ball up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down by design into 9-man boxes.


Dumb Shits.


Kirby is NOT an offensive genius or a special teams’ genius and he certainly sure as shit can not hold a press conference well either with all his EXCUSES and living in denial.


Kirby has an Erk Russell Defense and that is a WONDERFUL thing.




7 million watched November 16 Georgia-Auburn 2019 . 7 million watched November 2 Georgia-Florida 2019. 10 million watched September 21 Georgia-Notre Dame 2019. Outstanding.


How does # 4 team play-off poll have 7 wins over Top 25 teams as ranked by the AP Poll after the season ?


  1. # 15 Notre Dame
  2. # 10 Florida
  3. # 16 Auburn
  4. # 24 Texas A&M (drops OUT top 25 when we beat them then beats LSU like us too)
  5. # 1 LSU
  6. # 4 Clemson
  7. # 3 Ohio State


Yeah we LOST to South Carolina.  Who cares ?  We have beat 3 top 16 teams 2019 three (3) so far.


What our problem is is NOT that we LOST to South Carolina who will not even play in a bowl game but that we might give up our dreams and say oh beating 3 top 16 teams makes this a “successful” season and lose to Texas A&M like it doesn’t matter.


Or lose to LSU to drop to 13-18-1 vs LSU.  Oh we had a great year (Mark Richt Apologists said to ME every mother mucking year.)


Not there yet.


Not satisfied.


Runner-Up 2017-2018 season ?  That good enough ?  2nd place is just the FIRST loser.


We HAD that game.  The officials stole it from us.


I want Texas A&M.


Do you understand ?


Texas A&M wants to be spoilers this week at Georgia and next week at Baton Rouge ?  Bullshit on Texas A&M.  Do NOT make their season.  They have BEAT NO ONE all season 2019.


We have.




Florida # 10

Notre Dame # 15

Auburn # 16.


“Mark Richt averaged 10 wins a season.”  God Damn LIARS.  He was here 15 seasons and won 145 games which is 9 wins a season – nine and a half wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams of which we were NOT one of those.


That is NOT a successful year or a good year.


A successful year for those who care to know is winning.  The object is win.  Who gives a shit that 119 lose every year ?  There is one team who is successful.  There is one team who WINS.


It is NOT a good year to lose to South Carolina not even in a God Damn bowl game AND to lose to let’s say Texas A&M.




Or Ohio State


Or Clemson.


NOT GOOD ENOUGH what we’ve been doing.  This year we can make good on the Mulligan and win OUT.  That’s 14-1.  Ten win season what total hogwash.  How good or successful is 9 point 5 wins in 15-game seasons ?  There were and are years where 10-win season does NOT end up ranked in the final top 25.  That’s NOT successful or good year.


Mark Richt now retired was FIRED for it here.  Kirby let our QB throw 3 TD passes last week.  “Those were the plays we practiced for Auburn,” Kirby said yesterday at the press meeting.  As long as we PASS the God Damn football we might beat Texas A&M too who damn sure CAN throw the forward pass.


And our former coach was then run out of town in Miami for the same God Damn Reason by their athletic director after he suffered the same fate here by our athletic director.  It seems some folks understand a potty mouth is ok sometimes.  You have to want to win.


Do NOT begin to tell me we’ve had a successful or good year 2019 beating # 10 Florida # 15 Notre Dame and # 16 Auburn.


For one thing we LOST to South Carolina.  Stay focused beat Texas A&M.


Don’t get ahead of yourself.


Beat Texas A&M.  Nothing else matters.


Bunch of God Damn pussies.  Sat around here and told me how piss off great Mark Richt was.


No he wasn’t.


Dumb shits.


We’re NOT there yet.




Kirby # 13 defense 2019 while Texas A&M is # 32 which is a fine defense. Kirby’s Passing Offense is # 73 which is not representative of a top 4 program but Kirby turned his guys loose the last few games while Texas A&M has the # 44 Passing Offense 2019. Still with ALL THIS every year Texas A&M finally beats someone. Do NOT let it be Georgia.

Back in the 50s before any of us were born Texas A&M beat us 3 times but we have won the last 2 games and even the series Saturday CBS 3:30 game again. Welcome back to Athens aggies – just not real welcome.  13-17-1 vs LSU we have some work to do with them too.  But this is Texas A&M week.  I want this game against Jimbo Fisher.


Penalties Texas A&M is way worse than even us while Kirby remains a totally far too penalized team at number 46 UGA and Texas A&M # 58.


You watch a play and expect a penalty to be called.  That is how bad # 58 penalties against # 46 penalties game is.




# 52 Texas A&M 3rd Down Conversions # 10 UGA 3rd Down Conversion 2019 Jake Fromm has been throwing first downs especially on 3rd Down. Texas A&M has NOT been converting.  Texas A&M loses to Georgia because of this.


With Texas A&M ranked # 24 this 2019 season so far there is no rest for the weary.  It is quite the tough schedule gauntlet UGA Georgia Bulldogs have EVERY year.


# 1 LSU

# 4 Georgia

# 10 Florida

# 15 Notre Dame

# 16 Auburn

# 24 Texas A&M


No one plays a schedule like that especially not Clemson and Ohio State.




