6 safe zones where Bulldogs or Gator fans can go for help and the Police will not be summoned. So how many will be arrested driving down there this weekend between here and THERE ?


“I grew up as a Florida fan not as a Georgia fan just being from the Florida area being about an hour and a half from Gainesville. I’d go to tons of Florida games. I’m a Florida kid so I would be wearing my orange and blue cheering the Gators on. I would have loved to play in the Swamp. It’s the place that I grew up in. Like I said I would’ve loved to play down there in Gainesville.” Aaron Murray

I don’t like Aaron Murray.  I NEVER liked Aaron Murray.




This game tomorrow means that Kirby can drop back to even 2-2 against Florida and even against Dan Mullen at 1-1. Frankly Kirby has out-recruited Dan Mullen as you might expect but Kirby has NOT COACHED well his 4 years here especially not on offense nor on special teams which remain 2 areas Kirby must improve upon if he is truly ready to be a head coach.





A Bulldog fan said to me today that he didn’t care how we run our offense as long as we’re winning. See ? That’s just it. This next LOSS is Kirby’s Loss # 12. This is year 4. I am not sure what you signed-up for but 3 losses a year is not what I signed-up for. And with # 75 Passing Offense EVERY year all 4 so far and same again next year too. The 2 are interrelated. Conservative play calls. And conservative play calls on special teams. You know ? The 2 areas where Kirby has NEVER COACHED and NO EXPERIENCE : Offense and Special Teams.

Did you think Kirby’s next LOSS is not # 12 year 4 ?  Kirby LOST 3 games last year.  I am sorry but I wanted MORE than # 75 Passing Offense every year for Kirby and I expected MORE than averaging 3 losses or MORE per year too.  Did you think Kirby averages 3 losses per year with his next loss ?  That is NOT IT either you know ?  Kirby LOSES MORE games this season too so Kirby is averaging MORE than 3 losses a year.  What the hell is the difference between Kirby and Mark Richt who LOST 4 games a year average his entire last 8 years here of 32 losses ?  NOT MUCH.


And Fair Catch every punt and every kick-off so Kirby can go right back out there and run it every first and second down.


It’s bullshit and no pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


Conservative play calls across the board by Kirby  Offense Special Teams and Defense.


And hidden practices so we cannot tell him how to fix this pile of shit of his on Offense and on Special Teams.