Clemson and Ohio State are the other 2 teams in the playoffs.  They should be REQUIRED to play each other as a play-in with those schedules of pussies they played by direct comparison to Kirby’s schedule of beating 5 of the top 25 teams 2019 just to get into the play-offs.


Texas A&M is not going to upset any applecart 2019.


Texas A&M are penalized too much undisciplined football have an ok defense and a sorry easy schedule of cupcakes with 3 good opponents so far all 3 of whom beat Texas A&M.  This is ANOTHER such.


Based on what Texas A&M has done so far 2019 of playing 3 good teams and losing all 3 of those games Texas A&M will lose to Georgia and will then next week lose to LSU Thanksgiving week weekend to have 5 regular season losses then Texas A&M Aggies will lose its bowl game since Texas A&M is 18-22 bowl record.


Georgia is going to win our game against Texas A&M then win over LSU and win our bowl games – both of them this season.


Jimbo Fisher a $ 75 million 10-years head coach went 9-4 not exactly what Texas A&M prayed for.  This season is MORE of the same at 7-3 fixing to be 7-4 having to beat LSU next week not to be 7-5 before it even plays its bowl game.


Johnny Manziel that is Texas A&M’s claim to fame.


Texas A&M has one count them one Pro Football Hall of Fame player.  Sure is a lot of hype about Texas A&M now debunked by me who joined SEC 2012 and hasn’t done shit despite always having a non-conference schedule of pussies.


Texas A&M in the SEC West is NOT as good as LSU and NOT as good as Alabama and NOT as good as Auburn.  Where does that leave Texas A&M annually ?


Better than Mississippi State Arkansas and Ole Miss this year.


Still with ALL THIS every year Texas A&M finally beats someone.  Do NOT let it be Georgia.


7-5 with losses this week and next week is NOT going to get Jimbo Fisher a raise nor even get him back to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville again.


THIS is where we’re at year 2 of $75 million dollar 10-year contract for Jimbo Fisher.


NOT pretty.


Jimbo Fisher has got to do something.  He is feeling the heat.


UGA is the # 1 mascot in the country.


This is an aggie ?

I didn’t know that.


All this time I thought this was Lassie.





That is not a mascot.


Lassie.  A collie.  Ha ha ha a collie named







# 24 Coaches’ Poll # 24 AP Poll Texas A&M stands between UGA Georgia Bulldogs Play-Off berth # 4 also AP Poll # 4 and Coaches’ Poll # 4 Saturday at OUR HOUSE then they play LSU at Baton Rouge November 30 and we play LSU at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium December 7 of 2019. I see Texas A&M as a 5-loss team 2019 regular season. There is no reason for us to come ALL THIS WAY just to lose to Texas A&M on the precipice of our playoff berth. Texas A&M hasn’t beat anyone. We HAVE Florida Auburn and Notre Dame. I don’t care if Texas A&M beats LSU or not. Just don’t beat us. We are going to beat LSU who still would be in the top 4.


Here is my Poll. I rank UGA # 1 based on our wins AT # 6 Florida # 7 Notre Dame and AT # 12 Auburn while LSU beat Alabama who has beat NO ONE ALL SEASON. LSU beat Florida and Auburn but neither as impressive in Baton Rouge while our wins over Florida and Auburn side-by-side WERE AWAY GAMES FOR US. Oh and LSU beat unranked 6-4 Texas. Sorry. I GEAUX with The Dogs.

Oh and Dan Mullen stick THAT up your asshole boy !


Georgia tumbled to # 10 in week 6 when the wheels came off against hapless South Carolina.


Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to LSU and man-handled us last year at Baton Rouge.


Kirby was # 2 last year when we traveled to Baton Rouge and got our ass handed to us by Joe Burrow 16-36.  It ruined our season and tainted Kirby.


LSU went on to lose 3 games last year but Kirby got BLOWN-OUT in Baton Rouge.


Kirby is spoiling for a rematch.  He has it.


Joe Burrow or Jake Fromm ?  I will take Jake Fromm thank you.  I know Joe Burrow has the Heisman Trophy all but wrapped-up but he has to play us pissed-off after last year’s embarrassment down there at his house.  Joe Burrow couldn’t get on the field much at Ohio State where Justin Fields now faces Michigan and Penn State back-to-back and then has to play in the Big 10 Championship Game against useless Minnesota.


Clemson ?


They are like Alabama.  Haven’t beat shit all year.


Joe Burrow was 15 of 30 for 200 yards last year at Baton Rouge against us.  I never expected that.  We did sack him 3 times but he hit a 50-yard bomb that broke our back.  Joe Burrow ALSO rushed for a 59 yards rumble against us and two (2) TD rushing against us last year.  Jesus Christ.  Of course Jake Fromm was intercepted twice by direct comparison and sacked 4 times by LSU but LSU does NOT have last year’s defense this year and Kirby has his finest defense reminiscent of Erk Russell 2019.



I told you we beat Auburn pre-game with our BETTER defense I said that Jake Fromm would do better against Auburn’s defense than Bo Nix did against Kirby’s defense 2019 and I was right.


I take Georgia to play one of these teams who hasn’t beat shit and listen to them all week brag about our loss to hapless South Carolina who can’t possibly even play a damn bowl game but Kirby got Mulligan for that with wins over Notre Dame Florida and Auburn now too.  Don’t be surprised to see Kirby actually MOVE UP in the College Football Playoff Poll Tuesday.


Ohio State beating Minnesota in the Big 10 championship game isn’t going to mean anything.


I believe the committee has Georgia # 1 and LSU # 2.  I see no reason for more than 4 teams in the playoffs.  We could face LSU twice.  I think when we beat LSU that LSU drops no farther than # 2.  I think it should be Ohio State playing Clemson for the right to play either SEC team but it is # 1 Georgia against # 4 Clemson and # 2 LSU against # 3 Ohio State because Ohio State and Clemson didn’t play anyone.


CUPCAKE playing pussies.


Georgia jumps Clemson and Ohio State and LSU.  We do that right now.






“How ’bout them fucking Dawgs? That’s what I told them.” Kirby Smart head coach The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who grade out a SOLID A across the board OFFENSE DEFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS complete WIN.



Wins over


# 6 Florida ON THE ROAD down there

# 7 Notre Dame at HOME

# 12 Auburn ON THE ROAD over there on the plains.



Auburn beat # 6 Oregon.


Auburn beat 7-3 Texas A&M who will be ranked again this up-coming week.


Notre Dame beat # 23 Navy today.


Notre Dame beat # 18 Virginia.



Florida beat # 7 Auburn but Georgia beat Auburn too but still Florida beat # 7 Auburn.



We jumped their shit over there on the plains in Auburn and went ahead 21 to NOTHING at their house then held on for dear life.  44 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have now registered a TACKLE for us 2019 season.  We face-off against LSU in The SEC Championship Game Saturday December 7 of 2019 at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Texas A&M is next and they won tonight to go to 7-3 and are ranked in the top 25 coming-out in the morning tomorrow and then again Tuesday in the College Football Playoff Poll which will feature # 4 Georgia.  Inside looking in.  Again.  What a win.  Kirby has a fine defense and won the game just exactly as I said and guaranteed pre-game. A solid A by all tonight against a great team.   1,027 rushing yards – D’Andre Swift 2019. 



Bring on # 1 LSU 10-0 on the season who beat # 3 Alabama.



LSU beat Texas who is 6-4 unranked  –  not ranked at all.



LSU beat Florida but so did we and we won AT JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA while LSU won at home at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Auburn by a FIELD GOAL but we beat Auburn by a TOUCHDOWN and we did it AT AUBURN while LSU again did it at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Alabama but Alabama hasn’t beat anyone all season.






21-14 at # 12 Auburn The Mighty # 4 Georgia Bulldogs (9-1) (SEC East Championship) WIN and CLINCH 3rd straight SEC East (1st time since 1996 Steve Spurrier.) 22 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have rushed for more than a thousand yards in a season tonight with D’Andre Swift. Here the 22 all are you for since no one else can do this for you. Dan Mullen go stick it up your God Damn asshole.

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker 1981 SEC Record
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker 1982
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker 1980
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb 2014
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno 2008
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II   2012
  8. 1,345 – Nick Chubb 2017  6 games 2015 injured 747 yards 92 carries
  9. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno  2007
  10. 1,324 Musa Smith 2002
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon 1978
  12. 1,227 – Sony Michel 2017
  13. 1,216 – Tim Worley 1988
  14. 1,161 – Sony Michel 2015
  15. 1,130 – Nick Chubb 2016
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich 1941
  17. 1,068 – D’Andre Swift 2018
  18. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton 1989
  19. 1,058 – Kevin McLee 1976
  20. 1,042 – Elijah Holyfield 2018
  21. 1,027 – D’Andre Swift 2019
  22. 1,016 – Lars Tate 1987


RBU The University of Ground Attack UGA Running Back University 22 now have rushed for more than a 1000 yards at UGA.  Here they all are for you.


60-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest  Rivalry 4-game lead.  Jake Fromm beats his brother at brother’s house with 3 count them three (I say again 3 TD passes.)




Let me explain who Bo Nix is since I knew his granddad. Bo is Patrick’s son. Patrick is Conrad Nix’s son who only won multiple State of Georgia State Championships in Football at Northside Warner Robins and who in fact had OVER 300 wins as head football coach retiring just in 2009. Patrick went on to be Auburn Quarterback. Now Bo has been since game 1 this season when he beat now # 6 Oregon. LSU beat him the week before last and Florida beat him. His offense is questionable as both of Auburn’s losses are when Auburn only gave up 23 and 24 points and LOST. I do NOT see Auburn scoring on Georgia. Auburn does not have a good enough offense. Defense for Auburn is fine. UGA scores MORE on Auburn’s defense than Auburn does on Georgia’s defense because Auburn’s weak offense goes up head-to-head with OUR BETTER Defense. In fact Kirby has averaged the # 11 Defense in the nation all 4 years at UGA.

Auburn is not winning this game because of Bo Nix.  If he is like his granddad and dad he will be inaccurate.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry fixing to be stretched-out to 60-56-8 four game lead.  Anyway we always win on the plains.





Mark Richt had Tracy Rocker recruiting Derrick Brown and so All-America from Lanier who concluded his high school career 2015 as the # 1 football player in the state of Georgia and signed with Auburn where Tracy Rocker left from Georgia to go to college at Auburn. Dumb shit. Derrick Brown is a SENIOR now. He is expected to be a top 10 pick as he was a top 10 in the nation recruit finishing high school 2015. Some bad recruiting there. Kirby did not get here until mid January for first February signing date. Rodney Garner signed him to Auburn. I can just imagine Rodney Garner’s words on all this where he has been since 2012.

Our biggest problem in this game is Derrick Brown.


I thought you should know.


Rodney Garner would have said to Derrick : “Derrick Brown they have Tracy Rocker recruiting you to keep you in-state in Georgia.  Only problem with that Derrick ? Tracy is from here at Auburn. He left Georgia to play here at Auburn. You are being recruited by EVERYONE to come to Auburn it seems to me Derrick.  A guy who left Georgia to come to Auburn tells you you should come to Georgia ?  How insincere is that ?”


Dumb shits.


No wonder we lost Derrick Brown and with a head coach who had 32 losses his previous 8-year period averaging 4 losses a year.


We can’t lose guys like Derrick Brown to Auburn.


That has to come to an end.


# 1 player in the state of Georgia signs with Auburn and now is senior playing Georgia and Tracy Rocker is with the vols.



Ohio State DEMOTED by College Football Play-Off Poll # 2 from # 1 to # 2 because they have NOT PLAYED ANYONE. By the SAME LOGIC UGA Georgia Bulldogs are PROMOTED despite our LOSS to has been South Carolina because we BEAT # 16 Notre Dame and # 11 Florida. You get rewarded for playing good teams. Auburn is # 12. Georgia # 4. One team is INSIDE the top 4 play-off teams and the other is OUTSIDE looking in.

Forget Auburn.  They aren’t going to ambush us again.  Auburn does not make it to The SEC Championship Game with a  win over Georgia anyway.  There is nothing they can do.


Auburn lost twice.


If we lose to Auburn or to Texas A&M we are outside the top 4 looking in ourselves.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry


Alabama Oregon and Minnesota are all 3 outside the playoffs looking in because they played weak schedules.


Face it.


The committee is being consistent on this.




Urban Meyer’s boys. Cheaters who want to play CUPCAKES. Ohio State has six (6) Different Major Infractions Database found guilty. 6. Rose Bowl last year paid $300 air fare we know of for his girlfriend. Another $300 fly back ? What about the food ? Hotel ? No money for ticket but does have money for food hotel and what about the Rose Bowl ticket ? That’s another $1200. You can not buy a Rose Bowl ticket for much less. Who went with his girlfriend ? All these costs twice ? She doesn’t care about Chase Young. She wouldn’t have ask for ticket if she did care about 1st Round NFL Draft Pick. Next 2 games are against teams 1-12 on season in Big 10. Nice timing by Ohio State. “Family friend.” That is why they hired him a LAWYER right ? Anyone else have any problems with this ? God Damn CHEATERS. How did he get the $300 back in May to pay for it ? Ohio State is once again HIDING the CHEATING. NFL agent loaned Chase Young the $300. This is NOT Todd Gurley signing shirts for his likeness for $300. This is outright PAYMENT. “Family friend” NEVER knew Chase Young until AFTER Chase Young decided to go to Ohio State. God Damn Liars Family friend bullshit. Every game he played in is illegal and forfeited. I am NOT buying any family friend bullshit. Suspended for one game ? God Damn UNFAIR. Impermissible benefits. What else ? What else is involved with this guy not from Ohio but from Maryland.



  1. Nov 14, 2017 – The Ohio State University
  2. Dec 20, 2011 – The Ohio State University
  3. Mar 10, 2006 – The Ohio State University
  4. Jun 23, 1994 – The Ohio State University Improper recruiting; lack of institutional control; improper transportation; impermissible practice. by athletics representative. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. TRACK — EXTRA BENEFITS: impermissible transportation
  5. Jun 07, 1978 – The Ohio State University Improper transportation; improper recruiting entertainment and transportation; questionable practice; certification of compliance.
  6. Jan 11, 1957 – The Ohio State University Improper employment and financial aid; extra benefits; improper recruiting inducement; outside fund.


  Chase Young



5 of the top 13 AP Poll are SEC with UGA # 5 top-five. 3 of the top 5 are SEC. Florida drops to # 11. Auburn is # 13. Notre Dame is # 16. Alabama did NOT drop as far as UGA exactly as I told you would happen. Our loss to SC worse than Alabama losing to LSU (who reclaims # 1.) First UGA Auburn # 5 vs # 13. Then # 5 vs # 1 winner take all as Alabama is IN PLAYOFFS with UGA loss (NOT 3 SEC teams in playoffs but 2 as I TOLD YOU all season long.)




27 to NOTHING another shutout. Pre-game I said it would be 50 to NOTHING. Kirby settled for five (5) field goals in a row. We made 4 of them. Thus no 50-0. We move up to # 5 with Penn State LOSS. Alabama is not going to drop as far as us. I think Alabama stays # 3. Nick Saban will start his PICK ON UGA talks with the press negative recruiting against UGA starts NOW by Nick Saban who MIGHT drop beneath UGA despite our loss to SC and their close loss to LSU on opening possession TD run by Tua to other hand dropping fumble at goal line taken back for 7 by LSU.

27 to NOTHING.  A great time was had by all on a brisk night.  Bring on Auburn.


Seriously our receivers dropped a ton of TD passes tonight and one called back lining-up wrong.


Our offense remains a work in progress and we definitely are over-ranked at # 5 with this Kirby offense.


Kirby would not throw the ball if he didn’t have to.


How are we going to score 47 points on LSU ?


Not happening.  Not with Kirby the # 72 Passing Offense every year 4 in a row of those # 72 Passing Offenses for Kirby to-date here as our head football coach.  Lawrence Cager had a separated shoulder for all to see hit twice on the catch once from behind designed to inflect injury.  Not having him for Auburn is a huge concern.  Having James Cook rush the ball 6 times seems just wrong to me Kirby.  Get him out in space ONLY.  65 players played and while that is good Kirby in your case it means we had injuries and we did as Missouri played dirty all night long especially when we went for 2 to go up 27 to nothing.  2 points Kirby ?  Seriously ?


They asked Steve Spurrier why he went for 2 points against us.  He said because they wouldn’t let him go for 3 points.


27 to nothing and we have to go for 2 ?


Clearly tonight Kirby had us returning on special teams again. 2 games in a row for that.  That’s good.  Kirby you also did a better job not getting penalties tonight.  Get Jake Fromm OUT of the games ahead 25 to nothing Kirby.  Don’t have him running the football Kirby.  Kirby your offense is clueless son.  Totally clueless.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry Auburn week.  If you thought that Missouri was playing dirty tonight wait until you see Auburn.


Penn State loses.  Now that is funny.  Thank you Penn State.  # 5 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


We are NOT ranked in the top 5 often.  I’d know with seasons’ tickets for 52 years.  Lose to Auburn and everything is wasted.  Lose to LSU and the everything is over.  We are NOT a very good offense and our special teams don’t stand-out to me either compared to what we have done on offense and on special teams this latest 50 years I have seen every one of.  Our head coach is still too conservative and stubborn and so with out experience coaching special teams or offense. It shows.



750 miles to Columbia Missouri through Nashville and Memphis North borders Tennessee middle nowhere 750 miles from everywhere. – 5 degrees centigrade there now. Cold. Only 1000 acres University of Missouri is small and it competes in MAC Conference in some of its sports. UGA has 41 thousand acres. U.S. News & World Report # 139 Missouri # 50 UGA. Joining The SEC in 2012 Missouri has been an afterthought to The Mighty SEC. Kim Basinger B-52’s Chip Caray Bill Goldberg Herschel Walker Lewis Grizzard Ernie Johnson Jr. Ryan Seacrest Maria Taylor Dan Amos Cathy Cox Richard Brevard Russell Henry W. Grady Mark Schlabach Champ Bailey Kevin Butler Terrell Davis Matthew Stafford Fran Tarkenton Hines Ward all are graduates of UGA. While all Missouri has are Sheryl Crow Tom Berenger (Brad Pitt did NOT graduate) George C. Scott whom everyone hates Tennessee Williams and Skip Caray a drunkard. 50 to nothing 7 pm tonight. Welcome to Athens. Both of you. Bunch of yahoos.

We have 7 million people in this city.  750 miles from here directly headed to nowhereville mostly NORTH and WEST I-24 bus ride. Can’t even look up the God Damn weather in Columbia have to look up St. Louis.

You can play football out there ?


Show me.


Bunch of God Damn Yahoos.  There is NO EXCUSE for competing in 2019 in the MAC Conference.




Clemson Strength of Schedule 2019 season is # 39. Georgia SoS is # 11 for this 2019 season. 5 of the top 11 CFP Poll are SEC. The STINKING ACC has ONLY 1 of the top 18 and only 2 of the top 25. Weak Forest is # 19 but only played Elon Rice and Utah State college while it faces Clemson next week. The facts remain THIS is why CFP Poll has Georgia at # 6 and Clemson # 5 despite our loss because we BEAT # 15 ND and # 10 FU





5 of the top 11 first CFP Poll are SEC and while UGA is # 6 outside facts remain 5 ahead play each other. Ohio State plays Penn State bad timing for that loss. Alabama plays LSU. And Clemson does NOT play ANYONE which is why Clemson is OUTSIDE in the first College Football Playoffs Poll this morning. Our game against # 11 Auburn is beyond huge for us and that game is just NEXT WEEK. Wins over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida offset loss to South Carolina setting us up. Good job Kirby !

Not that we can get ahead of ourselves with solid Missouri coming this weekend a team which was ranked just a week ago in the top 25 themselves.  We had everything go wrong in South Carolina loss.  Interceptions Fumbles Drops Penalties Calls Missed Field Goals Shanked Punts Injuries lackluster blocking Pick 6 and we lost by a field goal in 2 overtimes.  That is behind us right now for a moment now.  It never happened.  Mulligan.  However lose to Auburn everything is over.  Lose to Missouri ditto.  Of course the elephant in the room is winner LSU Alabama and how close the loser plays as to falling ABOVE us to keep us out.  2 SEC I pointed-out all season is a GIVEN.  3 SEC can not happen.  Not with loss to South Carolina 4-5 and not even in a God Damn Bowl Game.  How huge was win over Florida ?  Shut up Dan Mullen.  That’s always a good thing.  All he could do was WHINE.  Waah.  That is the MOST SATISFYING since he did brag pre-game that his receivers would outclass our receivers.  NO they did NOT.  Everything went wrong and lost in 2 overtimes by a field goal ?  Forget all that on this day (maybe to rear its head decision Tuesday.)  Surely we have NOT heard the last of any of this.


Bring on Missouri.


We are playing BETTER now than earlier. That’s a factor in all this too.  Under the microscope now.  All forgotten (today) about 4-5 no bowl South Carolina with last 3 games App State Clemson and Texas A&M all 3 obviously losses (4-8) South Carolina sure to fuel this fire again later.


For now CFP said forget it !


All Forgiven with win over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida today.


Look what CFP did to Clemson ?


Good Lord though two 4-5 teams UNC and vols not only beat South Carolina but vols 4-5 doubled South Carolina up Saturday 41-21.




Never happened.


Thank you CFP.



# 8 Total Defense Kirby 2019. Awesome. 268 yards per game. # 13 for 2018. # 6 for 2017. # 16 for 2016 for Kirby. Kirby has a FINE DEFENSE which is why we hired him and what we expected of Kirby. But Kirby exceeded our expectations recruiting. And Kirby took a major step to NOT BE STUBBORN and Passed the ball against Florida and he stepped-up Kirby’s Special Teams against Florida with a punt return and 3 kick-off returns. Keep it up Kirby. Thank you Kirby.


Passing Offense Kirby Smart Era : # 97 in 2016 then # 106 in 2017 then # 73 for 2018 and now Kirby all the way up to # 58 for 2019 because Kirby turned our guys LOOSE on Florida 2019. Total 240 yards per game. Kirby is listening. That’s a good fact that Kirby IS LISTENING to we fans who TOLD HIM he had to pass against Florida to beat their defense and he did and it worked to PERFECTION. Thank you Kirby.


Georgia has won 7 games in a row twice over our # 1 Rival Florida Gators and won 6 games in a row. We won 3 games in a row 1974 then 1975 and 1976 when I was there getting my degree. Then we won 6 games in a row 1978 to 1983 Buck Belue Years. Then we won 3 games in a row before Steve Spurrier when Vince Dooley was retiring 1987 and 1988 then 1989. We won 3 games in a row 2011 then 2012 and 2013. Now Jake Fromm has won 3 games in a row over Florida 2017 and 2018 now 2019 – more to come. 53-43-2 double-digit lead over Florida Gators by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA. Yeah.

Buck Belue 1978 to 1981.


Won all those.










Kirby played 57 players against our # 1 Rival we have beat 3 times in a row Florida Gators who were # 6 in the nation. Then in the new polls Sunday today we are # 6 with new 2019-2020 Collegiate Play-Off Polls coming-out Tuesday us to be # 6. Florida drops to # 10 and Auburn is 5th SEC team at # 12.


Kirby improves to 7-3 vs top 10 teams in his career. Here they are. Congratulations Kirby !

  1. Kirby beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season of 2016.
  2. Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn 2017 with the next top 10 opponent
  3. Kirby beat # 4 Auburn 2017
  4. Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma 2017
  5. Kirby lost to # 4 Alabama 2017 who therefore became # 1
  6. Kirby beat # 9 Kentucky 2018
  7. Kirby beat # 9 Florida 2018
  8. Kirby lost to # 1 Alabama 2018 knocking us out of the playoffs
  9. Kirby beat  # 7 Notre Dame earlier this 2019 season
  10. Kirby beat # 6 Florida us # 8 this 2019 season moving us to # 6


1-0 in 2016 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-2 in 2017 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-1 in 2018 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-0 in 2019 vs top 10 for Kirby and would be # 3 had we beat South Carolina

7-3 total Kirby Smart career vs top 10


It’s quite the story really on the heels of what Mark Richt did NOT do vs top 10 teams his last 8 years here.


Fine record of 7-3


Auburn is the next top 10 opponent we play after Missouri which is next week.



The College Football Playoff Polls come out Tuesday 5 November 2019 and Georgia is expected to check-in at # 6.  Considering how poorly we played before Florida we are in good position but beating Alabama or LSU and Texas A&M and Auburn then someone like Clemson or Ohio State will be a challenge our guys would welcome.  Let’s beat Missouri.



7-3 vs top 10 Kirby wins another against another top 10 opponent 24-17 with Jake Fromm THROWING THE FOOTBALL 279 yards 2 TD passes and 1 two-point conversion. Turned loose by Kirby as I demanded pre-game Jake Fromm led Kirby’s victorious troops on 12 of 18 on 3rd Down Conversions. Kirby also had us returning 3 kickoffs and returning a punt tonight along with PASSING THE FOOTBALL. Huge win. We had to have this setting up Auburn game. Auburn is after our next game which is Missouri. Missouri had this week off. Dan Mullen 42-44 vs SEC.

Kirby improves to 7-3 vs top 10 teams in his career.  Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn by beating # 4 Auburn 2017 and Kirby had the lead against # 1 and # 2 Alabama. Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma and # 9 Kentucky and # 9 Florida and Kirby even beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season.  # 7 Notre Dame earlier this season and now # 6 Florida downed by Kirby who was # 8 coming-off two games against unranked opponents where Kirby started slowly.  Not tonight.  Tonight Kirby did everything we all wanted him to do.  Thank you Kirby.  Good job.  Thanks for letting our guys play.  Dan Mullen did not expect that.  It was what we HAD to do.


Florida was 2 of 9 on 3rd Down Conversions 1 on a penalty on us to us 12 of 18.  Let us pass the ball more Kirby and return punts and kickoffs.  It works.


3 in a row over Florida for Kirby who lost his first time.  And this will be 3 years in a row SEC Championship Game the first time an SEC East team did that since Steve Spurrier did that for Florida when he first got there.


How about that sack by Jordan Davis ? 


7 catches for 132 yards and a TD and a 2-points conversion by Lawrence Cager.  Sweet.


Dan Mullen continues his LOSING RECORD All-Time vs The SEC at 42 wins 44 LOSSES.





Jake Fromm 8 of 11 for us on 3rd Down Conversions to start the game and Kirby’s Defense is bending not breaking up 13-3 with Kirby having 18 Five Star recruits signed by Kirby his first 4 years. -0- Five Star recruits signed by Florida the latest 4 years. Double-digit lead. I told you Jake Fromm can throw the ball when Kirby lets him.

We returned a PUNT Dominick Blaylock and we returned a KICK-OFF Brian Herrien – both of whom will play in the NFL.  I have Florida 0 for 3 on 3rd Down and Jake Fromm 8 for 11 on 3rd Down Conversions.  THIS is what I said we had to do before the game.


This is what we’re talking about.


Now don’t take the foot off the pedal.  This game is NOT over.



I expect us to FIX our offense and special teams today. And I demand we pressure their QB. Kirby knows full well he can not continue 2019 as he has been.

We have to get the ball out in space and no way better than to turn our jets loose on punt returns and kickoff returns with our fast studs taking it back against our # 1 Rival.


We have to change it up and pass on 1st Downs.  Throw the football.  Florida will be Kirby.  You start slowly today and we will boo again.


Don’t play our lesser players while holding our better players on the bench Kirby.


Boy do I hate having the # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years of you Kirby so far.


Instead of telling us what you are going to do Kirby then not doing it except playing well on defense how about you go do it Kirby.





“Overreaction City. Constant complaining and negativity. Have you been saying the Dawgs have no chance at the SEC championship or playoff this year ? It makes you annoying as hell. Once you’ve unloaded from the band wagon stay off.” Oh I see you are a GOD DAMN FAN because you criticize what we’ve been doing too but are a GOD DAMN WIMP and think only you can say how badly we’ve been doing and then THROW IN YOUR piss ant EXCUSES like you did with Mark Richt for his last 8 years of 32 losses averaging 4 a year slightly more than Kirby’s 3.3 losses a year. Look dimwit there are NO EXCUSES. Setting up this game as an EXCUSE pre-game now you say that all bets are off if it rains or that Kirby is so great at second half adjustments. Dumb shit. Kirby starts off slowly against EVERYONE. Do that again today and the game will quickly get out of hand. Florida has an offense. Do you only watch our games ? Jesus Christ. Florida has it going on and yes sir our offense does NOT. Call it like it is. Put some pressure on Kirby to not just call running plays up the gut. Dumbass. What Kirby is good at is NOT 2nd half adjustments but coming-out and running every first and second down. It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.

Forget all your excuses.


After you get through with all your excuses what we are all left with is that Kirby is young and inexperienced as a head coach with little or no experience at all ever anywhere coaching special teams nor coaching offenses so our special teams and our offense SUCK.


Forget you if you think I will shut up or not say that. Sure I will.


Just as surely as you will sit there making excuses.


The difference in us is that I was here 2 decades before Herschel Walker so I have seen national championships unlike you.


You are one aggravating little son of a bitch.


Look Village Idiot we can CRITICIZE if we want. You can say you are NOT but don’t then do.


Do as you say not as you do.


You can say you do not criticize (Oh ok call you Chuck Dowdle.) but you can not say you don’t criticize then every word out of your mouth is where we are jacked-up and have to do as you now say we have to do to fix our issues on special teams and our issues on offense.


I call it like it is.


We better fix these issues on special teams fair catching every punt and kickoff with all this talent and speed at running back and wide receiver. And we better fix this shit of running up the middle every first and second down for 7 consecutive possessions in a row to begin the game and punting all 7 except for one 4th down and 1 we failed on.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


It’s coaching.  We ALL know that except for you.


I now return you to your own Chuck Dowdle.


It is best to say we are no good where we aren’t. And if we fix it it will be because some of us are not so rose-colored glasses that we kept saying we needed to keep Mark Richt with 32 losses his last entire 8 seasons here.


What we need to fix we all agree on even you in your post.  Once you get passed the part where you say if you criticize you are off the bandwagon you gave us every excuse in the book which you are quite good at and then you leveled the coaching staff for their play calls and called all different plays.  What a jerk you are.  Talk about aggravating.   We better fix those you point out today and then you criticize us.


Even you criticize us. So are you off our bandwagon ? I have been to 17 Georgia Florida games down there in Jacksonville and have been close-up on TV twice. I am NO bandwagon fan with seasons’ tickets since 1957. I remember Fran Tarkenton filling the Fall air with footballs then as now considered quite different from “Kirby Ball.”


And just what is Kirby Ball ?


  1. Fair Catch every kickoff and punt so we can call only run plays to wear them down
  2. Run every 1st and 2nd downs and some 3rd downs maintaining # 75 Passing Offense 4 years
  3. Do not pressure their QB and oh yeah get penalized every play undisciplined



It is a recipe for losing this game that got you to write what you did prior to the game today to highlight that which you too think Kirby must do differently to win.  Only you do not say you have to want it.  Kirby all too often is stubborn and gets taken advantage of multiple times back-to-back.  I am TRYING to tell him to fix that.  You seem intent on being an Internet Bully and not allow me to.


Good luck with that.


And good luck to Kirby with that boring approach to today’s exciting game.  Trust me Florida will be trying to take advantage of where they have talent.  Kirby will be teaching lessons by not playing our guys.  Watch. Turn them LOOSE Kirby !


In other words play football as it was known back in the day before the forward pass.


We are TRYING to send the message that THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE that Kirby has been doing AGAIN this year with us the # 75 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS of the Kirby Regime.


Kirby tells special teams who and what and tells offense who and what.  If you think Mark Richt did not or that Kirby does not then well I return you to your post today so full of shit saying just that dumb shit.


We don’t like his substitution rotation on offense and special teams nor do we like those play calls nor not pressuring their QB.




Stick THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole brookstilley.


I know what it takes to spur our coaching staff on to get the most out of all this talent and I do not give a shit what you think about us doing that.  When only 3 other teams (NOT FLORIDA) have more talent than Kirby then I do NOT accept losing to a 3-5 team. I blame the head coach.  Execution ?  God Damn it.  We ran the ball on both first and second downs 10 times in the game you mother sucking father raper.


It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.







I am pretty fed-up with all the secrecy Kirby maintains at his practices so that he can do whatever he wants with personnel no questions asked and frankly I am NOT SATISFIED averaging 3 LOSSES a year for 4 years now but mostly because # 75 Passing Offense and conservative play calls. Do I want Kirby to drop to 2-2 vs Florida and 1-1 vs Dan Mullen ? He better not or he can feel the heat that we need an experienced head coach who can do offense special teams and defense – which Kirby has proven he CAN’T.

Kirby was supposed to destroy Florida 2019 with Kirby’s far better talent because of superior recruiting.  That is not how we feel game day.  Game Day we feel Kirby didn’t want to play the game in Jacksonville because it hurts his recruiting and we feel that Kirby will insist on running the ball today and fair catch every special teams’ play so we can run the ball every down.


I want to pass the ball and use 2nd stringers on special teams who absolutely will return every kick.


What Kirby has been doing leading-up to this game has been TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  He better come through today because we just have to have this now after blowing it against a 3-5 team who Florida beat obviously.  Last game Kirby was looking pretty crappy against Kentucky in the last game until 6 minutes before the fourth quarter still with just failed drives.  All failed drives until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter to another CRAPPY TEAM Kentucky.


I am tried of the excuses frankly.


Win baby.


Win.  I hate Florida.



“I grew up as a Florida fan not as a Georgia fan just being from the Florida area being about an hour and a half from Gainesville. I’d go to tons of Florida games. I’m a Florida kid so I would be wearing my orange and blue cheering the Gators on. I would have loved to play in the Swamp. It’s the place that I grew up in. Like I said I would’ve loved to play down there in Gainesville.” Aaron Murray

I don’t like Aaron Murray.  I NEVER liked Aaron Murray.




This game tomorrow means that Kirby can drop back to even 2-2 against Florida and even against Dan Mullen at 1-1. Frankly Kirby has out-recruited Dan Mullen as you might expect but Kirby has NOT COACHED well his 4 years here especially not on offense nor on special teams which remain 2 areas Kirby must improve upon if he is truly ready to be a head coach.





A Bulldog fan said to me today that he didn’t care how we run our offense as long as we’re winning. See ? That’s just it. This next LOSS is Kirby’s Loss # 12. This is year 4. I am not sure what you signed-up for but 3 losses a year is not what I signed-up for. And with # 75 Passing Offense EVERY year all 4 so far and same again next year too. The 2 are interrelated. Conservative play calls. And conservative play calls on special teams. You know ? The 2 areas where Kirby has NEVER COACHED and NO EXPERIENCE : Offense and Special Teams.

Did you think Kirby’s next LOSS is not # 12 year 4 ?  Kirby LOST 3 games last year.  I am sorry but I wanted MORE than # 75 Passing Offense every year for Kirby and I expected MORE than averaging 3 losses or MORE per year too.  Did you think Kirby averages 3 losses per year with his next loss ?  That is NOT IT either you know ?  Kirby LOSES MORE games this season too so Kirby is averaging MORE than 3 losses a year.  What the hell is the difference between Kirby and Mark Richt who LOST 4 games a year average his entire last 8 years here of 32 losses ?  NOT MUCH.


And Fair Catch every punt and every kick-off so Kirby can go right back out there and run it every first and second down.


It’s bullshit and no pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


Conservative play calls across the board by Kirby  Offense Special Teams and Defense.


And hidden practices so we cannot tell him how to fix this pile of shit of his on Offense and on Special Teams.